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Found 3 results

  1. So basically, you place a beacon down, and another beacon in different locations. I would drove to one beacon, but end up at my old Titanium outcropping, when I meant to go to the other beacon, my giant solar panels. If you could click on them on change their name instead of the dot, that would be nice. Players everywhere would like this change because it would make the game slightly less confusing. Well, I get confused, at least.
  2. HimymCZe

    IDEA => Waypoint

    Have you EVER been lost in HUGE cave you explorer for Research/Ore? New idea, WayPoint. It would be something like tether, but provide no oxygen or Power, just Light (Hopefully more then tether, so you can use it as chandelier for HUGE cave areas). My image of texture would be sth like a huge RED ARROW with a small wind mill in the end (so it does look like shining perpetum-mobile, it would ALWAYS spin and it just for looks). Orientation of arrow could be solved 2 ways: 1) It would be fixed and set up when placed. (Dont forget some ppl would use it on the floor, some on the ceiling and some on walls). 2) It could automaticky point to the nearest already placed arrow (or nearest base). Distance should be calculated as SUM of horizonatal and MULTILE (x1.5, x2, x3, x5) vertical distance difference, so it would prefer same arrows already on same-ish level and doesnt point you straight up the ceiling (or down the floor). Thoughts?
  3. I love the game but without a GPS or navigation system on the ground gameplay becomes really boring as risking to go on an expedition means that you might not reach home and end up losing you vehicle and all the goods u have. you cannot see the beacons from very far. the game really needs that...maybe a map or a compass that always highlights where your habitats are. Also please make a Quit button or exit on main screen