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Found 3 results

  1. Velocity_9

    Where are the vents

    so recently after.doing almost everything i can do in this game.i realized, that i have finished what is there in the pre alpha.and i need to wait for the next update with more i went on the wiki and researched and found some things in the game which can't be i installed a mod(please don't hate me it was for experimental purposes) and i got a geothermal module this thing and i read that it needed a i went on the moon and tried it but it didn't i looked in a video and saw that the vents in the video were really big and mine vwere where do i find the big vents which work????
  2. Teh_Leviathan

    Thermal Vents in Caves

    Guys, I'm sure that some of you will have come across those thermal vents that appear mostly in caves. They stick out of the ground and steam comes out of them. You may have noticed that items can be placed on these similarly to the nodes at base or on vehicles. I was wondering if anyone knows what purpose these serve? Can they be used to power anything or ... ? Thanks.
  3. noticed this on the moon while carrying the unknown research items around that you can place them on the vents in the ground and they stick to it and scale up in size. when you pick them off again they go to normal size again. not sure if it works with other items too.