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Found 8 results

  2. I'll dig, and instead of being smooth, and/or punctuated by a very short stop (I'm running an Intel IGU, on 8 GB RAM, I don't expect miracles, heh) - which is the behaviour from before, I get a slow staccato of digging. Dig stop dig stop dig stop dig stop, every 2 seconds or so - makes for very uneven terrain. It could be due to my low to medium low spec'ed machine I'm encountering CPU or memory bottleneck.
  3. In one of the deepest caves I've ever been in, I found this weirdly textured sphere that I think is a bug. It was in the ground as if it was a research object but when I placed it in the researcher, nothing happened
  4. There're two weird glitches, one won't let me die to those weird "Barnacles", the other lets me see minerals that aren't there. Here's the video:
  5. Hey! So i just played Astroneer after a long break and decided to visit my planet's moon. I built a second base on the moon and went for a walk. After a few steps i got goosebumps because of a very weird sound...It was quite eerie but amazing at the same time! It sounded like space whales singing their eerie melody somewhere nearby... it could be only heared in that one sector of the moon and i've never heared it on my home planet yet. Did anyone notice that as well? Could it be a space whale? Did anyone discover something about that? Let me know Cheers
  6. I saw this when I loaded one of my worlds. I was playing offline. It wasn't like this before. Pretty weird bug. It ruins the sky when the planet flies by but when I fly towards it it turns back to normal. dadadada.mp4