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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everybode & astroneer developers, first I ask for your understandig if my english is not that polished – it is not my mother tongue. But I hope you will understand what I mean. And possibly you could help me. My brothers and I are working on racetracks in astroneer. The racetrack you can see in the video is mine. I worked on it round about 400+ hours. The racetrack is as good as finished and I plan to share the map with the whole astroneer community when the racetrack is ready. But with the last patch (1.15.51) and „changed 3rd person
  2. also for people with dual screens, make it so it does keep go into the second screen, ive restarted my pc like twice already cause of not knowing where my cursor was cause it was actually in the next monitor
  3. Subject: The game is supposed to be comfortable, especially in looking around because there are so many wonderful things. When you want to look around, you need to press hold right right mouse button, which requires so much effort. Idea : Actually, that right click doesn't need to be pressed to look around. People should be able to drag mouse to look around. Also, people are familiar with using mouse to look around not clicking button to look around.
  4. I don't think this idea has been discussed before as I researched the forum and found nothing. Nevertheless, many games nowadays share first and 3rd person cameras as they are really much more immersive that way. I think a first person camera would be very fitting in Astroneer, as the updates are coming out and there are now more ways to create bases, I think 1st person is a must.
  5. When using the drill head on a crane, on a medium Rover, the controls are terrible. The camera will often be pointing 90 degrees to either side of the crane making it very difficult to operate.
  6. Summary: ??? - Steam - Display image problems Description: Display image not clear Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: ??? where to find this Specifications: OS: Windows 7 HomePrem X64 CPU: Intel i5 2430M 2.4GHz GPU: RAM: 4GB Drive: Seagate 2TB I don't think the screen should look like this ? I have tried all the options in settings and none make any appreciable difference Is there something not right on my machine - the game seems to play OK, I just can't see very well what I am playing. I do see a di
  7. I think it would be a great feature to be able to "lock" the camera behind the character so that when you turn, the camera will turn with the character. This would always keep the camera looking in the same direction as the character. By having this option available, it would reduce some of the frustration involved with controlling the camera with the mouse and losing track of the cursor during game play.
  8. I LOVE 3rd person view in games. It gives better awareness and you get to see your character move. It is fun and helpful. However, sometimes, it would be useful to be able to switch to first person view to do things. I would use 3rd person probably 90% of the time. But sometimes it would be useful; like when carrying researchables out of a cave. Anybody else think so?