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Found 4 results

  1. I have a giant cavern under my base that I get soil from. It is extremely large at this point and is verdy dark other than my tethers. I brought a large platform covered in work lights down there and it was basically useless after being powered. I was thinking maybe have a flora spawn on the walls and such that glows or have a torch system.
  2. So, over my hours playing this game, I've come to believe that the coal generator is by and large useless. Coal is as valuable as lithium and titanium, which are both much more useful, so I almost never would choose to funnel my resources into collecting coal. The coal generator requires 2 copper to build instead of just 1 copper for the organic generator, which makes it less likely for me to want to build. The coal generator may generate more energy, but this doesn't matter. When coal is as scarce as it is, and costs so much to produce, why build a coal generator at all when I can find grass
  3. As you may have noticed whail trading some resorces are woth more then others. I think it's help you orginaze them into tiers. Tier 1: -Compound -Resi -Organic Tier 2: -Laterite -Malachite -Hydrazine Tier 3: -Aluminum -Copper Tier: 4 -Lithium -Titanium -Coal item from each tier are two time more then item from tier below. So then you trade this is what they are worth in points Tier 1: sell: 1 buy: 2 Tier 2: sell: 2 buy: 4 Tier 3: sell: 4 buy: 8 Tier: 4 sell: 8 buy: 12 And since you can farm Hydrazine infinitely here are cost in Hydra
  4. Hi! I'm new to the game, and just a few minutes of gameplay had me wanting something. That something would be to be able to name the Beacons! Also something useful would be a description of what each "thing" does. Thanks for reading; this is a very calm game, very much my style!