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Found 25 results

  1. Pretty long time all went well. But suddenly when i was driving with a tractor when odd rabid power spending started. I returned to my base. I took all of my items out but still. I restarted the game what fixed it for now but figured to still report this. energy bug.mp4
  2. Bug with the terain tool. Video of the bug posted on youtube
  3. I've been having this issue since last 2 patchs. i was playing normally, a bit laggy but without further issues. Now i'm not even able to open the game. Attached some of the specs and the error that i've encountered. Any options to fix this, besides buying a new pc? :c
  4. Astroneer or Lagoneer? The game becomes unplayable due to frame rate issues when I host friends. Playing alone seems to be okay. ..Xbox One X here.. Someone please tell me there's a fix for this ASAP.
  5. When I loaded my game, I saw some parts of ground not connected to each other. I think it only happens where I used my terrain tool I'm on windows 7 with steam on
  6. When loading the world there was a hole down to the void, that was not there before. I could also see other caves when looking down the hole. I could also drop things down that hit an invisible floor. When I try to step into the void I float upwards until I hit a surface, it can also be a cave. This could be game breaking when dropping things down the hole or dying(like my friend did) when stepping in the hole. Last time I saved it was in my starting habitat. I own the world, not my friend. I'm playing on an MSI computer and my friend is using a pc. Here is a video of
  7. Hey Everyone, Just posting this video that I made. It's essentially just a quick review of Astroneer and if it's worth buying(it is worth buying). I've also pointed out the things I love and hate about the game. Thanks and Enjoy!
  8. Hey guys! TheHaggardNerd here! I've been doing Let's Plays on this game for a little while now... just never thought to share with you guys! If you like to spend time on Youtube, feel free to swing by! :-) My Channel: Patch 153 playlist here (updates on M/W/F/S) I upload many times throughout the week (almost daily) so make sure you subscribe if you want to stay updated on my releases. I hope to see you there!
  9. I'd be nice to be able to change more than just 1 graphic settings that doesn't even really do much. There should be a max frame rate slider, render distance (that applies to terrain as well not just the flowers), ability to toggle clouds and change qualities of things such as shadows, particles, and terrain quality.
  10. Multiplayer still crashes after 30 minutes. Options still don't save. Seems they remade No Mans Sky and duped us all. Good job, Astroneer; you got us.
  11. When I have a Solar (dish) connected to the front of a Rover and if I get too close to a connecting point where it previews a big blue transparent tube connecting points together, the Solar instantly falls off. It happens every time I get close enough to a connecting point. 20170317_113648_s02.mp4
  12. This is a bug that I can recreate anytime. If you place a Seat on the ground it will inflate on the bottom. When you sit on it it will launch in whichever direction off the ground with you in it. When you press X to get out, the Seat launches itself very high or far away in the air and you have to chase after it to get it back. One time the Seat placed on a base platform launched itself and me in it like i was taking off in a ship and i got out and fell from way up in the sky. I havent been able to do this part again, but the one where the Seat launches itself once dismounted happen
  13. Ep.5 Farming Talking about farming hyrdrazine and trading it through the trade platform Tell me any thoughts you have
  14. I found a reproducible crashbug that can occur when you try to socket a research item between 2 already connected trucks. My english is not the best to describe this exactly so I made a video where I tried to reproduce the crash. Did this 3 times to be sure, recorded the last try. The crash happens at 3 minute mark: note: -seems to happen only if trucks are closer together -modified .ini-file was used to disable motion-blur/modify light (guess that had no effect)
  15. I am playing on steam So as you can see in the video I just started playing and out of nowhere I fall through the world. thankfully I have Nvida Shadowplay so i could record the last 5 minutes and save it. I then started a new recording which looks like garbage because it sometimes decides to record in 234X264 for god only knows why. I then removed the footage from the first video showing my desktop because this game doesnt have proper Nvidia Shadowplay support and I have to record my whole desktop (Plz fix this too, I'll make a post in ideas about it), I then merged to 2 clips, cut the a
  16. Issue since 111 i think. Press Tab and click on seat at the same time. Now you can fly.
  17. Just made this Coub (10-second looped video with audio track). Hope you guys enjoy it
  18. I found multiple bugs in the game and made a video showing footage of them instead of me failing to describe it, so please check it out.
  19. Hey guys I made another video. Was wondering if you could critique it again, thanks
  20. I finished the shaft to the other side, but nothing more was really needed. So I made this fun video for everyone to enjoy.
  21. This game is very beautiful and I love it already! However, I seem to find myself lagging when I launch into the game. Only about two frames per second on a beasty computer. There should be some graphic/detail settings that can be changed in the options menu. This is mainly because, well, more frames means better game play(somewhat). There are people out there that could have bought this game and might only be getting 20 frames a second, or even less. With less frames, the game can become less interesting. Not everyone out there has a nice computer, and this is why there should be graphic/deta
  22. Bug Description: The bugged item is an oxygen tank. It's name has been changed to 'Tethers', and it is no longer usable. It can be removed, moved, dropped, and picked up. It is incapable of being used as tethers. (Useless item) Cause: Unknown, I was crafting a bunch of tethers at the time, but it was empty while doing so. However my inventory was full, so tethers were dropped while crafting. I do not know if it was the crafting that caused it, or other factors. I did not notice the bug until some time after. (Death from suffocation) Notes: I have an unlisted YouTube video o
  23. For those who haven't or don't know that you can hit the core of terran and experience the gravity of the core of the planet. i clipped this from my stream of astroneer and thought this would be a cool way to show this off. unlike other harshly edited videos of people that have already seen it, you get a fresh reaction from me and me friend while playing the game and we reach the core. While we were exploring, we had already found the terran has a height limit, but wondered if there was a depth limit. so instead of googling it we tried to find it ourselves. after about 20 minutes of digging an
  24. So I assume with a drop on a slight curve you can initiate what is the slope decline but on flat land for a short period of time.