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Found 3 results

  1. The soil centrifuge still gets stuck. To solve, you have to save and reload the game every time.
  2. Tried: - reloading game - leaving planet and coming back - reloading save - unlocking the probe on a different save game that hasn't unlocked any probes yet
  3. Summary: Wanderer Update - Steam - Saved Game Unopenable Now? Description: After the wanderer update, I was able to play normally for a couple hours. The day of the update, I made the probe scanner but didn't do much else, besides activating the Vesania gateway engine. The next day, I found and scanned the probe on Vesania, and had trouble with the colour palette not unlocking, but that's a somewhat less serious and definitely separate problem. I then saved and quit to menu, closed the game, and turned off my computer for the night. This morning, upon trying to load my save, I encountered the issue. The game loaded perfectly fine to the main menu, but when I clicked on my save to Load, the side menu for the save closed and nothing else happened, leaving me just on the main menu. I started a new game just to see if it was a problem with loading saves, but was able to save that game, and load it without any issue. The original save, with fifty two hours of work in it, remained inaccessible. I did the good old %appdata%, and found this in the Save Games folder for Astroneer: (see image attachment) (image description: folder This PC/Acer(C:)/Users/[user name]/AppData/Local/Astro/Saved/SaveGames, containing three files: SAVE_1$2019.09.28-12.00.21.savegame (the new world i created to test) as a 160KB savegame file; PersistentLocalPlayerData.savecfg (a 1KB savecfg file); and HOLLIS & AIDEN$2019.09.27-20.06.27.savegame (the original world with 50+ hours) as a savegame file that, notably, is 0KB) Uncertain as to steps to take to remedy? Any help would be appreciated!