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Found 31 results

  1. Yesterday my buddy and i encountered while traveling to another planet a serious lag. After some testing we were able to reproduce it. Type: Lag Appearance: During travel via shuttle to other planets/moons Description: When you put a rover seat into the storage compartment and someone takes a the seat their for travel, the game starts to lag, like hell. if you put the rover seat into the space, where the oxigen generator should be placed, the lag is not present.
  2. Hello fellow astronauts! I am posting this because: A; Almost all 'could not find session' articles are for steam or from 2016, those that are recent are complex and the ones I've tried don't work. B; Not sure what NAT type I need. Both our NAT types are moderate, no multiplayer services are not down, I am obviously win10 and my buddy XB1. Invites/join game from Console Companion do not work at all, no error message or anything. Screenshot included. What can I do to ensure that we can play together every time we want to? All help/redirection is appreciated! -Robert
  3. Hi, I downloaded the game on xbox(beta)PC but I can't play it. When I click on run nothing happens. I have all driver and Directx updated. There are just two games that don't work, Astroneer and Moonlighter. Could you help me?
  4. The update worked great for the first 10 min. Frame rate is noticeably improved especially on Xbox. But after 10-15 min. of play, the game won't save! I thought I could finally play the game after the last patch. Love playing this game. Please address this issue!!! I do NOT want to start a new game.
  5. i have searched everywhere and nothing is showing for the 1.1.2 update that seems to have installed itself on my xbox but not on my windows machine. my daughter wanted to play some cross platform multiplayer astroneer but we cannot till the versions get re-aligned. any idea when i can expect that to happen? windows 10 OS versionm is 1809 so latest. my windows store version of astroneer is stuck at she likes the "preview" she now get of her outfit for a new game, so its not all bad news...
  6. I can join my friend's game save just fine but he cant join me at all. We don't know who's end it's on but its driving us crazy. We need to use the save on my account however but its only a one-way issue. Why can't he join me?
  7. Summary: 1.0.13 - Steam - Atrox terrain not generating properly Description: Terrain on Atrox on some saves seem to generate wildly, creating porous caverns that dip down a hundred meters into toughness 3 rock, leaving floating chunks everywhere. the terrain is completely unnavagable by foot or rover. while it looks kind of cool, its extremely irritating and problematic for gameplay. I'm certain this is a bug in the terrain generation algorithm that may need to be fixed. also, this is NOT a graphical glitch, this terrain is exactly how it appears. note, the highest point of these floating chunks is supposed to be the surface. (pardon the compressed steam screenshots.) Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 8.1 home x64 CPU: Intel i7 8700kK 4.9GHz GPU: Strix OC 1060 6gb RAM: Hyperx predator 2933, 4x8GB Drive: WD Black performance, 3TB.
  8. Hi. Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for the release of the game in final version! I have been playing Astroneer since 2016, and I have to say that your game brought me a fun that I had not felt for a long time, so thanks! Since the last update, I have not managed to launch the game without crashing my PC. The game crash when I'am on the screen "loading solar system", before main menu. Then, I need to force reboot cause I can't do anything else... I'm not sure if it's because update, maybe I've launched it once or twice before... My specs: CPU AMD Athlon X4 860k GPU GTX Nvidia 960 2gb 8gb RAM ddr3 240gb SSD I thought that my ram was insufficient because windows blocked on 100% of ram used just before the crash. But the game works very well on my PS4 (6gb of usable ram).
  9. Summary: Xbox live - PC guest playing with Xbox host. PC Guest is kicked when entering deep cavern Description: PC player joins Xbox game via xbox live. PC player enters deep cavern. Upon reaching the exact same (deep) point in the cavern, the PC session is disconnected from the game. This issue is reproducible at will. Platform: Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Patch 1.0.9 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1809 fully patched GPU: Surfacebook 2 13" - GTX 1050 - 2GB RAM: Surfacebook 2 13" - 8GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 Drive:Surfacebook 2 13" - 256GB SSD -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Dear Devs, why are there no answers to the problems and technical condition