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Found 166 results

  1. [DK] The Mustard Cat

    Small shuttle landing bugged

    Hello System Era Team! I was playing Astroneer here the other day with a friend. We spent like 6 hours on the same world and quickly discovered a bug with the Small Shuttle when we wanted to go space traveling. The problem occurs when you land a Small Shuttle. The thing is, when you first have printed a Small Shuttle you cannot move it. Then you launch it. When you then land on the home planet again it lands near the place you created it. In our case it landed on the side of our vehicle bay. This means it's blocking it. Well, not physically but optically blocking. We cannot move it so it stays there. All we can do is launch again and hope for a better landing spot next time. Of course we have gotten further and no longer need our Small Shuttles and therefore they're just there, floating mid-air, making our base look messy. Neither can it be removed nor moved. I have attached a photo in which the bug is displayed on the right side. Additionally: We had two and they land at the exact same place. This does not really do anything as they still work and we can still access both just fine, it's just a suggestion; maybe you should change that. It makes that part of the game look clumsy. Thank you for great game, can't wait till release.
  2. Whenever me or my friend enter a vehicle we encounter a very large lag spike, this also happens with the exo habitat and the shuttles. Another source of lag that happens rarely is when me and my friend are far away from each other the game will freeze for a few seconds. Thanks, Barnburner.
  3. On v0.10.5, I made a truck train. Everytime I would enter the vehicle the game would breifly freeze before letting me drive, then eventually upon entering the vehichle, the game would crash. On another note, if I walk outside the rendering range of a vehichle, the tires slightly clip into the ground making it stuck, slightly digging at the ground seems to update the vehicle unsticking it.
  4. PixelTheOne

    Vehicle steering bug

    I was playing with my 2 friends and we built the small rover. My friends were able to drive the car normally, but when I tried to drive the controls were messed up. Something like A was forward, S was left and else. The weird thing is that when i press any button then the controls switch to something totally else. I checked the control settings, but these were okay. This also occurs with the medium rover and the large rover. Does anyone know a fix? This is really really annoying to not be able to drive the cars.
  5. It would be nice if ground vehicles had their own headlights. Like the work light they shouldn't draw power. It would also be nice if the player's flashlight would shine where he is looking while in a vehicle. Vehicles on earth have headlights, why can't they have headlights on other planets?
  6. Darth Rheys

    MIssing vehicles

    So i died in a very stupid way and when i started the game again, with the pod landing on the landing pad, i notice that all my vehicles disappeared. I had 4 vehicles in my base (a rover and 3 medium trucks, two of which had machinery attached - the large shredder and the fuel condenser) and they were all gone. Fortunatly, the truck i left in the cave was safe, but the ones at my base were all gone. It is worth mentioning that they were all connected by power cables. Got to go now. A lot of exploration to do!!
  7. Mazsi0505

    New vehicles

    Make city boards or segways to move faster in the game it has only one storage (for the small solar) if you interested in please contact me anytime in e-mail (
  8. CyborgSorcerer

    Tethers Don't Power Down

    Summary: - Steam - Teathers don't power down when disconnected Description: When driving a vehicle away from an isolated tether network that was only powered by that vehicle, all tethers in the network remain powered, despite having no power source. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Win 7 Home Premium CPU: AMD-FX-8350 Eight Core 4,00GHz GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7800 series RAM: 8.00 G (unsure of model) Drive: Western Digital Black WD1001FALS 1TB
  9. StubbornDonkey


