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Found 3 results

  1. GoodClover

    Spaceships not flying.

    I had just built a small spaceship/rocket and then built a large storage on it i put a "1-open seat" on the large storage and filled the other 3 spaces up with medium storages filled up the fuel and saved the game. The next day I loaded it back up and when I entered the rocket I could not fly it but it had worked once the day before.
  2. Azure

    Multiplayer bugs

    Ran into a couple bugs while playing in my load file with a friend. Over time, my friend and I weren't able to pick up research items that the other had discovered (could only pick up the object if you discovered). Eventually the pick up tool gave out completely; vacuuming and collecting minerals/materials was fine; picking up and placing stacks on different hubs was fine; could not pick up items from my backpack and all researchable items in the world. When my friend spawned in my world and we both got on a vehicle, on his screen he would sometimes teleport underground while somehow still being tethered to the vehicle, every once in a while he'd pop back up Another thing I noticed which isn't really a multiplayer issue is that I noticed the fps lowers significantly when the game switches from the day time to night time cycle. EDIT: #2 did seem like a connection issue at first but later on we realized his connection was fine; this only happened when he got on specifically the crane.
  3. I think they should add a Space Station into the game, Heres how it would function.- The Space Station would orbit the planet it was built on.- The Space Station would have 4 docking stations for 4 different shuttles and 2 docking stations for different spaceships.- The Space Station would require, Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Lithium, Compound and Resin to make, Or it could be made with scavanged crashed probe pieces.- The Space Station would have a Printer, Reserch, Smelter and a Fuel Condenser.- The Space Station would also contain a trade station and a Shuttle Bay (Will Explain Later)- The Space Station would require around 20 tanks of hydrozine to be launched into space.* Shuttle Bay Idea *Second idea is that you could flout around the space station, you'd be connected by a cord offcorse.- The Shuttle Bay will be outside the space station, and would allow you to build space crafts like the Shuttle and SpaceShip.- It would also allow you to build an Unman'd space rover (Will Explain Later) which is a new vehicle idea.- I it would also allow you to repair your Space Station (Will Explain Later)* Unman'd space rover *This is a new vehicle idea, - This vehicle will be controlled remotely by you from the confort of your space station, It can be destroyed unlike rovers and trucks.- This vehicle will be attached to a Mini shuttle that will fly it to any planet and drop it off before leaving to refuel. You can collect your rover any time.- The Rover can be damaged and can be destroyed, mostly from rolling or storms.- The Rover will have 10 spaces for meterials, and 2 arms, 1 with a drill and one with a hand to grap meterials.- One collected the rover will be flown back to the space station and docked * Space Station Gameplay *This is how the space station would funcion- The Space Station will require power to function and supply air, if a solar panel is damaged by an asteroid, it must be repaired, or the space station must be evacuated, as your character will suffacate within 10 minuetes.- Asteroids can also damage the hull of the Space Station, And Oxigion will start decreasing, this must be repaired or you will suffocate.- The Space Station must be maintained, by you or your friends