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  1. Summary: 1. Game refuses to go into windowed mode, restarting the game (in windowed mode, through steam; and in windowed mode through the game itself) does not help anything. I'm trying to move it from the main monitor (monitor 1) to the secondary monitor (monitor2) but without a windowed mode to grab, it's stuck in an unfortunate place in my setup. 2. Vehicle bay is missing (tried in multiple new game files, but it does not appear in the possible items to build. Doesn't appear in either printers, and does not appear in the TAB screen. I can unlock vehicles, but not the vehicle bay.
  2. From what I have seen of 1.0, I absolutely LOVE it. You have made everything fit together so well, System Era. Terrain 2.0 is not as harsh as I expected and there are so many other new awesome features. There are some things that I was hoping for that still did not come. I know there are many more updates that will improve on the game so I have created this thread. 1. Trade Platform I must admit, the Trade Platform is still one of the ugliest modules to ever make it into the game (second to the old Medium Printer). That black and white part on the top looks extremely w
  3. When switching the blueprint selected in the vehicle bay, the resources already placed on it are ejected like anything else, however the resources don't collide with the vehicle bay and instead fall inside of the model and are irretrievable. I was trying to build a large storage on my medium buggy and set up the ceramic items on the vehicle bay before realizing that the large storage can't be built on it, so when I switched the blueprint, the ceramic items were ejected and fell into the bay. -Steam, Singleplayer, Found in regular play world, recreated (video) in test world. Ve
  4. Summary: - Steam - Vehicle bay construction list empty Description: The screen for vehicle bay is completely empty. I unlocked the rover seat but cannot see it. It seems that there is enough space for the vehicle bay to work, I tried to move it, restart the game. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803| Build 17134.472 CPU: Intel i7 4790K 4GHz GPU: Nvidia Gforce GTX 970 4Gb RAM: Corsair 2x8GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: Seagate 2To
  5. Hello, Been following this game since it first come out, but only started playing it last week. My thought (if not already raised - couldn't see it on the list), is when your orbiting a planet trying to land all the landing spots are blue... I wish we had different colours for the pre-set landing zones and the vehicle bays. This would help Astroneers select the right spot if they built their vehicle bay on top of the landing zone (or your first base). First suggestion is I thought, I wish the Vehicle Bays showed up as a different colour, like green. But to expand on th
  6. After a flight back from the moon with the little shuttle, all of those items researched before for building in the vehicle bay, except shuttle seat and rover seat, were not to find. Building a second vehicle bay resulted in the same error. After disconnecting the bay no.2 from another platform and connecting it directly to the base, bay no.2 showed again all items researched before, whereas bay no. 1 still showed the error. After disconnecting bay no.1 and connecting it to bay no.2, both worked well again.
  7. As shuttles must use Vehicle Bays and therefore block access, I built multiple bays to work on multiple vehicles. Despite there being one or two empty vehicle bays, the shuttle lands in occupied spaces. I managed to launch the medium shuttle from on top of the large rover, but it took the rover with it into the stratosphere and dropped it.. (I'm not sure if it's lying somewhere on home planet or gone..) It later landed on an expensive Large Shuttle. I tried dynamiting it, but alas - the large one was destroyed, leaving only the medium one.
  8. Summary: 0.10.2 - Steam - Can't build Buggy Description: I researched the Buggy and have a vehicle bay, but it doesn't give me the option to build a buggy. It would be nice if it showed where the part was constructed in the research menu, since I had to look in the wiki to make sure I had the correct stuff built. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.10.2 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX RAM: 8GB DDR4 Drive: Liteon CV1-8B256 256GB SSD
  9. I was going to build the medium rover i had just unlocked, so I put some aluminum on the vehicle bay/printer by shift-clicking the hologram. I didn't have enough aluminum, so I left my piece and went and got more in the caves. I came back, smelted it, and went over to the bay to find my aluminum gone. Was it the shift-clicking? I don't get it. To clarify, there have not been any bug fixes since the crafting update.
