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Found 4 results

  1. AdamantVenus

    Colored beacons/ waypoints

    The beacons and way points are very useful but when using the shuttle or just generally traveling around it can be hard to know which one is the one you want. Therefore there should be a way to recolor them making it easier to know where you are going.
  2. Desperately needed features: -Map. -Placeable waypoints and Markers (Not just tethers) -Scan Blip Sonar to reveal any nearby Resources. -Numbers going up when upgrading and collecting/ level up system? -A/B Teleporter Cute Stuff: -Monkey Astronaut -Double Jump/-Jet Pack? -Bicycle with a Red Pulley Wagon to Carry Stuff in.
  3. thevlad

    Wrist computers

    At the forum we talked a lot about various gadgets (radar, card scanner, sonar, etc.). The format is different from the ideas. I have wound singing idea to get you started to realize these ideas. Let us first make the wrist computer for astronaut. You can do different kinds of visualization for different ideas on the screen of the computer. Like this =)
  4. removerboy

    Ideas for mapping

    So i'll start with the usual stuff. The story: I've just been driving around looking for some caves, and downed satellites to gather some resources. I drove quite a bit out and did a bit of resource gathering. And here's the problem, where the heck was my base? i couldn't see the markers anymore. The idea(s): a (toggleable) marker on the screen pointing towards you home-base(s). (and beacons) a map that can be opened with the press of a button an actual map (of the entire world you're on) a 'satellite' overview of the world you are on(i know this was requested and i liked the idea). a craftable map that can be access when in your hands/on your backpack that shows a limited area around where it was first loaded with a marker on said map with your current position relative to the mapped area. let me know what you think