    I can't remember if I or someone else has suggested this, but what about An attachment for the front of the rovers that would turn them into a subterranean mining vehicle. The idea is you'd have to build the attachment and then build the drill heads to place on it, similar to the crane but could use up to 4 heads depending on rover. The medium rover could use one attachment but the large would require 2, or a larger one (then the smaller couldn't be built onto it) to create a big enough hole for it to drive through. This could be useful for driving through rougher terrain because it destroys everything it goes into within the radius directly in front of the drill, or even straight through a mountain, depending on how steep it is (anything beyond something like 55 degree angle it starts digging instead of driving over). You can even use it to dig straight down if you drive into a hole causing it to point down. It would cause the rover to use more power as you go but it could collect soil and resources that you drive through in a two or 4 slot space that is part of the attachment. Summary... Pros: -Destroys rocks and objects littering ground making for easier travel -Travel can continue in a straight line regardless of mountains -Creates a tunnel large enough for your rover to drive through. -Collects soil and resources for use Cons: -Consumes larger amounts of power while digging requiring extra batteries or power sources to continue. -Permanent attachment rendering front of rover useless for anything else (barring any upgrades in the future) -Can destroy small debris without creating scrap (since scrapper is specifically required to create this) -Once full resources will drop to the ground instead of attaching on additional slots on the rover, this requires semi-frequent stops when traveling through resource rich areas.
  10. One cool way to improve the game is the addition of new planets/or star systems. Maybe there could be a planet so close to it's sun that you needed a specially protected ship to get there, and you could only go out during the night. Or a planet that is covered in magnetic rock, so on that planet (and only that one), magnetic levitation (hoverboards, hovertrucks, etc.) would be possible. Or a planet with solid enough rings that you could land on them, and find some unique resource there. Lastly, in terms of other star systems, maybe they couldn't be accessed with the current hydrazine powered ship, maybe something more powerful would be required, or something with constant acceleration, like a solar wind sail:(
  11. So my friend and I built a medium rover a little while ago and we decided to build a large rover too. I attached the two for towing and noticed that I was gaining power mysteriously. So we hooked it up to our base and it runs at full power now. We even disconnected where we get most of our power and we are still running at peak efficiency. We also had a medium battery that was being filled with power
  12. I think I ran over a rock but the rover tilted down and went straight into the earth then it stopped in the middle after a while and I jumped out and floated to the surface where I got shot into the sky and died. i ended up deleting that world bc i had everything on those rovers
  13. Platform: steam/windows 10 pro version 1709 (OS Build 16299.309) CPU: AMD A8-7600 radeon R7, 10 compute cores 4C +6G 3.09 Ghz 64 bit operating system x64-based processor GPU: Nvidia GTX760 2GB GDDR5 RAM:DDR3 x2 4GB, x2 2GB. 12GB total Drive:PNY CS900 240GB SSD ATA When I release the button (w or s) and come to a stop. the vehicle when begin to accelerate in reverse. only stops when I exit the vehicle.
  14. I play on Xbox one and when I create a vehicle drive it somewhere then connect it to any thing else when I try and get back in it I can but the wheels don’t move and I can only spin around as per the pictures below
  15. Habitat, do not decompress more over vehicles or platforms, this is due to update 0.6.8 or is it a bug? I can only launch Habitat now when it's on the ground, so I can not make a movable base.
  16. The control of the vehicles have stayed the same ever since the game went into public test... and it's still horrible! Because the relation in which way the vehicles will move correlate to which way your camera is facing, not which way the vehicle is faced (which how it should be from the start...) and it's confusing and frustrating to drive the thing around... driving it feels like those people who struggle way too when it comes to parking... I've you seen those vids? It's rage inducing! Also, it would be nice to have some sort of handbrake or any braking mechanic. As of now the only way to make the vehicles stop is either wait for it to slow down to a halt or literally jumps out in front of the thing... Which isn't much of an issue... just really inconvenience when it comes to accurate maneuvering! The space button is freed up when you hops in a seat, so that could be use for braking. So all and all... just another quality of life fix. :^]
  17. aleckx5

    A list of ideas

    1) (RESEARCH) I have been playing for a while and I love the unlocking of research but once its done i get a bit board, and it always happens before i leave the first world. - Maybe some research could be specific to the different worlds, like using ores or plants available on different planets. 2) (ARROWS) The other idea is for getting out of deep underground. - Place-able arrow would help find the surface as the tethers can be hard to follow when they go everywhere underground.. 3) (GRAPPLE) A grapple hook would be fun! - Grappling over canyons would be quick when exploring rather than having to build a bridge and dying because of lack of air. 4) (TELLEPORT) saves a lot of wasted time traveling - Maybe a telleporter would be good between basses. Uses excessive energy a takes a while to recharge. so its not abused... 5) (TRANSMITTER/ RECEIVER) - An item that helps you find your base when in vehicle. 6) (HABITAT) - The electric turbine should rotate slowly so it looks better. 7) (RECYCLER) - A way of recycling items and building we no longer need. Maybe the printer could do it. 8) (ALIEN RUINS) - Would be fun to find, maybe even has research that could be rare 9) (ADDING COMPLEXITY) - Recipes should be more complex requiring multiple types of resources 9.2) (more ores) helps complexity 10) (VEHICLES) - (rovers) rover trains are so slow. The idea of a movable base is not so fun when it takes ages to move. - (Speeder) Maybe a hover vehicle like in star wars (speeder) for fast exploration. - (Glider) Jump of a mountain and glide a distance away using attachment That's all i can think of for now! Cheers
  18. 1. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? A. Controller 2. Steam? Xbox? A. Xbox one 3. What were you doing leading up to this bug? A. Killed by spike pod (the purple and red mushrooms that spear you with red spikes when your to close to them) after which i died and respawned (second death in game) went back to retrieve my items (after clearing the area of pods). After getting my items back i returned to my vehicle and I was unable to attach items to the storage spaces. Also tried to retrieve items from my back back but could not select them. it will allow me to retrieve items that are on the ground or in a storage but will not highlight them when i use my cursor/free look. 4. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. A. I don't know exactly how to reproduce the bug (if i can at all). I have tried dying to spike pods again, as well as died and respawned multiple times and in different ways to see if it would fix the bug but the problem still persists. 5. Include any media you want. Feel free to attach images, videos, and so on to your post. if this link dose not work please let me know (the file itself is 154 MB so i cannot attach it as a file) Summery: Essentially this bug make it where I can no longer select items in my backpack or items that are attached to platform snap points. it also dose not allow me to attach them to any snap points if i have them in hand/moving them. This is only effective in some areas of the map however as it will not allow me to remove or insert items to / from my backpack or vehicle snap points it makes playing the game almost impossible. I have tried recreating the death to see if it would fix the issue as well as restarting the game (not the save file) both did nothing. The problem mainly happens when using the left trigger (aim/cursor mode). Although i would rather not do so i may have to restart the game and delete the file as it seems that nothing has worked to fix the issue at the moment I hope there is enough information here to show the problem and more so to fix it. The game is amazing and with the new updates i cant help but say that the game has only gotten better. I hope that it continues to grow and become an even better game in time (and hopefully with out any bugs)
  19. So, as the title suggests, our world encountered a few bugs with the new Vehicles that makes it impossible for the Host to play, unless you use a controller. So other people that join our world are able to play the game normally, but not the host. These are the following bugs we encountered: Vehicles have no weight. Host can't interact with objects, unless using controller. Host can't snap objects onto vehicles. Host can take objects off of vehicles ONLY using controller; objects can't then be put back onto the vehicle, once taken. Other players unaffected, except for the lack of vehicle weight. Vehicles can't be reconnected once disconnected. This is true for every vehicle, bugged or not and seems to be related to our world file. Video Attached below is our worldsave. If you need any other files, just let me know. Astroneer
  20. Could you please add a color option for vehicles and objects that are put on vehicles from the printer that like the drill head and medium+large+extra large storage parts for vehicles
  21. Chris Augustin

