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Found 5 results

  1. Summary: 1. Game refuses to go into windowed mode, restarting the game (in windowed mode, through steam; and in windowed mode through the game itself) does not help anything. I'm trying to move it from the main monitor (monitor 1) to the secondary monitor (monitor2) but without a windowed mode to grab, it's stuck in an unfortunate place in my setup. 2. Vehicle bay is missing (tried in multiple new game files, but it does not appear in the possible items to build. Doesn't appear in either printers, and does not appear in the TAB screen. I can unlock vehicles, but not the vehicle bay.
  2. Only happened since 0.5.1. Game always opens windowed, even though it is not set to. Have to Alt+Enter to get it full screen.
  3. Hey! I want stream this game but I can't open Astronner in window.
  4. I just got v196 and when I select "Play ASTRONEER (Windowed)" the game starts as full screen. Going into the options doesn't allow me to make changes either since the only display resolution is 3440x1440 which doesn't work quiet right for this game as it clips on a 16:10 monitor setup.
  5. Hello. I have a problem playing Astroneer with two monitors. One have no mouse binding to the monitor the game is launched. So every time I got to the right side of my Fullscreenwindow, the mouse switch over to the other monitor and I am not able to fix this. Please help me. Thanks and Greetings from Germany. BTW Love this Game after 1h of playing.