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Found 2 results

  1. Desperately needed features: -Map. -Placeable waypoints and Markers (Not just tethers) -Scan Blip Sonar to reveal any nearby Resources. -Numbers going up when upgrading and collecting/ level up system? -A/B Teleporter Cute Stuff: -Monkey Astronaut -Double Jump/-Jet Pack? -Bicycle with a Red Pulley Wagon to Carry Stuff in.
  2. Right now the aircraft's in the game are a little underwhelming. No sense of full control and stuff really. Wanted maybe a small aircraft that can hover and help with building stuff. Better control And such . Thinking of a helicopter or something that hovers. That being said; I'd like to see stackable buildings or materials made from iron or any of the existing resources. (Attack a winch for building?) I would also like to see a small wagon that can fit one or two storages that you can push/pull materials. I think that would be really neat to see implemented in the game