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Found 2 results

  1. Jedpaint31


    Just got the game tonight and I'm loving every min... really want to help out though... Research nodes: When I'm running multiple nodes back to my base, I generally stack them up. When I run one back (about 50 yrds) and come back for more, 2 or 3 are floating but reachable. There is always one about 50 to 100 ft up in the air... i usually build a small hill to reach it. Not sure why they start floating. This is not after a storm... Wind Vanes: These are the smaller wind generators from backpack. I have some right outside my habitat. I noticed during a storm they do nothing even though the wind is surging. At first i thought this was because i was full power... but my pulled in rover was half full and not charging. maybe not a bug but definitely something wrong with the mechanic.
  2. 1. When a wind vane or turbine is attached to a car which is moving, it should generate energy, even if wind isn't blowing. 2. In sand storms both should generate too.