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  1. need to add water and rivers and underground rivers and streams to astroneer. It will make the game so much real to play. Will ever give you new Equipment to make something like a water power plant : that generate power, bridge materials to make when crossing over at stream or a river crossing. also if you think about its makes the wench a great tool fr setting the water crossings easier as well. I hope someone here's me this time instead ____!
  2. Possible way of collecting liquids through a liquid condenser, it would be able to collect water liquid nitrogen and other things but the time to create them would be very long similar to atmospheric condenser but different it could use some item to collect it like a filter or some other type thing
  3. I saw recently that the road map for astroneer was updated. I believe it used to include player housing, farms, water on planets. I don't see these anymore. Have they been removed from the targeted functionality?
  4. Hello, I heard that liquids will be added. Could it be a resource? A pump should be added to the game for 1.0. Water, Oil(Crude, Light, Heavy) And maybe tanks should be made to store that liquid. Pipes could be used?
  5. How come there's no rain? Rain would only make sense on Terran and Exotic, but I think rain/thunderstorms would definitely fit into Astroneer in general. Terran and Exotic obviously have atmospheres. The amount of flora would definitely cause them to form, and there are even clouds. If water exists in a gaseous form, it would make sense to have use for the liquid. They wouldn't even need to effect gameplay in any way necessarily, I just think rain could give the game more life, and a stronger, more natural feel. They would by no means replace the sandstorms already present, they'd be merely
  6. Hi, my idea is to make a separated mode named the "Survival mode", where we would have hunger and thirst. Water could be found on the leaves of the big trees and you could drink it straight or pick it up to a separate container named the "Water container". The container would be like a normal dirt container, but would store water, which you can drink. And there also could be a machine that would produce water over time, like a fuel condenser. Food could be made by a special new module that would make food rations from maybe organic stuff? A player could also pick these rations up to
  7. I think all of the people that think that drinking water and food should be added are not thinking straight. Water can be added, but not for drinking. The point of astroneer is to explore and progress in space, not get mad at yourself for not taking enough water and food on a trip.
  8. I think that we should have something like a tricorder when we press the LT button. It could show the nearest base or vehicle, examine the ground to find some hidden caves and show storm locations. Another thing that we could have on the game is snow, rain, storms, water, etc..
  9. Water World I'm going to divide this idea into Six parts so you do not get confused Introduction and presentation of the planet: Based on a real planet called Gliese 1214b also called WaterWorld It is completely covered by water without a terrestrial layer on the outside, but if there is a terrestrial layer inside the planet, (probably 70% water and 30% land layer) (Illustrative image) Survival mode on the planet: making survival more complicated due to lack of oxygen since the planet is mostly water makes the surviva
  10. Stuff in Space is kinda hard to do without a few things. Food, Water and Sleep are all important(in the real world). I think these could be added as a sort of "hard mode". Food So you're kinda hungry and the nearest seven eleven is pretty far away. What can you do? Build yourself a greenhouse! its another base piece but it can be used to make food(no seeds or micromanagement needed, just the building, powered of course). Possibly might consume canisters of water and soil for increased production. It fills up a canister of food which can last maybe a week or two and is consumed
  11. Satellites Satellites allow you to collect solar power from space, collect data (Research / Bytes), and make a Network. Command Module Allows you to connect with your satellite (Network connection needed) Networks Allows transfer of items and data from one connection to another. Can be wired or wireless. Crafting needs Power, Aluminum, Copper, Lithium, and/or Titanium. Uses 1 unit of power for every 4 wired items moved 1 length. One length is the max distance of tethers. Wireless requir
  12. @SES_joe I have some questions about the futur of this game about the survival features : will we have some kinda of food/water/oxygen to survive ? Because this is a survival game, and the first thing we need to survive is oxygen/food and water... Btw great game, continue the good work, I bought it day1 and I love how you are making this game. 5*
  13. I thoroughly enjoy your your YouTube Vlogs. I'm also very interested in the dedicated server environments for personal group gameplay/game testing. A good friend of mine is redhat certified and is teaching himself how to setup and use Docker environments for dedicated server applications, ie., #Ark: Survival Evolved series, #Minecraft. I would like to have him field test the dedicated server environment when available. I have a some questions for the Devs: Has the idea for an oxygen generator been though of for certain environments? Can a technology be included to extract/create
  14. "WaterWorld" Based on a real planet called Gliese 1214b also dubbed as WaterWorld. Which is completely covered by water without terrestrial layer on the outside. Depth and pressure system: Depth: In this part when falling to the water will reduce the oxygen of normal form as if the player has disconnected of its base reducing the oxygen of the backpack. High depth and high pressure: In this part the oxygen of the backpack will be reduced double or triple the normal speed reducing the view to a dark tone by the high pressure .
