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Found 4 results

  1. suggestion, some ideas could include volcano, earthquake, a system of magma. machinery, (Geothermal energy) An inspiration from the game (from dust) (as the lava behaves)(first person) inspiration in the movie, Lost on Mars
  2. Due to the recent Saturday screenshot posted by SES I thought I should make some suggestions about how the volcano would function and its elements Volcanoes: ? New material: Volcanic Material Uses: Ceramics, abrasives, whatever the devs can think of New plant: Dragon Flower Spews fire at nearby player New Hazard: Lava "Hot to the touch" Spreads slowly New Event: Eruptions Every now and then the volcano will erupt, spewing deadly lava nearby. An ash cloud then emerges that covers the surrounding area. The sun is blocked out (so no solar p
  3. Hey guys! So this is my first time posting on the forum - I'm absolutely in love with the game, and since it's so early in development I thought I'd share a few ideas of what I think would really add to the whole experience NB I've attached some pics to illustrate my ideas. The simpler drawings are my own, but the rest are all taken from google images. BACKGROUND: Molten planets, also called lava planets, are a hypothetical kind of terrestrial planet with a molten surface covered mostly by lava (Fig.1). These could be young freshly formed planets which have yet to cool down a
  4. Hey guys, here I'm gonna talk about a few ideas on potential storms and other atmospheric events, as well as possible modules to combat them! I know that some of these have already been discussed at length, but I wanted to collect these concepts together and add some of my own ideas on the matter GEOMAGNETIC STORMS (SOLAR FLARES): Solar flare events would be relatively rare overall, however their effects can be felt on all the planets at varying degrees, perhaps according to their distance from the sun. When they do occur however, they would be one of the most dangerous of the