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Found 2 results

  1. So an idea popped into my head today while playing... Wouldn't it be cool if the generator would know when to stop generating when my rover's battery was fully charged then i thought it would be cool to have smart generates that not only auto shut off but grabbed resources from other nods on the same platform. I got a couple ideas too. If there was a module that was like a research center that granted more abilities or improved abilities. Perhaps increased tether range/ brighter tether lighting. more torque for rovers more backpack nods increased backpack battery increased backpack oxygen the ideas kinda write themselves super easy to think of different things to upgrade. and i think this would give you more game to play with having more things to earn.
  2. Hello there! Time for another burst of colourful* words via me, Sonic! *note: I am not British, I am a dirty American. I have had this spelling brainwashed into my head due to everyone spelling colorful like that. Sorry. What is it this time? A topic that could be a good addition to the game. Like any, if not all of the suggestions here! So what is it? Upgrade-able parts, items and stuff. What is an example? The oxygen tank is surprisingly small. Idea? Print a bigger oxygen tank in the backpack printer, or small fabricator. It would cost: 1x Titanium to make a tank x2 the size of the normal oxy tank. You may be thinking: "Oh, well that already exists. The tank. Debunked" Now, I know the Tank exists. It goes in the backpack. This new oxy tank would not go in the backpack. It would go in the slot of the backpack mounted oxygen tank. So you don't need to use any of your precious slots. Another idea is for vehicles: Upgrade-able batteries (1, 2 n' 4 lithium respectively) upgrade-able engine (e.g. more efficient OR faster, more power consuming less efficient engine) and interchangeable tires. (e.g. offroad for rockier planets, normal for regular cruising and speed tires for less handling, more UMPF) or: backpack battery upgrades, backpack generator (not as efficient as small generator) backpack solar generator, backpack wind turbine, backpack trickle charger, and the most expensive: backpack smelter which inefficiently smelts ore. Ideas anyone? I'm not perfect, this topic will likely be asked a million more times and this won't be considered although I won't be mad.