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Found 70 results

  1. Summary: - Windows 10 - Medium Battery Model Glitch Description: I traveled to Novus to get some Methane and when the back hatch of the Large Shuttle opened, the model of 2 medium batteries were glitched. Even when I came back to my main base on Sylva both models were still glitched. The batteries were still working though. Platform: Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1809 | Build 17763.316 CPU: Intel i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60Ghz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 RAM: Kingston 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz Drive: WDC WD10EZEX-60WN4A0 -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hello, Me and my friend are both on the Windows 10 version and whenever he tries join my world, he gets the error "Could not join host" and sometimes "Cannot find session" (P.s Not sure if those are the exact error messages) but whenever I join his world, I am able to just fine. I tried disabling my firewall and double checked that when the firewall was on, Astroneer had an exception. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks, Brent
  3. Whenever my friends join me, they get a message saying something like "Failed to connect to host" or "Could not find session." I can join their games just fine, but they cannot join me. I am on the Windows 10 store version, and my friends are on Xbox One.
  4. Warning ! This post may contain spoilers for Astroneer. I am playing the Windows 10 Store currently version I have unlocked every single achievement on the game except "Journey To the Center of the Thing" and yes I have completed all of it's requirements but it still won't unlock no matter how many matches I join. As for customizations, I'm missing the ones related to: The "Atrox Awakened" Achievement even though I have unlocked the achievement itself. Suit, Palette and I guess Emote too. The "...And Beyond" Achievement. Same situation where I have the achievement but not the customization. Suit, Palette, Emote too probably and the Visor even though the requirements is a little different. Unlocking all the achievements. This is the Gold palette that needs all of the achievement's unlocked. But I don't know if the option is glitched too or it's not unlocked because my last achievement it bugged and won't unlock. Either way, I'm missing it even though I have completed it's requirements.
  5. I purchased this play anywhere title on the xbox store. the MS store shows that I own it, but the install button is greyed out. I have already updated and reset the windows store app and am current on windows updates. I was able to install on the Xbox One.
  6. I'm sure someone has brought this up but I'm gonna suggest it anyways sense i haven't heard anything about mod support for Windows and Xbox, I suggest a mod tab in-game for WIn and xbox in the main menu sense xbox and windows store apps cant be modded there's no way for either version to use mods there should official mod support that goes to console and windows players for that very reason, Nothing fancy probably just a button to enable/ disable mods on the left and right sides and something to detect mod compatibility for instabilities issues encase it breaks a save or something, Any confirmation on this would be appreciated ^.^
  7. I am running a three monitor setup on my windows 10 PC. Monitor 1 (Primary is a 4k Monitor 2 is 1920x1200 (the monitor Astroneer launches onto) Monitor 3 1920x1080 (seems to be unaffected) I cannot get the game to move over onto Monitor 1 4k without putting the game into windowed mode and then dragging it over. Then the game thinks it is still on monitor 2 1920x1200 so it does not give me the option to run in 4k at all. This is a game breaking bug that NEEDS to be fixed. For now I cannot play Astroneer because the max resolution I can get it up to is 2560x1600 and it does not look good on my 4k. I would be of much help if someone can contact me and help me find a solution or let me know when the bug is patched. Thank You, System Era, for creating such a great game that I enjoyed (for a really long time) before this bug. -Lambo
  8. On a PC Laptop Running Windows 10 Using a wireless Mouse If the terrain tool is clipping the ground in such a way that the resource being collected is "inside" the wall or ground, the resource will disappear if your inventory is full and it tries to drop it on the ground. ASTRONEER 2019-02-06 14-41-35_Trim.mp4
  9. Xbox and Windows 10 cross play not working. when i invite a windows 10 player from the xbox they load but they just go to the big spaceship where it says create a new world. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP
  10. I'm playing on Windows 10, installed through the Microsoft Store. Started playing on Alpha 8.0 (4 hours) no issues. Patched to Alpha 9.0 played for a 6 hours with lots of save points. Tried to load my game this morning and when I loaded I was sent to a new planet and lost all of my progress. I only have one game saved so there's no confusion. I have 0 bytes so it seems that I lost all of my progress. Is there anyway to recover to a specific load point in time? I can't seem to find anything. I know that I had some save points on 7/8/2018 around 1:00AM EST. I browsed my local app data and don't see any sign of the save points. What happened? Any chance of getting my saved game?
  11. So, the new patch supposedly allows xbox one and Windows 10 store cross-platform play, but there's absolutely no details on how to go about doing that. Is there a guide or something? Many thanks
  12. I recently bought the game from the windows 10 store. When trying to install it, it downloads approx 3MB or so, then errors with the code 0x80073CF9. I have tried all the many suggestions found by googling that error and even reinstalled windows but the problem persists. Other games and apps can be downloaded and installed just fine. Microsoft wont seem to refund the purchase (there is no option to do so) as its a digital download. If i pass you the order details from the MS store, is it possible for you to 'convert' it to a steam key ? Or have you a solution to the above ? Cheers
  13. Summary: - Steam on Windows 10 Pro x64 - My power system goes super-sonic when I have a machine do something. Description: Probably a consequence of my liberal use of splitters, the power cables' animation seems to go absurdly fast when I turn something on. Here's a gif. If it's needed I can provide the exact details of my current power systems to aid in reproducing the bug.
  14. Summary: - Steam on Windows 10 Pro x64 - Winches have a slot on them? Description: I just found a winch at the bottom of a naturally spawning cave in the starting world and it seems to have a slot on it. I was able to plug an ammonium nugget onto the area where the "nozzle" of the winch is. See this gifv.
  15. Summary: - Steam on Windows 10 Pro x64 - Terrain analyzer loses saved color on world load Description: Just loaded a saved world and found that my two terrain analyzer aguments (magenta, blue) had lost their display colors. It should be noted that they still function as if they had those colors, they just no longer display the color saved into them. They were not on my player character when I quit/saved out of the game, they were on a Large Platform D. When I came back to the game just today and loaded my world, the augments were black as if they contained no color - after testing however, they retained their correct functionality.
  16. Attempted to play and update to 0.6.6 appears in my download queue. Uninstall/re-install and download cash clear doesn't fix. Thanks for help
  17. The Microsoft Store in Windows 10 is not showing any update. I have it for Steam and XB, just not on Windows 10. When I attempt to start the game, it syncs my saves, but I haven't tried to load them because of the incompatibility of the versions.
  18. So. Astroneer is broken, and rather badly at that. I had Astroneer working fine, then it refused to start so I reinstalled it. After erasing all of Astroneer's files of the face of the C: drive, (I have Astroneer from the Windows 10 store and I find a lack of articles for me) I reinstalled it and it worked. After having to go somewhere, I closed up my laptop and reopened it and it crashed, but then restarted Astroneer and it worked fine. After saving it up legitimately properly, getting into my habitat, saving, exiting to the main menu and then to the desktop, then returned home, connected to Wi-Fi, booted it up and IT DIDN'T WORK. I reinstalled it and it still doesn't work! It just flashes the title screen for 0.1 seconds and then quits to the desktop. Please help. Maybe @Wyvyrias could help! Crash Data: Windows 10 Home Dell Inspiron 15 3567 5.87 GB RAM 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100U CPU @ 2.40GHz Alright, that's probably enough for the devs.
  19. If a Windows 10 system has a store account which owns Astroneer, and a separate X-Box account used for gaming, Astroneer stops functioning after about 24 hours. Astroneer will immediately exit upon opening. To fix this, the user must first uninstall Astroneer and then re-install from the Microsoft store. Requesting improvement or adjustment to the Astroneer application license verification/validation on Windows 10 to permit sign-in when using two accounts on the same system.
  20. ThatManDude