    Update quirks

    I wanted to share some feedback based on a few hours of playing the latest update, namely to see if I'm the only one seeing these or not and to make sure they're reported. 1. Entering rovers, especially the large, is very difficult. I press and hold the e key and typically the terrain tool will open instead of entering the vehicle. It's tough finding the correct spot to enter. 2. I created the research module, placed it on to a large rover and then tried to research items, nothing would slot into the research module so it appears to not be working. 3. Research objects are being found floating randomly in caves, typically in groups. 4. The large rover disappears or flashes when turning your head away from the rover. The starting platform, where the small fabricator gets dropped does the same thing.
  22. Dear developers, I have found a bug where when I searched a naturally spawned dead body after I cleared its inventory. I look back just to find that my vehicle has disappeared, poof, vanished, gone. Then I didn't have oxygen luckily there was a tether nearby. I try to reload knowing that it saves when you enter vehicles but it somehow saved after I opened the dead body. So now I lost 3 trucks a whole lot of recourses and now when my friend gets back on we'll have to find all those recourses all over again. If you could please fix this issue I would deeply appreciate it.
  23. Riley Bielby

    Space ships

    I have recently been watching some of the dev streams from when the game was not released and I thought why do we not have a landing platform for our spaceships I also find it frustrating if you have already built a spaceship and don't have a rover you have to either create another vehicle bay or get in your spaceship waste precious hydrazine to move your spaceship to somewhere else on that planet my idea is that the landing platform could be built by the vehicle bay in a box like all the other base pieces and could still be moved pls add into the game.
  24. DrGo0fy


    It could be interesting if there was a floating or flying drone the player could remotely control from a limited distance that would fly and let them see over obstacles like mountains or down in caves. It could use basic fuel like hydrazine or power. I think this would also make exploring tough terrain more efficient and give people a nice birds-eye view of an area.
  25. VEHICLE BRAKEING SYSTEM: OVERVIEW A system that would keep vehicles steady when you are not in them. On Slopes Vehicles slowly float or move down hill (Even when not in a storm). Vehicles are very confusing to manage and a braking system would at least give the user the ability to stop the vehicles where needed without worry of continuation in the wrong direction... or off the edge of a cliff into the unknown abyss. Vehicles need to be able to stop when you have reached your destination. As the current controls allow for the vehicle to drive in the direction you press on your keyboard concurrent with the direction of the camera. It is very hard to navigate tough areas as well as near impossible to stop where needed, or stay where you park unless on a completely flat surface unless you build around the vehicle to prevent it from moving but this can cause all kinds of glitches and problems. Options: Make vehicles more stable when not in operation. Give vehicles a brake function (IE: Hold SHIFT to stop) Vehicles not in operation don't easily move without significant force... or building around them. My Thoughts: I am unsure why vehicles currently don't have a brake system as it is quite frustrating. It would be useful to be able to stop a vehicle in motion while you rotate your camera as well as be able to stop and not only go in another direction/backwards to slow yourself. I don't think vehicles of this caliber would be created without proper brakes. Just another suggestion! PS: Storms blow you vehicles around even while underground.