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Found 4 results

  1. LeonKop


    Hey, what's about modding in Astroneer? It would be very nice. Maybe like in Cities: Skylines. So User can create new planets, ores, machines and other stuff. Sorry for my bad English.
  2. ToastedDragon

    Steam workshop?

    Soo i tried to look up if anyone has talked about adding a steam workshop possibility to this game i can see it working possible 2 ways i know some people may not like this idea but i think it would be kinda cool to see ideas flowing into this amazing game #1 open source modding for the game to let anyone and everyone to make items for the game to help players make their bases better or get interesting tools to make platforms faster or ramps for buggie races but allow people to download like item like wheels bases for trucks already in game kind of like lego worlds were you can spawn building then edit them to your hearts content #2 have open source modding BUT have the community vote on what should be added into the game like what warframe dose with its community
  3. ☣ ƝαКє ☣

    Steam Workshop

    I think it would be a good idea to add steam workshop so that way modders can help you to add new content, you can make it official or not (as in KF2)
  4. You can add motorcycle.Because sometimes ı want to explore the planet but there is nothing for ONLY explore.And you can add workshop.I trust that we can make this game better with workshop.You can make planes.Because this vehicles gives a different pleasure.You can add water and ships.