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Found 2 results

  1. Kevin Martin

    Transparent ship hull

    First off, beautiful game, finally a game without zombies or something trying to kill me every three seconds. I would like to see a transparent, or partial transparent ship hull when excavating inside a found space ship, the camera is too wonky to allow me to see properly inside the ship I am gathering items from.
  2. FoxFireRage

    Area Lighting

    The light your character comes with by default is nice and has a nice feel for the exploration bit, however it would be nice if we could unlock a backpack attachment that would give us light in a small 360 degree radius in addition to our head light. The problem with the basic light tends to be caves in small tunnels, you have to have your character move to change where the light shines making it hard to see where you are going in a bunch of intersecting tunnels, the light upgrade would be of great use here and as a trade off you will lose an attachment slot to use the 360 degree light.