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Found 4 results

  1. I was hoping someone knew if i were to upgrade my win7 PC to win10, with Astroneer initially purchased through Steam. Would i be able to play that version of the game with other Xbox One players or am i required to purchase the Window10 app store version of Astroneer? Or is it possible to transfer my license of the steam version to the windows 10 version? All i want to do is play online with xbox one players from my pc
  2. i am unable to launch the game due it asking to install Windows Visual C++ Runtime 2015 on every launch attempt. tried to install included set thru steam and downloaded Windows Visual C++ Runtime 2015 from Microsoft. But still the same thing. ' i have read on steam that there are a lot of people with this issue. mostly with win 7, but some on win 8 as well. so not os related i quess. maybe some common hardware. my specs: i7 6700k nvidia 1060 gtx 6 gb 32gb 3466mhz corsair ddr4 Kingston hyper ssd drive 4x samsung green 1tb hdd Gigabyte GA-Z170 motherboard running win 7 64 bit ultimate. all drivers up to date. tried turnin off antivirus and all that. and also ran all win updates as well. it simply does not work. i am going to give this some time before getting my money back, but still hugely disappointed. waited all day to get to play this, bought it as soon as i got home and this crap happen. disappointed.