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Found 30 results

  1. Going to move the vlogs in here now (and maybe someday into their own sub-forum).
  2. Weapon_Master

    On Aggressive Plants

    Ok, so I recently watched the Vlog 025, where they were showcasing some experimental aggressive flora. This thing down there. And can I just say. No, please no. The name of the game isn't Plants vs. Astroneers. The few 'agressive' flora in the game right now are more annoying than anything. However, that's only because they are rather incapable of doing anything other than slowing me down the few seconds it takes me to remove them with my 40-foot pole called the terrain deformer. Anything more capable than them will be outright infuriating. I distinctly remember the devs being rather adamant about not giving the players guns in Astroneer because 'It's not that kind of game.' In that case, please don't include hazards which are basically snipers and grenadiers. I don't want to literally be at war with the environment. And as for the plants which boop you off a mountain. I recently got booped off a mountain by a combination of lag and terrain generation, which plopped a rock onto a slope I had made not 1 minute earlier, which didn't render until I was right in front of it. Lobbed me off my ramp as I slid down it and I died by fall damage. In otherwords, a sudo booper created by bugs, And it was the most frustrating experience I've had with the game in the past six months. Pleeease don't do this. TLDR: Nope. To the devs, if you want references for interesting fauna you can put in your game, take a look at Grow Home and Grow Up. The plants in these games are interesting and interactable and they don't shoot you!
  3. Silly me, almost forgot: PS: I may move/merge the vlogs into the the other announcement section.
  4. Lithium

    New Vehicles

    So an upcoming vlog-23 "Joe list it vloggg now please! ", this image appear. And I'm like :internally_screaming: cause wow I would want to take ride on one of these boys, Just look at how big it is (soo soo big)... Oh soo can wait for the implementation of these cool new vehicles. Although it won't really look exactly like in the pic, You guys would still know how the "vehicle-related-update" will look like. Bonus Pic (see me later cruisin' in one of these)
  5. I will continue to start the title with "SES Vlog". I won't let Joe play with my feelings!
  6. Moonminer008

    about SES VLOG 11

    You dont need to remove the resource deposits, why not hide much fewer of them in veins in the corresponding terrain and have the ones you find much more concentrated than before? In a way a bonus. If you are able to find the deposit in the ground that one will yield 10-15 times more than the ground will. Add a chemical plant to create different reactants amongst others to dissolve the minerals in reactors? And purification machines to eliminate pollution? Add pollution who will influence the health of the planets life, making flora more aggressive, or farming more difficult? Add silver, gold and other elements to use in electronic production? Crystals?