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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I play Astroneer mostly on Steam but recently I've started playing with a relative who has it through Microsoft/XboxGamepass on PC. I decided to use a $1 dollar trial of Gamepass Ultimate to play with him. Multiplayer has been working good, but my subscription ends in a week or two and I need to make a decision about what to do in the future. If I buy the Microsoft store edition, do I need an Xbox Live subscription? (Gold, Ultimate, etc) Or can we just join each other's worlds without it? If I do need an Xbox Live subscription, I will probably just buy Gamepass Ultimate again when
  2. So I'm playing Astroneer on Windows 10 Store. My buddy is on the same platform and we can play BroForce and other games on the Game Pass all hassle free but no matter what ports we open/close/forward, no matter how hard we try, we always get Session Not Found on Astroneer. I've looked up a bit here and there and found that a lot of people are facing the same issue and have found no solutions. Any suggestions would be more than appretiated.
  3. i bought the game on xbox store and now i installed in my computer. I just have how to install by microsoft store on pc, and the game, after the click to open, close in a short time and dont present any error message. I try to reinstall but doesnt work and i dont have acess to the files of the game, because microsoft store downloads are hiden.
  4. I payed for the game threw my xbox one and downloaded it no issues at all clean and crisp. Well I wanted to download it to my windows 10 Anniversary pc as well so my gf and could play it together since we don't have twp Xbox ones right now. I went to the windows 10 store page found the game with no issues states that I own this product with the blue install button right below it. Well when I click the install button it does nothing just flashs gray then right back to being blue again does being download or do a pending dosent even give me and error code. So after about 2 and a half hours with
  5. I have xbox live gold, but my friend don't. Can we still play together on the Windows store with pc's? ps, any news about windows store and steam cross-play?
  6. Summary: 131 - stopped making discoveries and wasting discovery objects (no materials, no nothing, just the random wheel of ghost icons and then the thing closes and gives me nothing Description: Whenever I see a new discovery object that I have not seen before or gotten a technology from, I place it on the research kiosk. When it goes through the random one-arm-bandit selection, it closes without giving me either a technology or a material. I know there are things I have not found yet (like the larger ship, etc) so why am I not getting anything and the object is wasted? Platf
  7. Please help! When I launch the game, I get the astroneer logo, then a black screen, the the xbox app overlay, then the overlay dissappears, then the black screen closes and the game "crashes" so to speak. Video drivers are up to date. All windows updates are installed. Windows store operating fine. Tried on different user accounts/ MS accounts. On windows 10, have the windows store version. Using a gaming laptop that can handle beefy games like No Man's Sky. Attached is the DXDiag info. Also, is there an eta on when the windows store/xbox version will have a patch released? DxDiag.txt
  8. Has anyone (who has issues on Steam) tried the Windows Store trial version? I just played a remarkably smooth hour trial with zero crashes. Surely that says something to someone. I did lots of crazy things and made crazy progress that I could never have expected to get through on Steam without graphics freezing over and over. The graphics was actually smoother and more consistent the whole time too. What gives?
  9. Hi. How do you change the windows 10 store language as you can't define the parameter like on steam ?
  10. Simple question, where to find the saved data and delete them as needed for the windows 10 store version of the game ? And are the steam saves compatible with the windows 10 store version ? (I already saw that the windows store version did not recognize the steam one, but may be only cause they stored in another place?)