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  1. I'm nostalgic for old astroneer dust storms, I think that weather of increasing severity and difficulty should be added to planets in a way that makes sense. for example, OG duststorms on arid, infrequent and small meteors on desolo, fog on the tropical planets, and something like an acid rain that destroyed exposed resources and hurt the player on radiated. I like having to adapt to the different planets I visit, i believe that ramped up and diverse weather hazards would demand more preparation and adaptation to different planets. This may also provide greater incentive to break the status q
  2. The flying ice shards are snow but its very cold it can freeze objects the rest of the ice mechanic is explained in my other post the flying ice will fall like snow except there like glacier picked up by the wind.
  3. Since there is a small, medium, and large solar panel (the Solar Array being the large solar panel), there should be a small, medium, and large wind turbine, but there is not a large one. I think that should change, because from the very beginning wind and solar power are kind of like the renewable energy rivals. Many people prefer wind over solar and vice versa, which makes sense in part due to they both activate under specific circumstances; neither occur 24/7 but wind can occur at any point of the day, but is unpredictable, while solar panels only work during the day but provides a constant
  4. So I know there are plans for reimplementing the storm system, and I have a few ideas for it. The main point is that each planet has different weather, and will affect the player differently on each planet. Terran: Nothing. Starter planet won't have much in the way of storms. Barren: Meteor Showers. Basically, a meteor storm will send down meteor, which on impact would kill the player instantly, or if it hits a base item, it will damage it and turn it into the debris* form of it. Or maybe a junk shower where it rains scrap. Arid: This would be the iconic sto
  5. Currently we have storms. Bad, oppressive, 'seek shelter' storms. They also persist in some large caves (see as a remote player on someones game), not fun. That said, what other types of 'non-destructive' weather can you dream up? This is an alien planet, what do you wanna see? Assume they put in T2 and liquids and other things that may help make this a reality. My suggestion for a list: Rain Visual Effects: Water falling from sky, the usual. Plant life encroaches / grows. Player Effects: Increasing slipperyness on flattened land Snow Visual Effects: Snow Fall
  6. How come there's no rain? Rain would only make sense on Terran and Exotic, but I think rain/thunderstorms would definitely fit into Astroneer in general. Terran and Exotic obviously have atmospheres. The amount of flora would definitely cause them to form, and there are even clouds. If water exists in a gaseous form, it would make sense to have use for the liquid. They wouldn't even need to effect gameplay in any way necessarily, I just think rain could give the game more life, and a stronger, more natural feel. They would by no means replace the sandstorms already present, they'd be merely
  7. An idea for weather. What if there where weather radars that tell what's is happening and if a tornado is likely to Spin Up <--(Storm chaser word) But the chances can be really low like base damage which could be scrapped. Ideas for weather, Rain, T-Storm, High wind storm, Sandstorm, Hail, Super-Cell, Tornado F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5?
  8. The storms need to be gone their is no use for having them in the game, they get to annoying and they happen way too often, either get rid of them or change it so it happens way less. other than that this is a really great game. Thanks, much love to the team ?
  9. Hi, first time posting here but have played for over a year. Enjoying 8.0. These are not new ideas; rather ideas rehashed with some twists. COMPONENTS - I like the idea that there should components, but for T3 (tier 3) and even some T2 items. They could have names or for Alpha/simplicity-sake, Component A-F, etc. Moreover, have them need to be crafted at a craft-able workbench... My idea for the workbench is that it resembles half of the medium rover storage plus a habitat-type enclosure. The storage half would allow medium (8-slot) storages to be attached whereby allo
  10. Hello! I am here since I want to present a new idea after playing Astroneer after a long time. So we all know that there dust storms in this game, and I was always interested in severe weather so I enjoyed every dust storm that came by. The only problem for me is that I feel that there is a lack in variety of types of weather since only sand storms are the only types of severe weather in the game. So I've been thinking about different types of storms that can cause acid rain, dust devils, (Not the types on Earth, more like dangerous ones, like the ones on Mars.) lightning, etc. I would think t
  11. RECYCLE UNIT, NEED THIS BAD!!! to get rid of space junk and buildings I no longer use or need to get rid of, like you see on youtube that machine with spinning wheels and gnarly teeth that just eats whatever you put in it. could be used to create scrap and from scrap melted down in the smelter where it recovers 1/3 the used resources. And or scrap could fill a can and mineral extraction first then smelter. zoom out more standard zoom out view planet / map planet more detail from distance? set WAYPOINTS, zoom out, scroll to spot on planet, set waypoint, rover goes to waypoint unless
  12. Soon I know weather is going to be a thing and I was wondering one day some planets could have extreme temperatures. So, our suits could have an add on in order to regulate suit temperature by using the suit battery as a resource. This add on being heating coils and liquid cooling could be placed on the left shoulder as a visual of which add on you are using.
  13. A weather radar showing sand storms, day night map and time would be nice. My idea is, that you have to install a Radar on a mountains top (connected with extenders) with a limited range. To extend your Radar range you have to install it on another mountain and so on.