  15. It would be awesome to see procedural water like the one in cities skylines. There also should be a way to make a source of water like in minecraft with the buckets. Submarines would be a way to get into the lakes, oceans and rivers and instead of building it at a vehicle bay, it should be made in a port.
  16. "WaterWorld" Based on a real planet called Gliese 1214b also dubbed as WaterWorld. Which is completely covered by water without terrestrial layer on the outside. Depth and pressure system Depth: In this part when falling to the water will reduce the oxygen of normal form as if the player has disconnected of its base reducing the oxygen of the backpack. High depth and high pressure: In this part the oxygen of the backpack will be reduced double or triple the normal speed reducing the view to a dark tone by the high pressure . Obviously when the bar reache
  17. Can you guys imagine how cool it would be to have fluid dynamics inside the game??? we could shape the planets as we please, making waterways, lakes and all kinds of crazy things just by making cannals and holes so the water could follow! Also, it would be a great start for living things to be implemented to the game... exotic planets would be full of underground rivers and water reserrves so the green ecosystem above could grow. And we would have a great survival item, making it one of the priorities when exploring.
  18. Dose our little astroneer ever get hungry or thirsty? Maybe a greenhouse would be handy. Kale anyone? And while we are on the subject of sustenance, maybe a water treatment plant, or well, or rainwater collection??? Then again, maybe a water recycling system. Human waste recycling?
  19. Water/fluid rivers and lakes would be awesome when combined with equipment to create power. Thinking hydro and water wheels etc. Underwater adventuring etc. Probably be a major change to add it.
  20. So i was thinking to add a water planet (with only water), you can explore it only by using the submarine that you have to build in the cargo ship. The cargo ship is a big ship that csn transport materials and some vehicles. You can build the ship near the space station (i talk about this here) For building it you need 20 alluminium and 20 copper and 2 astronium, its alimented by idrazine. Discuss about the aspect of the cargo ship, the submarine and other ideas to add in this topic
  21. I thought it might be interesting if there where lakes or oceans with islands in the middle that you could swim to or make special platforms to build boats by them. I know this sounds impractical as the planets are quite small but if there was a good enough reward at the bottom of these oceans or on the islands it might just be worth it, there could even be sea creatures and ruins of spaceships. My only concerns - this might cause some lag when using the terrain tools as the water would have to flow in the gaps anyway it would help me if you guys could give me feedback, Thanks
  22. So I don't know if similar threads exist, but this thread is for all discussion related to the devs plans to eventually add liquid elements to the game. I, for one, would love to see water on planets(seas, rivers etc), along with boats, floating habitats and also non water liquids, along with hydroelectric generators. Add your suggestions/ideas/critique below.
  23. Hello ! Congratulations for your fantastic game its awesome . Me and my friend bought the game today and we are having trouble to play it online , the game keeps crashing . We also have some ideas to improve this fantastic game . 1- Health bar 2-Satellites ( like a spacial base ) 3-More kinds of space ships and cars to travel in different ways 4- Animals ( to provide resources ) 5-Custom base (where you can hide from storms , like a home) 6-Map 7-Water 8-More mountains where you can climb and build one of your bases , also caves , fallen space ships ,
  24. Water -> Rivers -> Lakes -> Underwater Mining -> Flowing Rivers (from mountains) -> Changing throughout seasons -> affecting the Nature (like trees and animals around it) -> (hunting seasons?) Well see how many of those steps are actually doable (in order.?). Thanks for the amazing game!