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Found 9 results

  1. I Have A Spaceship Somewhere On Terra Already And I Waned To Make A Second One Wich Is Kind Of At The Otherside Of Terra And I Waned To Make Second One But Even With Flat Ground It Wont Build It It Just Stays Red/Pink Colour Is It Just A Bug Or Did They Do It So U Can Just Have 1 Spaceship If So Its Very Annoying
  2. Summary -Beacons appears on space -Fps drops when I place a tether -Vehicle bay preview bug -Flying dropship -Shows resource symbol which is already collected Descriptions 1 - I traveled to another planet than my home planet and when I looked the sky I saw that my home sign and beacons(which belongs to my home planet) on space.I can see them while I'm on space. I traveled back and same things happened for my second planet. Middle of the first screenshot Top of the second screenshot Middle of the third screenshot(Between the c
  3. I think when the vehicle bay prints the rovers, they should be boxed like the other items so I can transport them by shuttle.
  4. Has anyone had words upside down if so is there a way to fix it ??
  5. 155 Xbox One S Vehicle bay bug with creating Truck. I started a fresh game yesterday and I just unlocked the Truck. I have had 4 aluminum blocks on the vehicle bay waiting on unlockung it. When I went to the vehicle bay to make the Truck and selected that option, only 2 blocks on the right went up to the top and would let me create it with only 2. But i did not create it thinking this can be right. So I manually placed the other 2 blocks on top, and then selected the rover, the 2 blocks on the left would not drop back down to the platform, and could not be picked up while I had
  6. I was making my first vehicle and when I turned around, the 1-seat sign was inverted. I have no clue how this happened or how to fix it. I'm playing on steam, using a keyboard.
  7. Well first off, I had one of my rovers just completely vanish during a sand storm, I tried finding the beacon for it and it was miles away and high up in the sky as if it was on another planet, but I haven't made any rovers on other planets besides the main one. Second, items seem to "phase" into buildings such as the vehicle bay, I had two aluminum that I accidentally dropped and both fell inside the vehicle bay and I was unable to get either of them. And, my rover's seem to be pushed into the ground when I get in. Finally, the trade platform took off with my items and I was suppose to get st
  8. Morning, just to express my issue... Astroneer experiences serious frame rate drop and it is horrible, leading to eventually my game crashes, I have deleted the game several times and reinstalled it, but the issue continues. I have had to make new worlds everytime I create a vehicle bay and produce a rover/truck and it is annoying. I am enjoying the game and I'm excited to see what it will become! Please fix this -Pergamentaceous
  9. I have a easily reproduced crash on Xbox one. I have an established based that i returned to from orbiting the planet. My lander touched down by the Vehicle Bay. When i try and print a new seat for the lander/ship it causes the entire game to crash (BONUS: Horrible frame rate :-P). In the video you can see that the "1-seat" text is upside down and it appears as though the game is paused...i assure you it's not... it made a god awful sound and stood still until i closed out of Astroneer. Video of the game crashing