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Found 3 results

  1. The video is only like 3 minutes long but it was still to big to upload here so the google drive link to the video is below: List of Shown bugs: Audio cutout on digging Turning flat terrain bumpy Flat ground unable to fill in holes Extension to base moving on hills View Distance, even on ultra, is not enough Says no power when there is still a little bit left continue digging for a few seconds with modules after it says no power Storm blocks in the Valley even though the storm was on the opposing side of the mountain Power can't in between bases connect via tethers List of Un-recorded bugs: Audio cutout on flame animation for not having room to hold soil. Flat ground making stair steps Character would turn around when digging a tunnel.(the tunnel did continued straight though) sometimes ,no matter how hard you try, there is no way to stop sliding.
  2. I am so lost on my rover at the moment I feel like The Last Martian. The ideal map that balances usability with gameplay would probably be a starting map that draws as you travel, on foot could have a view distance of 10m, rover 15-20m, shuttle launches could be 200m around the launch site. that could be a starter map, but through research could unlock a satellite system that you could launch from the Vehicle Bay or carry on your Rover/Truck to an external outpost. The satellite could have a 3km area in which it can observe terrain markers, further upgrading the satellite could give it a one mode power up. One satellite could specialize in downed craft, another would be good at spotting rare metals on the surface. Honestly any form would be appreciated at this point because I have been wandering around a desolate world for the past 3 hours trying to find my Home base.
  3. I was having the game freeze after 5 minutes like a lot of people, but fixed it by changing the View Distance to 60-70% Seems you can only access the options menu when playing the game, on a planet etc. Also you may need to change it after each game restart, mine went back to 100% and crashed again. Lowered and working great again! I really hope it works for others too. Good luck