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Found 3 results

  1. I've been encountering this bug for quite a long time now, and it's pretty much can be done easily. I'm using Microsoft play anywhere and most of the time, I play on my gaming PCs more than my xbox one. Everytime i try to climb onto the rover by moving close to the seat, facing the seat, and my mouse hovering the seat(with a note showing E enter), I hold down E and it doesn't ride the rover and just shows up my extractor, which I know happens only when you quickly press and release letter E. The only way that I noticed to fix it with 99% accuracy is to detach the seat and reattach it, then quickly press and hold letter E, and you'll be on the seat as normal. I've attached a linked video below to show you what I've been experiencing.!Al4khg9Tck4ujyRv7izvtixAtvfy There's no specific condition to trigger this bug. It happens in any situation that I'm in. Note though that at times it will work normally, but most of the time it does that. The video linked above shows the bug clearly and was replicated in one try. Please advise if you were able to reproduce the bug and let us know if you have a fix. BTW, there's also a bug shown in the video above about the wheels getting stuck in the flora after being parked for awhile, though I'll post it in a different thread.
  2. The smoothing tool is too hard to use - basically impossible to tell whether it's going to build or dig the terrain. Also, there should be a way to independently use the camera while using the terrain tool, because as soon as you bring it out the camera auto-centers behind your character. Sometimes I need to use a birds eye view to see what I am digging below but that makes it difficult when the camera doesn't stay put. I find myself constantly putting my tool away just to readjust the camera.
  3. ENGLISH Hello friends does anyone know if you have found the propeller like it has happened to me and so that it can be used? I leave you the link of a screenshot so you can see what I mean. SPANISH Hola amigos alguien sabe si ha encontrado el propulsor como me ha pasado a mi y para que se puede utilizar? os dejo el link de una captura de pantalla para que veais a que me refiero.