  10. All non-rotatable vehicle modules build by vehicle bay are 180 degrees from normal I`m playing Steam Windows version of game
  11. On Vehicle bay can print only Rover seat. After printing buggy - can not print any other vehicle. On both planets i have base. SYSTEM WIN10 Home, x64 core i7, 16GB ram, 512 Gb SSD
  12. So, steam mouse and keyboard, jungle planet. made platforms on printers fine, then was making a mini rover in my vehicle bay, i flattened out the terrain a little bit before it started to make. so its flat now and I am trying to make this rover, and the vehicle bay will not make it anymore. I have 1 aluminum and 1 compound on it but the start button wont go. connect power to it and nothing. I tried moving it and it still didnt work. I'll attach a screenshot.
  13. Hello people. Houston, we have a problem. I have resources, a flat area, but I can not build a shuttle. This base is away from the main base, I got lost and I want to go back by shuttle. Help.
  14. I've researched and unlocked the Small Rover and Small Shuttle but they don't show up in the Vehicle Bay inventory. Anybody else have this problem?
  15. I built the vehicle bay but can't get it to do anything. It shows the Large Storage but no matter what I do it won't build. Come to think of it I don't think I unlocked the large storage. Bug? I have unlocked the medium Rover but can't see that.
  16. Am I missing something? I just built a Vehicle Bay but when I Examine it with (Y) on Xbox it only shows the Large Storage item in its menu. I have the Medium Rover unlocked though. Why can't I see it?
  17. So since yesterday (Ver. 0.6.6) my Vehicle Bay (built in 0.6.5) had no power lines connected to it. When attaching a Power Line to it, the game crashes.
  18. What happens i'm thai plzz help me TT
  19. So i was Building a large storage onto a small rover and then whilst it was building i had to go but when i came back and booted it up, the large storage finished building and detached from the rover and was its own separate item. Image of the large storage in a hole Thanks for making such a good game though
  20. there should be a place where the space shuttles can land instead landing in front of the vehicle bay so that i can build more stuff like rovers and not have the shuttle in the way. when ever i wont to build a rover i have to move the vehicle bay every time and its so annoying. so it would be nice if we could place a plat form down any where next to our base that shuttles can land on, so we don't have to move the vehicle bay every time i want to build a rover.
  21. Even with 2x generators attached locally, it takes a very long time to print large rovers on the vehicle bay. It doesnt seem the platform is getting enough power from the generators or from the power network.
  22. Me and my friend are playing in the newest version of Alpha,we tried to craft vehicles using the vehicle bay but no selection can be made using the arrows,the vehicle bay item simply doesnt not work at all,we have connected the power,unlocked solar panels,3-seat cockpit,but the vehicle bay does not allow us to select any thing to construct.I believe that the new update has caused this issue,as the vehicle bays worked fine in the last update.Please resolve this issue as soon as possible,as i quite like the game and this is almost game-breaking.
  23. Attached video shows the bug. (But I might as well explain what I think is happening.) Version: Windows Steam _ Alpha The game mechanic involved: When you place a resource onto the side of a large platform, at your base, with a module that wants to use that resource, the resource is automatically moved into the middle. The problem: I place a resource that the medium printer wants onto the side of the large platform. The module realises that it wants to automatically move resources onto itself. But rather than taking the one that I just placed, it attempts to take a different one. Th
  24. Summary: - Xbox 1 - Broken vehicle bay. Description: Vehicle bay requires 2 compound 1 aluminum and last slot requires nothing. Unable to build shuttles obviously. See attached image below. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I think this started happening after last update. I chose a save from before the last update and thought that might be the problem. I deleted that save and started again. I'm having the same problem with this new save as well. Wondering if a
  25. I'm playing Astroneer on the Xbox One and I researched the large storage with the idea of using it on my rover. Unfortunately, when I couldn't find where to make it I had to search it up on the wiki where it told me it was crafted at the vehicle bay. Upon going to the vehicle bay the only item that I can craft is the rover (I can't navigate clicking the orange arrows because there is apparently no other item to craft there?) - the large storage is nowhere to be found. I did make sure I unlocked the research for it and yes it is there... am I doing anything wrong!?