  14. Hello, i think more hazards and Risk make the Game a Little Bit more difficult. my Ideas are: solar storms ( if you are Beat the sun on the planet) you only can Go out if it is dark. astroids Fall down sometime in planets. Earthquakes or vulcanos. so to fight against the treats you can use different early warn Systems. So for Lava First you can Measure the Earthquake or Smoke and if the Lava run to your base you can make holen or Walls to change the movement of the lavariver. for the DIN, Build better buildings agains the sun... and so on
  15. hi ... i like astroneer but storms are dull, only wind, could be more interesting with lightnings storms are the only weather event in astroneer... i played planetbase time ago and i liked weather system, they have no flora or fauna but had 3 risky weather events that can also be turned into advantages... storms (hurricanes), lightnings and solar storms hurricanes = slows down colonysts walk speed, however eolic generators run at max capacity ... astroneer ones additionally disturbs visibility lightnings (+ rain?) = colonysts hitten lightning while outdoor can be se
  16. So I know I've seen this in comments on threads, but couldn't find a dedicated thread for it. If it's been suggested already, lmk and I'll remove this if I can for clutter reasons. But basically, weather should affect solar panels and wind turbines. Just now I had a storm roll through where my turbines were off but my solar panels were still running as if it were noon. Hopefully this can be changed in the future, because currently how storms interact with these modules doesn't make sense.
  17. The video is only like 3 minutes long but it was still to big to upload here so the google drive link to the video is below: List of Shown bugs: Audio cutout on digging Turning flat terrain bumpy Flat ground unable to fill in holes Extension to base moving on hills View Distance, even on ultra, is not enough Says no power when there is still a little bit left continue digging for a few seconds with modules after it says no power Storm blocks in the Valley even though
  18. I’d like to start by saying that I’ve been playing Astroneer frantically the last few days. I have spent countless hours exploring one planet (eventually building a freeway to the moon but that’s a story for another day) and I still keep coming back for more. However I started to notice something was a bit off. It felt as if I was playing on fast forward. Ironic, I know. I began to think of a few ideas that could make gameplay a bit more interesting. The main idea is real-time gameplay. If Astroneer were to sync to the players local time and apply the events in the game to play
  19. In Astroneer, the only weather is dust storms and after a while, you don't really pay attention to them. It would be nice to have many other different weather events including the following, Tornados Avalanches on Mountains Severe Thunderstorms Lightning Floods/flash flood* Hail Other* Hurricane* Some of these weather events (with a * to the right of them) may need a different planet like a water world or a large body of water to be possible. The Weather Events would liked to be realistic with signs of possible weather events. Also the E
  20. Summary: 197 - Steam - Character animation, walking and running speed stuck in the windy weather animation after leaving radiated planet. ( chubby white astroneer ) Description: After going to and from the radiated planet, my astroneer still seems to think the weather is a bit rough after touching down on terran. Movement speed and character stance were affected. This persisted until a game restart (while on terran). While on the radiated planet, outside, movement speed was impaired ( seemed windy, probably intended of course - but this was a little jittery at times ). This mov
  21. The mind begins to wander when waiting it a storm. Rocks slamming into the side of your habitat miraculously missing you with your door wide open. It was about this time I began to think about erosion. At these rocks travel across the terrain, what would happen if they damaged it in the process. Eating away at the side of a mountain. Uncovering forgotten caverns. Knocking over mighty... Tree things. And also I wouldn't mind the junk I leave lieing around to disappear into the horizon. I mean, we are here to manage the planet for all it's resources and leave it barren are we not? Wh
  22. Good day, I apologize in advance for my English, I'm writing through an interpreter. I found a bug with the weather for a long time, I did not write it, as I thought that with the patches release this error will be corrected, but no. So, actually the bug itself: When I arrive at the radioactive planet and build a base there, then after returning to my native planet (earth type), the weather remains as I am on a radioactive planet. The astronaut runs slowly, holds his hand in front of him, as in the storm, the grass around wriggles like a storm. Tried to save and restart in the game, does not h
  23. Here's another bunch of ideas, do not wait to discuss theses three subjects. *Firstly: I think it could be more interesting and immersive to develop the science and research concept. The game could be a scientific quest for those who're seeking the truth about the environment and the universe of Astroneer, by developing, for example a database to fill with information, a scanner system (for the wildlife), samples and so on. *Secondly: Improving the Weather System could be extremely interesting, particularly in the other planets than the first one. Snowstorm who is hurting the careles
  24. So I have been playing quite a long time now and I could go on for days with suggestions, but this is my most recent, simple, and interesting idea. I really dig the sandstorms, but i think having storms raise/manipulate the terrain they collide with could result in some interesting outcomes. For one, this could lead to tunnels, vehicles, and buildings getting buried, and that is a good challenge to work against. Secondly, I would increase the amount in which pre-buried crash sites and research are hidden after passing storms.
  25. Steps to Reproduce: Grab a vehicle with wheels, wait for a storm to start anywhere nearby. Go to a steep mountain and angle your vehicle on it at a sharp incline. Actual Results: Adjusting the angle the car on an incline will cause the fog from storm effects to fade in or out and start spawning storm blocks. Expected Results: Effects should remain the same based on storm distance and not vehicle angle Video of Bug: