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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, When 'terraforming' a new base, I noticed that, regardless of how many canisters I have on my backpack/terrain tool, they all empty simultaneously, at the same rate they would if I had just 1 full canister. In effect, this bug leaves me with having the same 'volume' of soil in 9 canisters (see attached screenshot) as I would have with 1. I'm using keyboard and mouse on steam; I drove a large rover to a new location to build a base on a Gateway on Sylva. Upon filling a number of small canisters to allow me to flatten a large area for a new 'flat' base, I noticed the issue. I
  2. Boa tarde, eu modifiquei o volume do jogo, pois estava muito alto, deixei todos os níveis em 30, mas quando saio do jogo e entro novamente ele fica zerado, mesmo eu restaurando as configurações para padrão, não fica, sempre quando inicio o jogo fica zero. Good afternoon, I modified the volume of the game, because it was very high, I left all levels in 30, but when I exit the game and enter again it is zeroed, even if I restore the settings to default, it does not stay, always when I start the game is zero.
  3. I was trying to turn down the volume in-game and I have found that in order to mute the sound you must mash the arrow key or click 100 times to take it down to zero. Might be a bug, but it might be preferable for a slider. Or to make a "hold down" action active so when you hold it down it will go down and make it easier to lower sounds. Thanks
  4. Hey deer Systemera Team, I've got an idea for the menu. I wanted to turn the volume down... but It took ages untill I've got it to 50%. So my idea is adding a slider or the possibility to keep the mouse pressed and don't have to click each volume sound fpr it's own. I hope you know what I mean!
  5. I haven't checked every other post, so i don't know if this was reported yet. When I change any volume the game will write the volume as 0,XXX in the GameUserSettings.ini-file. The volume will be stay on this steting for the remainder of my gaming session. After starting the game the entries in the file will be changed to 0.000000. The only reliable way to change the volume on my game is to change the entries manualy in the .ini-File.
  6. Summary: 131 - Steam - Audio Options do nothing. Description: The options to control volume doesn't work. I'll try to change the volume without hearing any change and there is no save option. After closing and reopening the menu any changes have reset. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 131 Specifications: OS: Win 10x64 CPU: Intel i5-3330 GPU: Intel 2500 RAM: 8GB Drive: NTFS 3TB
  7. Every time I launch the game the sound is reset and when I go into the menu to turn the music back off and close the menu then re open it the slider is all the way to the right again. I usually have my own music playing by this point so not sure if after changing the setting it actually resets or just the slider does but the sound for sure resets every time I launch the game. I'm playing on steam
  8. Clean 117 game, Windows 10, Steam. I am unable to change any of the volume settings as the Apply button never shows up when there is a change in any of the volume controls. When I change settings on the Graphics and Control tabs the game does respond to them.
  9. Hello, 1. I receive terrible FPS drops as more of the world is discovered, most likely due to the rendering. The more that's rendered, the more the game lags + when when playing multiplayer the lag is worse (most likely due to two people rendering the map/planet). 2. The games control feel a bit clunky, quite possibly due to the lag, but holding items and having to run around at times can be a pain. (The control to look around seem a bit odd when holding an item). 3. Volume controls in options does not work, at all. Placing the volume to 0 is just as high as 100. 4. I spawn in the