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Found 3 results

  1. jacob chadwick


    So while I am playing my rovers will try to float away. but only if I am too far from them. Not like other side of the planet, but like 10 yards away. Then the wheels will fall off and reappear.
  2. Summary: - Steam - Thruster Generating Thrust When No-one in Truck Description: According to the article here a Thruster will only generate thrust if; Hydrazine is attached bottom slots, and a driver is seated in the vehicle. "If no driver is seated, the thruster will not move the vehicle." However when tested this out on a Large Truck with a 1-seat and a fully loaded Medium storage my Truck was pushed off into the distance regardless whether I was in it or not. This occurred with only one container, and I dear not try more. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: HP Pavilion 13 13 x360 PC CPU: AMD A6-6310 GPU: AMD Radeon R4 Graphics 1.80 GHz RAM: [unknowen] Drive: [unnkowen]
  3. As i've played the game, made tunnels and wishing it wasn't such a pain to dig out paths large enough to take the Rover or Truck underground I brainstormed a bit and came up with the idea of another vehicle. A single person vehicle that looks something like a Bobcat*(see attached for reference) that operates on tank treads Has storage in the rear end for easy access Runs off any energy source Uses the drill head or a modified version of the Terrain tool to dig. If the modified terrain tool attachment is used, and your actively digging down and encounter a void or the roof of a underground chamber, it upfills the ground so you can safely continue making your paths and roads downward. Has several slots to load in tethers that get dispensed out at max intervals Needs Compound, Copper and Aluminum to construct Primary use is digging and constructing roads but can be used as a smaller mobile platform for the crane.