of Astroneer? For many players, the game has become unplayable and many will follow if nothing changes. Your game is awesome and just perfect for calming down. The mechanics and the implementation are terrific. All no question. But the technical condition is worse than in most betas. Why is that all? Why was it released anyway? You know I am not alone and many would like to hear an information or statement and answer our questions. Even if the problem is unknown and it still lasts, this info would be sufficient and better than to mention. Many want to know how the stand is and why they can not continue playing. I personally have been releasing over 200 hours of play in 3 savegames together. I started a new game after almost every patch because I wanted to avoid mistakes in the savegame by prepatch files. You know of all the problems, please respond to this and do not bring up the trouble. Even if there are problems and these are still going on, this info is gold value. With more transparency, we would know what's going on and then experience when we can really play again and not always be disappointed. Follow every little patch in hope there is the cure is annoying. Whether you do it in your own form or we put our own questions together. Of which we choose the X most important. Nothing about features or gameplay, only "serious" issues that make the game unplayable. Please communicate with us and give honest information. Greetings.
  11. Warning ! This post may contain spoilers for Astroneer. I am playing the Windows 10 Store currently version I have unlocked every single achievement on the game except "Journey To the Center of the Thing" and yes I have completed all of it's requirements but it still won't unlock no matter how many matches I join. As for customizations, I'm missing the ones related to: The "Atrox Awakened" Achievement even though I have unlocked the achievement itself. Suit, Palette and I guess Emote too. The "...And Beyond" Achievement. Same situation where I have the achievement but not the customization. Suit, Palette, Emote too probably and the Visor even though the requirements is a little different. Unlocking all the achievements. This is the Gold palette that needs all of the achievement's unlocked. But I don't know if the option is glitched too or it's not unlocked because my last achievement it bugged and won't unlock. Either way, I'm missing it even though I have completed it's requirements.
  12. Summary: 1.0.3 - Windows 10 - Unable to Cross-Platform Play with Xbox One Players Description: Every time I try to join my friends on Xbox One from the Windows 10 Store version, it refuses to join and gives me the error "FAILED TO JOIN: COULD NOT FIND SESSION." I have tried opening all of the ports the game uses, reinstalling the game, and adding an exception for this game to my firewall but still no success. Is this a problem that I'm only having or is everyone experiencing this? Platform: Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 1.0.3 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1809 | Build 17763.316 CPU: Intel i5 4460 3.20GHz GPU: GTX 760 2GB RAM: HyperX 2x4GB DDR4 2666MHz Drive: WD Blue 1TB
  13. The game won't launch without a WiFi connection. Is there any fixing this? I can't find a solution anywhere.
  14. I like to build walls around my ship landing pad so I can ignore storms if I decide to leave. Every time I walk through that tunnel I wish: 1: The camera did not have to enter the tunnel with me (needs #2) 2: The walls were see through so I could see more than the backpack in full screen mode
  15. Sometimes you just reach a point where you have a humungous base with lots of stuff. Fps usually goes down from the initial 80-100 down to 50-60, that's fine, I get that. Then when you explore huge parts of the planet (for example when you got lost on the planet for 3 hours like the idiot I am) the performance drops down to like 30-ish fps (from initial 80-100) which I don't quiet understand. Do things very far away still render to influence performance? And to get to my earlier point of bases causing less fps - both that and the exploration part of fps drops carry over to other planets (causing in some laggy messes when you do similar things on that planet). Is there maybe a way to fix that by leting the game use more ram for example? Games like rust thst have huge worlds and many little things on the map rely on ram (7 gb depending on pc and settings) where as astroneer only uses up to 2,4 gb. To get to the point: Performance issues caused by things done on other planets carry over to the next planet and I think they shouls work seperately to ensure a new experience on a new planet. I hope you understand the issue I have with this. I'm always open forquestions if needed
  16. Edupic

