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Found 18 results

  1. I was thinking what if we had the ability in late game to build a colony ship just like the one you arrive in but a little bit bigger and possibly the ability to go to more solar systems in end game with the colony ship. my idea is that what if we could build a colony ship in orbit somehow which could fit small rockets on it or have some sort of docking in it and having this ship would allow us to carry more from planet to planet. Maybe end game stuff but think about it, a colony ship and you getting in your rocket and transporting items such as resources and even packaged structures on your rocket and fly the rocket up to the new colony ship you built and then maybe have a storage or interior that way you could make a couple trips from a planet to your orbiting colony ship and that way you could carry more on the fly and that's where the expansion of extra solar systems would take effect. just think about it, a sizable ship that you can dock your rockets to and store a vast amount of what you have built and mined and bring it all along with you at the same time but not like everything of course there has to be a limit even end game wise but maybe even have the colony ship drop a base down or maybe if you want to get automated like the update we just had have an Ai controlled mini rocket that you could send up to your colony ship with goods and then back down. just a suggestion I know this is a lot to take in but I absolutely love this game you guys are doing a great job and also good job on listening to your community base so just think about it Thank you!
  2. hello. My name is Brad & love your game My Ideas are many but i will be nice lol Like most games the late game gets into the Grind that most gamers love to go for. now the exploring of your game and finding things like the Core and the alien artifacts that turn into teleporters make us astroneer gamers to think who are the people who created this its not natural so someone was here before me With that said. Radar update + exploring + mining+ SPACE << all these things make a huge attempt to make your game go even further, im sure that was the whole idea, i mean as humans that is what space is, to explore and learn. as a explorer on a new planet you have questions on who came here first, who created this alien object in the core, HOW < can i CREATE the same (in smaller forms). Alien object update Space Station Update Space Explore Update (new systems) **items to make that are based on the TECH of the Alien artifact, different from your Astorneer basics, advanced, that instead of research to unlock, it will be based on Finding it and then Researching that item to unlock based on the rarity (*radar update*) example** like something to do with gravity controlled Tech, A object used from the artifacts in the core, that can be used by the Astroneer for many things including future space bases !! <<< PLEASE lol so that is about it just trying to inspire you guys to GO BIG, also add north and south poles for DEC update im sure you can add some cool events with that ;) CHEERS EVERYONE i love your game !
  3. ASTRONEER FOR XBOX ONE I've gotten 2 random updates in the last month or 2, one dropped tonight when I got home from college. I cant find any information on these. Does anyone know what they are or am I the only one who knows about their existence? I've been trying to look out for an update that fixes multiplayer.
  4. I Have tried everything to get the new patch 1.3.11 for Astroneer to no avail. I am stuck on version 1.2. Gone thru Steam over and over. Change settings for downloads and nothing works. Steam is absolute garbage for customer support. Searched the internet for hours found no answers. Started and restarted computer and Steam. What the hell is the deal? This stuff should be automatic!
  5. Does Anyone Know When There Will Be A New Version For Astroneer?
  6. V: 0.4.10215.0 P: Steam I was mining along in my Mining-vehicle at the bottom of my quarry ttrying to fill some canisters with soil, when the game tried to auto-update and crashed several times. don't know how to fix this but restarting and varifing files doesn't help. any ideas?
  7. So I've seen this debated over a bit, and I'm not sure of the real answer. Do new patches transfer across to old saves? Or is a new save required each time there's a patch update? I'd love to know so I don't have to keep abandoning half-started worlds only because I didn't have enough time to play between each update!
  8. I've been putting together a document detailing some of the features I'd like to see implemented/fleshed out for both near and far-future updates. I turned commenting off in the document so that any discussion happens here. Let me know your thoughts! Cheers!
  9. Hello all! I've been gone for a super long time. I haven't touched Astroneer in a month or so, and I believe I have been gone from the forums for longer. Anyway, has there been any big news that I may have missed out on? I haven't seen anything in the announcements thread (I just noticed it for the first time as well) and I haven't been able to watch streams or anything. I believe the only thing I've noticed is the Office change for the devs. So, what's going on guys? P.S. Congrats on the office upgrade guys.
  10. So while wandering around in caves I found this As you see it is another astroneer, but up close it is this Yup, a dead one, but hey he had dynamite?? (First time seeing it). First test of dynamite 1 (result: 2) Second test of dynamite 1 (result: 2) So if you happen to find one of these, make sure to stick them deep underground in order to have effect, otherwise it will just flatten out the top part of the ground around it. PS - not sure if it kills. Also interested to know, how and where can I find the next update of the game if it is periodic (every week, or every 2 weeks [something like Unturned]) @Wyvyrias expecting answer, since it seems you're the most educated about this stuff lol PS-2 - share ur thoughts about the dynamite, is it usefull, is it not, also will GeoThermals be added to the steam version? (Would be cool if there was a way to enable them for singleplayer)
  11. So, i just wanted a place to share ideas to develop the game better. So i get it that this is a exploration game, and to apriciate the view and survive, but the game could have alien enemys , space station, but always something that can destroy it. Because at start the game gives you the feel of danger everywhere, but fast forward some hours the game you feel pretty safe and you can explore every corner of the galaxy.
  12. This is just an idea, but what if there was more than one galaxy in astroneer? THINK ABOUT IT! It could lead to new tech for us to discover, new planets (obviously...), new climates, It's a whole different standard in general when you reach a new galaxy! Who knows... ...It could even lead to secrets even WE don't even know about...
  13. to keep astroneer nice and more focused on exploring, i made a litte setup that might be fun to use in the game: 1. there are rivers and pools around planets, you can change the ground and lead it to your base 2. you can find seeds wich will not really take storage, but will be visible. Soil that is close to water will color and you can put the seeds in this soil where it will start to grow, now i was thinking of the foodmeter as a very small slow tank (like oxygen) but slower, and the plants will be like the (wild) oxygen on a stick so they can just be harvested 3. For water i was thinking of a flask you wear that is visable when looking at your inventory, your character just takes a nap while walking and standing in water will refill your water. a tether in the water connected to your base will refill your water when connected to your base, making food go down pretty slow and the food grow fast enough makes sure that it is indeed a factor to experiment with but not such a big one that it really costs time and you can focus on exploring
  14. hello, i had a look and saw that for futere updates hunger based gameplay was intended, now ofcourse i think this might be cool, but not as main factor in the game. i'm afraid that by doing this, you will keep looking for food throughout the game and not play around, i also thought that making ai is a great idea BUT not wandering about fps destroying dumb creatures but maybe interactive other spacetravellers witch will try to trade or attack you and give you the possibility to steal or trade stuff or maybe (in a later stage work together) as i have seen on another topic other life forms could be gas or liquid based and real cool to work with instead of jumping and killing around because thats not what the game is about right? oxygen, elecricity maybe some food, a cool base, space travelling interactive and usefull ai, thats what i think is important but not overdone, maybe a real cool new thing once a year but not putting new stuff in before we can properly use it.
  15. This game is very good!! I hope you have more updates for this incredible game, it would be cool to place enemies and be able to make a base in space: D thanks for the game
  16. Can we have weekly (Or more) blog updates from the devs, because I really want to know what the devs are making .
  17. Hi! Just an idea for updating the main character's tool set. I love how you can add modules to improve oxygen and energy. Would love to see a module to improve the reach of the light on the helmet and other to expand the radius of the terrain shape tool. Thanks!
  18. Is there any way or place to see the current build of the game on the forum? Im pretty sure im updated but it would be nice to see and make sure.