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About Me

  1. Hi. I want to share an interesting story. Today I was testing winch and towing for the first time. It works really bad and I think it needs to be improved. It is not really towing... it is like stretching a bungee and waitinh what happens. Usually it is the load that jumps on top of the rover, but when I leave the rover it is usually rover flying away... Anyway, I was towing a field research unit and at some point the unit hit the rover and the rover flipped upside down on top of the research unit. I tried to flip it back, but instead, my astronaut left the rover and found himself inside the research unit... I could not get back outside, I was locked inside! Luckily, The rover had a trailer with batteries, so being inside the research unit, I managed to disconnect the trailer cable plug and connect it directly to the research unit. After some time the unit opened and I could leave. I think the easiest way to fix the bug is to make towing more predictable and stable, so it is actually towing, not playing with bungees
  2. Playing multiplayer with a friend on PC, I'm hosting. Not sure if this bug is repeatable with a controller, because it takes quick reactions to pull off. Was pulling a platform after finding out the winch will pull anything it's attached to without a vehicle. Accidentally attached the winch to the T2 slot on the platform and it began to spin and fly into the distance. Long story short, had to make another winch and platform. Image shows the model for a platform and winch frozen in the clouds on Glacio.
  3. So recently I started digging a big hole in the ground, while I was waiting on my research. The process of digging a massive hole was taking a long time, and my math teacher always told me to "think smarter not harder". So I got to thinking, "what if I used the winch that cost me 3000 bytes, on my character, to drop down the hole as sort of a grappling hook". I then trapped the winch in the ground so my weight wouldn't carry it down, and attached the winch onto my character. I was surprised to see that the winch would stick onto my character and I got really excited. Then I jumped down the hole, and the winch detached from my character instead of holding me up. I then experienced my first death. Luckily the game crashed after that so it didn't count as a death.
  4. If you attach a Winch to a trade platform, Madness Ensues. Version: 0.9.0 Game Type: Steam
  5. Don't know if this has already been reported, but here I go: 1. Attach a winch to a rover (tested only with large rover). 2. Find or build a single seat and place it on the ground close to the winch. 3. Hook the single seat with your winch. 4. Pick up the single seat. 5. You're welcome...
  6. I discovered how the drill works together with the mineral extractor, and it's fantastic! This will save me a lot of work, because it automatically gathers all the drilled ground! Obviously I had to secure my long Rover, while I was working with my drilling head, with a winch! Because otherwise, the Rover moves with the strong inclination of the terrain. I am very happy with this discovery!!
  7. Summary: - Steam on Windows 10 Pro x64 - Winches have a slot on them? Description: I just found a winch at the bottom of a naturally spawning cave in the starting world and it seems to have a slot on it. I was able to plug an ammonium nugget onto the area where the "nozzle" of the winch is. See this gifv.
  8. So I accidentally linked a winch to air while trying to link to an object I found. Then, I tried to make it release to no avail. Driving away doesn't help. It just refuses to un-link from nothing, and won't move. I eventually had to leave it behind.
  9. I had a rover chain of two large rovers, then two small rovers ( L-L-S-S. It wasn't driving too well so I was dividing it into two separate rovers. In the process I accidentally attached the winch to the back of the second large rover, the port where the rovers connect (L-L-W-S-S). The game immediately seized up and crashed a few seconds later. I haven't been able to reproduce it. Each time I have tried to split a rover chain by attaching the winch it seems to work fine.
  10. Windows 10 version Mouse n Keyboard Version: 0.3.10190.0 While exploring around on the planet Terran, I came across a crashed spaceship that was half submerged in the ground as per usual. I starting wondering if I could attach a Winch to the spaceship remains, and drag it back to my home base. I attached the winch and started driving away in my Truck expecting that the spaceship would drag behind me. It instead started flying around the air while still connected to my Winch. Here is a video and photo that will show what I've just explained. ASTRONEER 6_19_2017 6_10_52 PMTrim.mp4
  11. I don't know how or why but I can drag an infinite amount of cables out of the winch and attach them to air (nothing). They will not reset or go away no matter what I click. I tried resetting the cords, picking up the winch, driving out of render distance and coming back... nothing works. There also isn't any stretch on the cables anymore (so I cannot use the item how it should be used.) Some hilarious screenshots: I am playing the Steam version.
  12. Hey, If you attach the crane to a winch and pull it with a truck it can sometimes get stuck under the ground. I have recreated this so I could understand it better, it will only phase through if its upside down. the base of the crane stops it from fully disappearing. If you enter the crane while its underground then exit it you will start to float around underground. Current Xbox One version as of 2017/Feb/03 Cheers
  13. So I attached a winch to my spacecraft, then attached the hook to an object in my base and then proceed to fly away to our second base. Upon landing, everything is normal, the winch is normal and so on, no problems here. However, upon returning to the planet in which I originally attached the winch to the object in my base, the winch appears to still be attached! The winch also has a dupe hook on it (Or is the old one the dupe?) anyhow, the original is impossible to remove, unless you restart the save.
  14. Not a big problem Placed artefact on research module while artefact was still attached to winch. Clicked the Research icon. If I remember well, the artefact did not disappear after research.