    Sound resets to 0.

    This happened on Windows 7 using Steam. Once I've changed the sounds of my game from 100 to like 30-50 (I'm setting it to 35 on each category now I can't remember the exact number I first used everywhere but they all were the same number for all 4 options) and then opened the game up the next time the sound automatically is reset to 0. This is in no way a dramatic issue it's just annoying to set it again each time. Side note: I love your work. Keep it up.
  17. Russell Mason

    Deleted Save On Windows 10

    Windows 10 Through Microsoft. V 6.0 Hello, I have the game DL'ed on Com and Xbox One. I was having issues with the point and grab function and to fix it would restart the game. I think it was being caused by inadvertently clicking off screen. Anyway I saved and came back today, launched and was in a new game. I thought that i just chose the wrong load and went back to main menu to find my save gone and the only one available was the one i just launched. Xbox One was not used. I know I did not delete it. I LOVE THE GAME AND THE NEW UPDATE!!!! I will just start over.
  18. Summary: – Widows – Game Save Progress lost followed by save position Stuck Description: This is a repeat for us. Had to restart Jan20 after last update ‘fixed’ game save issues. Playing save position #1 daily without issue. Several multiplayer sessions as well as single player and progress was kept until last night. Played Single player for several hours without incident. Ended back at home with full vehicles after venturing out exploring along a sight line of about 10 beacons. Unloaded several research items from rovers and put one in research center (~20 min to complete). Did minor base maint , went in habitat and exit to main menu. Upon restart today, did not spawn back at base was on beacon line well away from home. Was well back on timeline from previous day. Drove back to home .. No sign of other rovers and 3-4 cars or the full inventory achieved the prior game play session. Saved game and did a restart of PC. Launched game from save#1 . Again, did not spawn at base, but not at same spot previously mentioned, vehicle in cave instead of on surface. Built way out of cave and returned to home. Saved game and exit to menu. Every time since then, stuck at that underground save point no matter what. The timestamp on the save position updates, but the location and progress does not. This is same symptom I was in Jan20 on previous save slot. Platform: Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 CPU: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3801 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) GPU: Name AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series RAM: Total Physical Memory 12.0 GB Corsair Drive: Model Samsung SSD 840 Series 250GB
  19. ShufflingCorpse (Gert)

    Keybinds resetting

    When starting a saved game I have to rebind my keybind since I don't use the standard WASD configuration. It happens after the game have been shutdown, not if I just exit to main menu.
  20. Hello, As the title already says, I get random crashes every 5 to 10 minutes while playing in a friends game. Only I am crashing, the hosts game is totally fine. Happened on random occasions, mostly just walking around. I dind't use the options shortly before or anything similar. Singleplayer is stable.
  21. Version: Running same updated version on Xbox One and Win10 PC 0.3.10190.0 Platforms affected: Xbox One and Windows 10 Issue: Cross play used to work flawlessly for me since launch. However, after the last patch I have an issue I am able to replicate. When running a session on Xbox One the PC player is able to join flawlessly. However, when the PC session is running the Xbox One account constantly gets the "Failed to join: Could not find session" NAT is open, Works one way but not the other. I was using the PC version solely as a "dedicated" server for the Xbox players to join and it was working great. Would love to see the issue resolved. Thanks!
  22. So I had the unfortunate experience of losing internet access for numerous days. Figured I'd pass the time by working through 158 and the new updates! All going well, saving operations were seemingly normal. However, none of my saves would appear in the menu. The saves were definitely showing in my Windows profile & AppData as expected with new timestamps. Turns out, I wasn't signed into the Xbox app as normally happens, as I was without internet. The root problem is, that unlike the Xbox, Windows won't let you sign in whilst offline. That causes problems if your choice of game (i.e. Astroneer) requires an active Xbox Live account for save syncing... I didn't get any prompt upon Astroneer start-up to sign in, as normally happens, so I didn't realise what was going on until I separately opened the Xbox app where I realised the problem. Is it possible to have saved games still accessible without being signed in? I.E. can Astroneer pull a UserProfile string independent of the Xbox Live service, and from Windows instead? Obviously, the save itself is still present and accessible on the current Windows account. I dunno what the equivalent process is for an offline Xbox. If the fault lies with the Xbox app's inability to sign in whilst offline, I have no problem with that as the outcome, but the devs have my full support in flagging this with Microsoft for fixing! P.S. I'm aware this is not a high priority bug, for a game that basically mandates a connection for regular updates and multiplayer aspects. But being an edge case, I figured it should be highlighted to the devs to be aware of.
  23. it would be amazing if we could make our own control schemes on all platforms, for example like how skyrim or minecraft does it where any button can be used for any action, like if you are weird you can make crouching LT or the Z key if you are on keyboard. This would solve a lot of controls problems like the sprint button on xbox and how tiring it is to push for a long time
  24. First, i'm italian, so excuse for my english, this game is beatiful!!! I have 2 bugs now (3 hours of game): - The icon in the windows bar (no icon), this is not very important... - The terrain, i see often this bug in the world, the world is break. i hope it help, TiaCR
  25. Running (Shift) while picking up placed tethers causes the tethers to disappear, never to be seen again. System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Intel i7 6700K Geforce GTX 1060 16GB Ram Steam