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Found 2 results

  1. Quark

    Suction Hose Silo

    You know those suction tubes at the bank? We need something like that in this game. It could be an approximately canister size tube that can be laid down like tethers. basically any item u stick on the end or a junction between hoses automatically gets sucked over to the Storage silo. It could be a fairly large cylinder, with the entire outside covered in slots for items(no inside). The silo could optionally have buttons for rotating it left or right to make manually browsing its contents easier. Optionally it might have an interface that you can look at by interacting with the pipe that shows the contents of the silo and has options to request items from the silo. Items requested pop out at the node that was just interacted.(just effectively deleted from the silo and generated at the pipe node. More than one silo may be added to a pipe network and items are just placed on the first one with an open slot, and the interface shows a collective group of all the warehouses combined.
  2. Nicholas Micchelli

    IDEA: New Platform - Warehouse

    Item: Warehouse Platform Found: Via Research Build: 2 Titanium Purpose: provide 4 double ports for storage grids Re: centrally location research for easier/faster organization.