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Found 8 results

  1. As an Oculus owner I am wondering if VR is on the road map. I would think the UI, and the game play would be a perfect fit. Thoughts? Can a mod move this to the Game thread please..
  2. I think this game would be a really good VR game. I think driving cars and being in the spaceship in VR would be really cool.
  3. As a user of Astronier, I would like to ask you a favor. astroneer vr DLC? MODE? NEW GAME? I'd love to be out. Thanks.. pls
  4. Vr support and First person Hello my friend wanted to do a suggestion for Vr support and first person camera. I would also like this idea to be added in the next update, including performance fixes as no one has been able to play with good performance. Um.
  5. just think about it dude how cool would it be pls ty a vr version
  6. Hi guys, I was wondering if VR support will be added to Astroneer. It would be so cool because you can pickup items with motion controllers.
  7. Specs: Steam PC VR Win10 Pro Nvidia GTX1080 Intel i7 6700 32GB Ram Oculus Rift Launching Astroneer still launches Steam VR. I've had my rift unplugged and haven't tried with the rift connected.
  8. Whenever I launch Astroneer SteamVR launces with it. I just close it. It's just really weird.