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Found 5 results

  1. After running into the (hopefully already well known) bug three times since the latest patch, I think I've finally discovered what triggers it. The last time it happened, I had just built my first worklight and put it onto my backpack on one of the shoulder spots. After that, I wanted to do some cleaning up in my base. While moving around some materials from one place to another, it finally happened. Only thing left I could interact with was the habitat. I proceeded to save the game and suffocate my poor astroneer explorer next to the habitat. After respawning, I noticed the bug still persisted, so I saved again and restarted the game. Back in the game, the corpse of the old astroneer had already vanished. All the items I had were there, except one. The work light, which, for some reason, disappeared. Gladly I found that I can pick up all the items and the bug was gone! Also, all the items on the ground had shrinked to mini versions of themselves, so it might be I just missed the worklight somewhere on the ground. I searched very carefully though. This has been the third time I had the bug happen. It was a new game with about 20 minutes of playtime. The first time was on my main save game with many hours of playtime. I remember the bug happening after coming back to base from exploring the planet with my rover train. I also remember I had a worklight on the front bumper of the rover. Like the third time, it happened when I started moving things (including the worklight) from the rover to some platforms. The second time the bug happened was also about 20 minutes into the game. I can't remember exactly what caused it then, but I'm pretty sure I had also just built the worklight around that time. All this makes me come to the conclusion, that in some weird way, it all has to do with the worklight. TLDR: I think wearing a work light while moving items may cause the bug to happen.
  2. My médium printer does not work
  3. i bought my friend a code for christmas on xbox he’s from america in from canada and it won’t work can u get us another code?
  4. Does anybody else ever feel like when discovering a new resource well, whatever you dig out, you decide that its the right thing to do; to put the terra back, and try and make it as original terrain as possible.. So that it isn't a hazard for any other astroneer. ?☝ It could also just be my OCD ?? ?
  5. In another post I made, which talked about having robots and other helpful mechanisms, fell short on another I dea I had. It is to be able to buy/pay people and animals(AI) to help you work on planets. Like the trade module piece on the pod in the game, you could send up certain currency and recieve workers and helpers that have specific functions. Like miners, explorers and body guards to help you be more secure and make certain things(like dragging up 20 research able fragments from a cave) less tedious. They would have one of the four player models fit for their specific task. You can boss them around in caves or send a group out to get supplies from caves and resource veins above ground. This would make for a better game all around.