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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I think that walker machine could be a good endgame feature. A machine that would have four legs instead of wheels, based on large rover body. It would go a bit slower than rover, but would be more stable, environment ressistant. And the best feature would be its ability to stick to walls and ceilings with magnets. Magnets would drain energy, but player could get out of dangerous situations with it, crawl out of a hole or get through a steep hill/valley. Also, walker machine could ba a "super-rover", about 1.5 length of large rover and with six legs. Why I see it as a promising idea: Rovers for now (march 2018, patch 0.6.2.) are non-intuitive, and player has to fight with it constantly to not rollover or drive into a hole. That's due to game's weird interpreting of where we want to drive - A walker machine would just go where we point to, "w" would mean forward, "s" backward etc, and if we pointed camera to a side, go sideways. It's an advantage walker machines have over wheeled machines, they can move in all directions. Also walker machine could be a big reward for player's hard work resulting in an universal utility vechicle. Walker could also take the place of "mobile base" idea with an option to settle him down. The picture explains the concept better. I've also included some minor ideas for vechicle and base modules in the attached picture as: Cistern, claw, walker's feet, hydrazine generator and AI-worklight. It's all explained in detail. Walker_Astroneer_Idea.rar
  2. Mechs and walker brainstorms.
  3. Heya, So while I love the rover and truck they are obviously nigh on useless when you leave the first planet either because of the terrain or the lack of gravity. So I was thinking how useful a spider/walker type vehicle would be. It would have the same functions as normal vehicles but instead of wheels it would use legs to step over the boulders and spikes. I think the trade off would be that it would move slower when on flat ground compared to the rover but when on say, the Arid planet, the spider would be a far better choice. Depending on how it was designed (size/elevation) you could also use it for subterranean exploration. Thanks