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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I recently installed Astroneer on my laptop. After installation through MS Store everything seems to be working fine (slightly lagging - my laptop is not that advanced). However, I am having the problem with starting the game for the second time. I can hear the loading sound and then screen is just dark - no matter for how long I am waiting. I played around a bit with re-installation - it appeared that if I uninstall the game and install again in launches successfully, so in order to play the game I need to continuously re-install it before playing. I would be glad if someon
  2. Terrain differences example, what the client sees vs. what the host sees: Terrain traversal by client, when terrain has been removed but client was not updated correctly, resulting in client player dying (clutching throat animation) and requiring respawn. Videos from both host and client perspective: Host: Client: Terrain traversal by host player, recorded by client player, where terrain had been cleared by host, but client player's game was never properly updated:
  3. Hello fellow astronauts! I am posting this because: A; Almost all 'could not find session' articles are for steam or from 2016, those that are recent are complex and the ones I've tried don't work. B; Not sure what NAT type I need. Both our NAT types are moderate, no multiplayer services are not down, I am obviously win10 and my buddy XB1. Invites/join game from Console Companion do not work at all, no error message or anything. Screenshot included. What can I do to ensure that we can play together every time we want to? All help/redirection is appreciated! -Rob
  4. I can join my friend's game save just fine but he cant join me at all. We don't know who's end it's on but its driving us crazy. We need to use the save on my account however but its only a one-way issue. Why can't he join me?
  5. Purchased today though HumbleBundle and downloaded on steam. Played though the Tutorial twice with no issues and started a New Game, Played on the first planet for maybe 15 mins, crashed once when I fell though crack in ground and lost all progress, (Hadn't learned when it saves). Couldn't find Compound close by so decided to start a fresh planet. Got maybe 10 mins in and it crashed while running back to the starter base. Attached is a zip file of the second crash and the dxdiag file. Astroneer
  6. the only game that i have that wont run atall tryed everything dont know why .....i have a intel 2500K cpu clocked at 4.6ghz16gigs ram and gtx 970 windows10 latest updates and nvidia drivers . the game loads splash screen window then the splash goes away and nothing the game just wont launch ,there are no crash error codes no crash logs nothing please help i even tryed stock clocks on my cpu ,runing it in admin mode ,reinstalling game and VC++2015 several times ,even uninstalled all VC++ distros except 2015 and then reinstalled nivdia drivers and DX10 alll have no effect same results no
  7. I use a lot the xbox app to find random people to play this beautiful game (i would understand if you guys change the name to screenshot simulator) anyways, i always need to Alt-Tab the game to go to the xbox app, because im a windows 10 player, but when i Alt-Tab back, i can't click anything in the starting screen! Forcing me to restart the game this happened to me since i started playing Astroneer on my windows 10 and it never got fixed, just now i got the idea to report it
  8. Hello, Love the game, but this one has really hurt. I have an extensive game with at least 100 hours in and on march 11th it stopped saving any new game play. I terraformed in a cave and when I came back the next day, all my work was gone. Windows 10 1709 fully updated. For unrelated reasons, I had to reinstall Windows, and when I launched Astroneer, it downloaded my saved games and I was able to load the game, but same result, all my work was not saved. Game does say it saved when ever I enter a vehicle, also tried going back to my base to save at habitat, same result. The game sti
  9. Helllo. I run the game on my laptop which equipped AMD dual graphics. The hardware and driver information are as follows. I can run the game when I used driver 15.7. In that situation, I have to override the setting to run the game on low performance GPU (HD 8659G) instead of 8790m.
  10. So I boot up my pc ! Working great eager to play astroneer ! Open steam up click library at this point I only have astroneer installed ! Because it's the best game ! So anyway , I'm loading my saved game which I've put some time into at this point literally ! (10minute sesh) ! All the time when I'm playing or I do some certain stuff it just closes off it doesn't even crash and give me an error message it just closes off with no explanation what so ever ! So if anyone else is getting this please let me know if you found a fix or if it is just down to the game ! Because my specs on my pc are so
  11. I was on PC and my friend was on xbox. I started a game and sent him an invite and he never got the notification to join. Then he started a game and sent me an invite and I never got the notification to join. We have played cross play titles together before...