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Found 9 results

  1. Since I first became an Astroneer, (back when the Medium Printer was a big ugly mess) I had plans for and started work on an Ultimate Tundra Base. I have never deleted the savegame yet and have made great progress on it. As the updates came, I thought I would have several years before 1.0 but I was wrong. The upcoming debut has rushed me to make it sooner than expected but I have thankfully been able to create it in time. Now, I can share it with the forum. Here is a compilation of screenshots taken during its construction. As always, please let me know what you think.
  2. Summary: The game crashes whenever I try to recover a worklight. Description: I'm in a cave and cleaning up my work lights before departing. I can pick up work lights, but the game crashes when I try to put them in my backpack (by pressing X on my controller). It has happend 3 times at different points in the game (but in the same cave). It doesn't happen every time, but I enter my vehicle to save the game before I start cleaning up work lights as a precaution. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: See
  3. I can't switch the resource I want to receive on the trading platform. Also, the work light dosen't light up anymore. It suddenly just "broke" when I was placing a tether... (I made a new one and this one is working) Like everyone else in this forum, my work light just floats around with no mini platform underneath. Steam version
  4. I was mucking about deep in the ground and suddenly I wasn't getting power from my base. It turns out that all of the bases for the work lights have disappeared -- and there were many of them in the middle of power runs. I have attached the saved game. AUTOSAVE_0_2018.03.29-16.37.58.sav
  5. When trying to light a work tunnel (lights in the ceilings, semi-buried, with power strips hidden in the roof), I noticed extenders don't correctly send power to work lights. The image kind of covers it all, but I'll try to give some more details... When a connection is coming from an extender to the work light, no power is transferred - instead I only see those grey/white chevrons (do those normally mean something?). If, however, the power connection is coming from a platform (including when the platform is connected to the power system using an extender), the work lights are
  6. I think it would be really cool to be able to put the work light on top of tethers to light up caves better
  7. I think a good idea to expand the functionality of the work light would be to add a mount point to the medium generator or medium battery, or possibly a new "mobile" power source completely. This way while you are exploring caves or mining you could place lights around an area for more illumination. A new power source could be made to behave like dynamite placement, where it sticks to whatever surface you place it on. Then include the activator button, like dynamite has, to switch the power on or off.
  8. I think you should be able to apply work lights, beacons to tethers. The work light could allow you to see the tether from a distance, and also give you more light. The beacon would attach to the top on the tether, when you change the light on the beacon it would change the light of the tether.
  9. -Playing on Xbox One Events Immediately preceding Crash: -research item resulting in medium wind turbine -smelting 6 aluminum -crafting vehicle bay -placing unused aluminum and copper in backpack -crafting work light -the second the transfer finished screen freeze, audio buzz and quit to xbox dashboard Following the Crash: - relaunched game -loaded normally -previous progress gone (although I do think I forgot to save from right before the crash) -crafted two work lights with no issue Cheers, Steve