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Found 6 results

  1. Hello guys, So I got bored and I decided to mess around with something that was bugging me about Astroneer since launch, that being the main menu and subjacent menus. I always felt that around all of the interfaces and aesthetics within the game, the main menu was one that felt a little bit off... So I create something that I could visualize as an approach to what I think it could be a more cohesive version on this interface and perhaps give some ideas of improvement (or not xd)... Mostly it was just for fun, it's nice to mess with this kind of stuff in a game that a like so much...
  2. To encourage multiplayer, up to 4-5 players, allow different professions at launch that would match what a futuristic space colonization experience would have. for instance: 1.) Doctor: Provides resurrect ability and eventually, if there are bio-enhancement labs or upgrades, the Doctor executing upgrades there will be at 50% material cost. Immune to poisons. 2.) Scientist: When utilizing the research lab, reduced by 50% of resources required to research. 3.) Engineer: When utilizing the printer or vehicle bay, reduced by 25% resources required. if there is an engineering lab ev
  3. While building vehicles, the ability to make vehicle "trains" where multiple vehicles are linked in series became a very great idea, however their performance individually and collectively became impractical due to terrain maneuverability, speed, and mechanics. Often even driving solo, small rocks, boulders, and even tether lines will snag and stop the vehicle from progressing forward. These very frustrating, small, yet very common obstacles decrease the desire to build and utilize the great functionality anticipated with the "link up" feature as well. When hooking multiple trucks o vehicles t
  4. The main menu looks great, but is surprisingly very difficult to use. It's difficult to see which menu item is highlighted, often leading to a mis-launch of a new player Difficult to disambiguate between saved player slots (no character model is shown inside the capsule) Navigation past left/right does not spin the craft. The game requires me to actually press a left/right button, seems very counter-intuitive. The white glyph is hard to see on light green Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  5. I find myself spending a lot of time rotating and mashing buttons when using the backpack, either because it's not clear how to close it (naturally want to hit B) or it's in the way of some important 2D UI element. Something as fundamental as the backpack really needs to be easy to get in and out of. I don't think we're quite there yet! Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152
  6. Common bug reported here, but want to add that it appears to let the player "double" their backpack capacity as these items don't appear to use a slot. Quirky. Platform: Xbox One, 10.0.14393.2152