  15. I thought it would be cool if you could build a mineshaft that would excavate down an then create a open room to branch out from. It would make it easier to go deeper straight down without having to worry about falling to your death. Might be cool if you had to use a winch on it to go down and up. Would also need a power source attachment.
  16. Mega bug! just got out of truck for 2 seconds and the whole thing dissappeared, I had lots of kit attached to the truck that is now gone so just a little annoying solutions?
  17. I recently created a new base on a flat landscape which had a lot of tall trees/plants. These ended up getting in the way of how I wanted to lay my modules out, so I dug them out of the ground and tried to move them. I had to use rovers to bump and push them until they rolled out of the area, but it took a long time as they would get stuck on top of my base structures. I had to dig more holes, prop them up, move push them around, etc.; until they were finally gone. I'd love to be able to use the winch to attach to the trees so I could easily drag them away.
  18. You can put things floating into orbit with shuttle or space ship. Have tried it with the big solar panel that you can find on 1)put winch on space ship 2)attach winch to ship 3)attach winch to solar panel 4)launch into orbit 5)??? 6) solar panel stays there until you try to get to it with terraform tool, then it falls down with gravity
  19. So first sorry for my bad english im swiss so i am not the best writer... So first i split it up in two groups single/multiplayer Singelplayer: - When im Playing singleplayer and it sometimes happens to me that my theter conections get black and i cant get Oxygen i Need then to replace every theter on my way to the base to get Oxygen. - Sometimes i glitch into a wall and can see caves but i think that is a known Problem.(You can avoid death by Watching upwards and jumping at the same time. -the winch is flying in the air and got several conections Multiplayer: -When my friend joined me the first time we couldent use the printer.(After reastarting it was working but.. -we had an extra habitat in my base where you cant make conections and you cant sit in. -when he is driving a care he gets random shot out and the car stucks in midair -the car connector ar broke so you can connect it to anything you want and it will hold and just get longer and longer -if i print a seat and put it on a car, and my friend starts driving i can remove the seat and ake it with me. he can still controll th car and he is on the seat Floating in mid air -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- attached is a photo of the flying car. Feel free if you want more details Lyraik
  20. I tried to move a large satellite with the winch. I had the winch on the back attachment of my truck. as the satellite got closer, the hologram of the connection between the satellite and the back of my truck made the winch fall off (which happens with holograms at the base as well). The winch tether was still attached to the satellite. I put the winch back, on a storage rack this time, and tried to pull (it still looked as if it was connected) and the satellite didn't move. I realized that it was only connected visually and reconnected it. The old visual connection remained with the new connection. I was able to avoid the hologram and got it back to base. After this, I disconnected and started driving again. This is what I saw. The tethers are all going in the direction of where they were first attached to the satellite. After what is seen in the first picture, I returned to base and there was another visual tether going into the original habitat which I had never connected it to.
  21. Hi SystemEra, Love the game!! +1 I am having the same exact issue with my Solar Panel. It won't move after it has been unearthed. The first time I experienced this bug, it was with a chair. Xbox 1 from a previously saved game What were you doing leading up to this bug? I just made discovered a crashed solar panel. I unearthed it only to realize that I need a truck with a winch to move it back to my base. Then I spent the next 3 hours making new discoveries to get the option to build winch and truck, as well as collecting enough resources to build them. I never left the game, but saved multiple times. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Unearth a larger discovery crashed solar panel or ship. Save game Reload game This item will not be moveable.
  22. I am playing on a Windows PC, through Steam So I was playing on Astroneer yesterday, when I finally researched the winch. I made one, slapped it on my truck, and went to go get one of the giant crashed solar panels. I towed it back to my base and started trying to get it into the right position. Eventually it flipped over, and when I tried to flip it back with the winch it refused to move. I tried for a while to get it unstuck, but nothing work. I spent a further 30 minutes this morning trying, but nothing is helping. Also, my winch itself has thrown out multiple cables, neither of which disappear, even when I put in on a shuttle and fly into space. No clue what happened there. Please help me devs.
  23. Hello all I came here to cooperate so that the team can solve the errors of this amazing game. As everyone can see in the picture our winch completely with the problem. I'll explain in detail. First our winch was connected to the crane and the same thing as follows the image, and while he was attached to the crane car was pulled by the objects so that the winch connections in structures without removing. We take and we raised as is in the picture and still unresolved. I would like to know the team of developers, how would the winching and their proper function.
  24. This winch stopped retracting the cables and when the host tried restarting his game it crashes every time he tries to load it. Before this happened we had a couples of times where the winch did what it was supposed to and retracted once there was already one cable out. mouse/keyboard,steam,multiplayer,i wasn't host, only two people in the session, first world, we had it attached to a rover just before this and everything worked
  25. As you may be able to see in the picture I've attached, I have multiple hooks coming from my winch. I was trying to move one of the large solar panels that spawn in the world with my truck and winch, I got back to my base when a storm started. I believe that the storm got the solar panel stuck in some of my bases modules. At this point, I tried to unhook the solar panel from the winch, which no longer appeared to be attached and it wouldn't let go. I clicked a few more times and my winch flew off with three hooks and their respective strings attached to where I was clicking. I can still use the winch, but those three strings stay with it. I also cannot remove the excess hooks by clicking on them. Not a big issue at all, I fixed it by reloading the game, but I thought I would share it to see if anyone has had similar encounters with these extra hooks coming out.