    Host can't use any items

    I'm playing on Steam on Windows 10 64bit. I'm hosting a multiplayer with one friend on with me. I can no longer use items unless I am in a habitat. On the rare occasion that it lets me click on a resource, I cannot place it into a storage slot, and the item then is rendered useless to the other party on the server. I can still drive rovers and operate a crane. This wasn't a problem in my first 7 hours playing, but in that time patch 5.1.0 came out. After updating and playing another six hours, the bug finally took place and I can no longer do anything in the game.
  21. The game now will not launch in offline if you have bought on Windows 10 any sugestions (reply if u have same problem)
  22. While attempting to install from Steam, I am receiving an error that says I am attempting to use an invalid platform, but I am on Windows 10, version 1703 OS Build 15063.786 My steam is up to date, and I am able to log and play Warframe and FNaF, so at this point I am rather confused at the error. I have restarted my PC as well as Steam multiple times, I enabled beta testing in Astroneer's settings, and the steam support site is not very helpful. thanks for any tips!
  23. Hosting on Windows 10 and inviting an Xbox One player works reliably only on brand new saves. Once we play, build structures, alter terrain, etc, it becomes increasingly difficult to successfully connect. Currently hosting on a Windows 10 machine. Same home network. No firewall on the router. Any suggestions on what we could do to improve our chances of connecting?
  24. I have purchased the win10/xbox version and wanted to know if it can be played multiplayer using the same account, meaning, I login with my xbox profile on win 10 and my son logs into his profile on xbox. His account is part of the overall family account I use for xbox. When I launch the game on win10 and then xbox (or vice versa) I get a notice saying the game is already in use. I have even logged out of the the xbox and stayed logged in on win 10. So, is it not possible to play using 2 profiles on one family account? Thanks in advance for any help and insight to this.
  25. I payed for the game threw my xbox one and downloaded it no issues at all clean and crisp. Well I wanted to download it to my windows 10 Anniversary pc as well so my gf and could play it together since we don't have twp Xbox ones right now. I went to the windows 10 store page found the game with no issues states that I own this product with the blue install button right below it. Well when I click the install button it does nothing just flashs gray then right back to being blue again does being download or do a pending dosent even give me and error code. So after about 2 and a half hours with microsoft troubleshooting and them doing a remote access and going threw several annoying time consumeing steps we tryed to download the game again and to no surpise it still does the same thing. So the agent said it seems to be an issue with the install link and pointed me in the directing of getting ahold of the devs to try and fix this issue so after two days of owning the game and not playing it im at a stand still. If any one has any information on how to fix this I would Greatly appreciate it thankyou.