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Found 24 results

  1. This would be a medium slot attachment(two dots connected by one line) It would look like an engine but replace the pistons with single ports. This could be attached to any vehicle(including upcoming ones). How the upgrades would work is just like the terrain tool. You just plug them in and once you start driving they will have a little animation where they stick into the rover like a injection. I’m thinking vehicles would only have 2-3 slots just like the terrain too. I’m thinking most of these upgrades would be made with Astronium. The upgrades- [The ones I could think of so far]
  2. good time of the day, all Anyone feels like it is time for upgrading a backpack? Here is an idea: after researching all small items we are normally carrying with us to make the life better - canister, oxygen tank, small battery, small wind/solar generators and worklight - advanced research for backpack upgrade will unlock: Astropack! Astropack will have bigger oxygen tank, more powerful energy accumulators, soil tank, embedded wind and solar generators and a LED strip light on a perimeter to provide lighting. Maybe another pair of auxiliary slots. It will require all resources
  3. Maybe have a research upgrade that you can build and snap onto each unit on the back of the backpack that allows you to stick one item in the normal spot, and one more on the left for the left side and one more on the right for the right side, comment if you think this is a good idea.
  4. The two extra slots on top of your backpack - widgets are really handy when it comes to lighting your surrounding area or regenerate energy, and no body can complain about those, it's just too good! But could we maybe have just 2 extra widget slots and to make it balance it can only be fitted with either a small battery or an oxygen tank. Beause when it comes to these two items (which it seems to be neglected) you always have to ask yourself, do you really want to sacrifice one or two slots just to have move oxygen and/or energy... And since the backpack storage space is really limited an
  5. Just misread "Power System Skill Ceiling" in a PC Gamer article. I read "Power Skiing" and thought "hmm great! like in Tribes!". No game seems to want that method of transport in their games, even though it's great fun! Could be some kind of Frictionless shoes or skis. Might break a lot of stuff though, unless it's some kind of late game stuff. Rare loot on strange planets? Cheers.
  6. It would be nice if you could upgrade the lenght of tethers in the game. You could maybe Research this Feature.
  7. Let me start by saying your game is amazing, I love it! You're doing a great job, and I'm a fan for life. That being said, I have an idea for an improved storage system. Correct me if it's already in the works or if it can be done already, or if someone else had this idea. My idea was to be able to put two storage pads in the 4 nodes that you can see underneath the hologram when you expand your base. For a while I had too many resources and I was creating base expansions only to put two storage pads on either side of the hologram, and then not building anything where the hologram wa
  8. 2 words... Heat Beam. Now i know what you all are thinking, "thats just a laser beam and they said NO WEAPONS". Though I think I've thought out a clever way to make it more of a tool with some defensive capabilities. The Heat Beam Upgrade for your tool could be used to harvest some specific plantlife you would normally be unable to or to melt through super hard rock when digging. Could be used to harvest a super rare and very hard mineral/ore. Heat Beam could also maybe be the tool needed to "destroy" or melt down a piece of your base so you can build something different. When fauna are introd
  9. First of all, I want to thank System Era for this amazing game. I've been following it for a while and have been very interested. I've only just recently gotten to play because my old computer rig I got from back in like 2010 (lol, yeah, forever to upgrade I know) could not handle it, but I've played a ton since I started and have pretty much done most everything there is to do and I've either watched others play or read about the rest there is that the alpha has to offer. Once again, thank you so much for this game and I look forward to the future of Astroneer. I'd also like to invite @SES_Ad
  10. Hello Everyone! First of all, I LOVE Astroneer. I have built everything available, harvest every resources, research every technology and explored every planet. I hope that System Era could introduce vehicle upgrade to the game. Here below I will list some the ideas I have for vehicle upgrades. Rover: -Larger wheels -Higher suspension, -more space Truck: -More space -More power -Higher suspension -More fuel storage
  11. First of all, I want to thank System Era for this amazing game. I've been following it for a while and have been very interested. I've only just recently gotten to play because my old computer rig I got from back in like 2010 (lol, yeah, forever to upgrade I know) could not handle it, but I've played a ton since I started and have pretty much done most everything there is to do and I've either watched others play or read about the rest there is that the alpha has to offer. Once again, thank you so much for this game and I look forward to the future of Astroneer. For everyone else out ther
  12. I would like to see the dynamite added as a drop in the research pods once you have all the upgrades. At the moment once you have all the upgrades and you find an upgrade pod (which seems to be random), instead of it just disappearing you would get a dynamite instead. This way players still get a reward for bringing back research pods, and it opens up opportunities to mine the dark grey rock (and resources) in locations that are otherwise difficult to access.
