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Found 2 results

  1. Heres a list of things i think would make great game additions 1. Create a system that allows players to use bytes to buy resources once all research has been unlocked. Currently, once all research is unlocked the player has no reason to continue attaining bytes or research. If the player is able to buy resources (1000 bytes= 1 resin, etc) there would be a continued reason to use research and attain bytes. 2. More size options for land vehicles. Something smaller than the small rover for quick recon and one larger than the medium rover for larger expeditions. 3. Another flight option. Something that can be used to quickly fly around a given planet but cannot go into space. This would add a great recon option for players.
  2. I hope the developers will see this because i certainly love this game and it has 100 billion potential. I really would like to support this game the best of my capabilities. Here are some things i would like in the game. Ship customization, emblems, color, name etc. More ship types. Allow free roam in space. (Like No Man's Sky) If not, then add a trade center station in space so we could travel to it. Add monsters that come once in a while. Like during night with a moon, werewolfs or something come out and steal or ruin tethers. etc Add weapons, swords, futuristic fun guns, lasers. Add Armor, fall dmg boots, jetpacks Add more inventory space. Add personal upgrades. Such as increased health, faster movement, faster recharge, bigger O2 tank, mineral scanner etc. Add towers that defend your base from something...or someone... Add different types of sandstorms. Some have strong winds but pass faster, some are weaker but passes slower. Make some toxic so you can't just hide in vehicles. Add more environmental hazards such as volcanoes, earthquakes, meteor showers etc. Add more minerals: stone, gold, diamond, bronze, iron, plasma, uranium, meteor stuff, star stuff, dark matter. Add pets. This game looks cute, so adding alien pets is a 100% must Add ways to make a house or something. An UPGRADABLE house Add more vehicles. Glider- Fast, small. Mechs- Durable, slow, fighter. Speedstriker- Can fly, medium (some ideas) If space is more focused on, maybe add some hazardous things in space, to prevent people from just waiting in the solar system for planets to circle around. (asteroid belt, black holes etc) Add the option to completely flatten out an area. Maybe a weapon to do that Add special events that come randomly Add villages, or some alien civilization that allows for unique trade, or just attack them if you want Add OCEANS Add explosives for mining Add a transport. You know those moments when your backpack is full and you have to go ALL the way back? Maybe add some railroads. Add more ways to earn oxygen, tethers are really strong and O2 is not even a problem. Add a health bar Add chemistry. Chemicals that could make explosives, potions, technology etc. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS! <3