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Found 4 results

  1. Helllo. I run the game on my laptop which equipped AMD dual graphics. The hardware and driver information are as follows. I can run the game when I used driver 15.7. In that situation, I have to override the setting to run the game on low performance GPU (HD 8659G) instead of 8790m.
  2. Hey There, With Windows 10, you are unable to set Astroneer to use a dedicated graphics card. You should be able to add a program exception to your video driver software like NVidia control panel or AMD Catalyst, but you cannot do this since the executable for Astroneer is encrypted in the windows apps on your PC. When you try to select the Astroneer executable for a custom profile, you receive an error that you don't have permission to open this file. This is because the file is encrypted. Without the ability to assign the video card within Astroneer, you cannot effectively assign the correct video card. See attached screenshot. This is extremely frustrating. We need the ability to assign the graphics card from within Astroneer, so I don't have to play using integrated graphics. EDIT: I have tried taking ownership of the file and giving myself full permission, but is still a no go. Again, due to encryption.
  3. I can see other people's games in the Xbox app. Clicking the games seen as joinable opens the game. Astroneer never reaches the menu before crashing. When the app doesn't crash, launching a new astroneer starts a single player world instead of joining the hosts server. Running: i7 6700HQ 16Gb GDDR4 Nvidia GTX 960M w/2Gb vram Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  4. Evcentric

    Terrain Textures bug.

    After my first venture beyond my original Hab. I returned to half of it covered by what looked like land. I could walk through I but I couldn't see my base components or supplies. Attempts to extend the base started tunneling the platforms deeper and deeper into the ground. After leaving further than the computer could render and returning again the issue was fixed. About 50% change this happens every time it re-generates the terrain.