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Found 3 results

  1. This forum is really inhibiting your ability to tracks bugs and suggestions. The search is next to useless. It appears to be a full-phrase search rather than fuzzy searching, so it's almost impossible to find pre-existing bug entries. For example, I want to raise a bug along the lines of "item disappears if backpack is full" but I can't search for it because that returns 0 results. I could only search for, say, "backpack" or "full", and that returns too many results for anyone to ever be able to search through. It's making it very difficult to help.
  2. Vanlioko

    Astroneer Factsheet

    Hello team, Not a game bug, but the price of the game is outdated in the Astroneer Factsheet on the website. Still shows $19.99. Thanks! Van
  3. Making my first posts, i realized i was longing for some of the features seen in the lol forums. Mainly the abillity to preview ones post before posting, some extras to make it easyer implementing pictures, sections and so on. Perhaps im just a needy baby, greedy baby. Would be nice with the features im used to. One Gould argue that you should not tailor the website of a single users preferences. I would argue more tools allow for greater forum content. Best Regards