  13. Xbox one user here. Recently downloaded the update. I can no longer upgrade the modules/platforms to permanent stations (2 resin upgrade). The resin bars will snap onto the module but nothing happens. I've tried mining new resin bars, tried different modules, and starting new games - nothing works. Anyone else dealing with this?
  14. This idea came to me in a different thread. As the game progresses and more research is added, in order to accommodate those new recipes, the printer will need an upgrade. I don't like the idea of having to build a new Printer 2.0. Instead, I think this is a more aesthetically pleasing route: You find new research: Printer Upgrade 1, Printer Upgrade 2, Printer Upgrade 3. Something like that. Then, in the printer's menu, you select Upgrade 1. This may require something like: two battery packs. You insert the materials, press the button, and the printer begins work on itself. After tha
  15. In the vehicle bay we should be able to upgrade normal tires into tracks. The tracks would allow more stabablity and be able to climb better. And help us on lower gravity levels. Hope you read this! I love your game!
  16. Upgradeable backpack by increasing more slots. more side slots for solar etc Beacons should also function as spawn points in case of death instead of spawning all.the way back at base. You should have a choice of where you want to spawn in. If not a new item item would be nice to allow ability to put down a spawn point where it be permanent or temporary until it's used.
  17. Hey everyone, hope you're all enjoying Astroneer as much as I am! Please let me know down below, what you think to these ideas, and anything you'd potentially change! Space Suit Modules (Requires A lot of Research) Adding different modules to the space suit to help protect you from the environment, i.e. Storms, Poison Gas, Fall Damage, Storage Extension, Spikey Balls of Death etc. You can only have one module/add-on equipped at any one time to keep the game challenging. Each module requires a mix of one unique element to make it, of which can only be found on ONE planet, and other di
  18. Hi there, i came up with some ideas about the tool used ingame, right now this terraforming tool has 3 modes add, remove and smooth and one single area of use circle shaped, said this lets go to the idea. We could start the game with same tool we have right now and through research learn upgrades for it, eg: energy consumption (effiency upgrade), larger area of effect or smaller for more detailed terraforming, distance, different shapes (right now we got circle, it could be default and get through research triangle square etc). Also i would recommend the use of this tool/cannon as some k
  19. Some ideas for upgrades, eg, perhaps create a module that allows us to upgrade items like the small battery to hold even more power or the oxygen tank to hold even more oxygen !
  20. Maybe your suit should require a specific upgrade in order to live safely on certain planets? like a heat resistant suit in order to survive on irradiated, or a thicker, cold resistant suit for Tundra and the like without these suits, landing on those planets will very much kill you quickly, requiring the player to prepare adequately enough before venturing to these planets. It would make travelling to distant planets a bit slower than it currently is, as right now all you need is a spaceship and you can go pretty much wherever you want with enough fuel, this would be sort of li
  21. I thought of an idea of an upgraded vehicle dock building that if you put a power generation unit and a perhaps a storage unit, then the vehicle bay could be upgraded to a dock, for feeding and care of vehicles. The building would allow storage and changes to be made on vehicles, adapting them for current needs and storing the other parts while not in use. Also it allows the vehicle to dock and charge, making the building a decent plannable parking space/garage for trucks and rovers.
  22. Just started playing yesterday. Brilliant game. Gave me a very similar feeling to what I got when i started playing minecraft in its Alpha. Anyways I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but maybe it would be cool to be able to upgrade/add better functional modules to the player(maybe on the suit or the backpack). Some examples could be something like a jetpack which uses hydrazine fuel from your inventory. Or maybe some sort of a tiny drone which hovers above you when activated and can do things like transfer excess items back to base or something. Maybe it could give us a
  23. having a way to upgrade the backpack in Oxygen capacity battery capacity attachment slot +4 +8 its a good idea the module we attach already but id like more an upgrade built-in backpack instead or a way to have a few dedicated slot just for the upgrade like on the side?
  24. To Whom it May Concern, Let me start off by first saying that Astroneer is one of the greatest Sandbox games to ever be made. The dynamic environment, fluidity, and seamlessness of the game are truly paralleled by none. However, this being said I did have a few suggestions which I believe will help improve overall gameplay for the player. 1. On the start screen of the game there is no option to exit the physical game and the "Esc" key doesn't seem to function either. Instead you must go back into your saved game and then close the game from there. An easy solution to fix this would j