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Found 80 results

  1. nickmagarra

    Planets not spinning

    After the last update all planets stops spinning. But! If I click on window title bar - the universe moves a little bit Yesterday I've clicked till happy sunrise for home base region but the problem is serious I think. Also, I noticed that universe spins a little if some disk activity happens. I tested it by copying files between folders or playing some videos: in moments when writing on disk from cache or reading from disk to cache I saw little spins of game universe. Here is a little video with this issue
  2. Hello everyone, I am fairly new here, but the only reason I joined this was to say something I have noticed about this game. I bought ASTRONEER in December of 2017, so there were many things under development in Alpha stage during the first month of playing this game. As much as I love this game, I really have one issue with the way this game updates: I may not know how game development works entirely, but I am not a big fan of the idea of restarting my game every time you guys have a small patch update. When the building UI was updated during the summer, I was totally fine with restarting my game since I needed a fresh start. Once I played for another week, I landed on Barren to continue building up my base. The following week, I get the notification saying that I must create a new game to access all of the new features. I kind of rolled my eyes and said, "again?" Now I am back at it again this year playing ASTRONEER, and I noticed that the update released just this week has created a bigger issue.... ASTRONEER is now significantly more difficult because your developers managed to recreate every formula for each building structure. Where the hell do I begin to find Iron? Where am I supposed to go to find Tungsten? (More specifically, 'Wolframite'). I built my trade platform this week out of 2 ALUMINUM! Your team has made this game almost unplayable. Anyone with a passion for sandbox/survival games will definitely play this game, but even then, they might get stumped from time to time by the complexity of the game. As for the rest of you average Joe's, this game has become more difficult to understand, play, and progress in. All of you may just give up on this game and say, "I am either an idiot or I have been ripped off." Unfortunately, I would agree with the first one. I personally love this game and I can keep up with these updates, but as for the rest of the crowd, they may not want to give this game a try due to its complexity. All I want is for your game to succeed! If everyone can learn and play this game, then ASTRONEER will be relevant for years to come! Best of Luck, Lemonaidz
  3. Tried coming back to this game after the latest update... Took a little break from Astroneer to come back to an update that sounded nice from the reveal trailer. Only took an hour or more to realize that we would't be able to get in a game together after trying multiple fixes. A big let down considering this game has a small dev team and probably won't be able to fix this quickly. Astroneer is still a very fun game to play, but not as fun without friends to share the experience with. Thumbs up on the update, thumbs down on the bugs that occurred from it.
  4. After the 9.0 update on my steam version of Astroneer, I can no longer get more than 20 fps anywhere no matter what. I have 2 bases and lots of beacons so I'm not sure if it just can't handle the object load or what but it has been doing it since my fresh save after the update. I absolutely love the game but would just really love some way to fix it. Also per the 8.0 update I was getting 150 FPS and over on highest settings. Now I have the lowest settings and still dont peak above 20. Sidenote: it also takes a minimum of 3 seconds for my character to load into any type of seat every time. My PC has a GTX 770, AMD FX-8150 (8 core 3.2ghz), 8 GB of RAM, and a Windows 10 install as the OS if that's helpful at all
  5. Hi I was just playing astroneer in the rover update. And then this happened.. I mean WTF!! (sorry) Soooo weird.. and also the rover is still a bit broken, when I was driving the small rover I went trough the ground and got stuck in a cave. Help me fix all of this! pls! -Nikko Ps: I have a twitter : and the update is awesome, bye. 816206086_Screenshot(36).png.64222d1bbac585717534702983c30383.png.html
  6. When is the update out for xbox?
  7. Ian Molnar

    Buggy Update

    When is buggy update coming to xbox one?
  8. Maybe you guys at System Era should think about adding in a proper Main menu where you could create a new game, load one, water, animals and food. maybe even adding in the ability to add in walls and roofs and floors and lights and add more materials and the reason I ask for water and animals, is that on every life sustainable world there are always some form of life and you must have food and water otherwise you would die otherwise. If you guys do end up adding in water could you please add in some different things to go in with it too? E.G. submarines, exo-suits, flippers, biomes, having to colect oxygen to power tethers and habitats, being able to customize what gos on your vehicle. E.G. caterpillar trails, wheels, weapons, roofs, sides, windows, doors, and new looking seats. With the new extra large storage added in the last update, could you please think about making the clips work with medium storages as you cannot fit much on it at the moment, and maybe think a about being able to create MK2 suits and MK2 terrain deformer. If you also had time you could add in jetpacks too, if you see the game planet nomads, they have closed storage and closed printers, maybe you could think about doing something like that. Also you could make a way to have printers and smelters pull things from other platforms, maybe you could make like an armory or something similar, where you could make weapons, suits, jetpacks, terrains deformers. Hope you take this idea and think about it! P.S. Love all the effort you guys have put in to updating this game lately, keep it going! It would be amazing if you could create all this content for all fellow Astroneers.
  9. MarcusUniversee

    Space stations

    This is astroneer. Astroneer is all about space and yet we dont have any contact with space except when launching to other planets Here is my idea: space station New printed item: Space habitat. A building module for space windows and other building features. engines ZERO GRAV
  10. Riley Bielby

    update 7.0

    when is 7.0 coming out for astroneer
  11. Attempted to play and update to 0.6.6 appears in my download queue. Uninstall/re-install and download cash clear doesn't fix. Thanks for help
  12. Chris Augustin

    Update quirks

    I wanted to share some feedback based on a few hours of playing the latest update, namely to see if I'm the only one seeing these or not and to make sure they're reported. 1. Entering rovers, especially the large, is very difficult. I press and hold the e key and typically the terrain tool will open instead of entering the vehicle. It's tough finding the correct spot to enter. 2. I created the research module, placed it on to a large rover and then tried to research items, nothing would slot into the research module so it appears to not be working. 3. Research objects are being found floating randomly in caves, typically in groups. 4. The large rover disappears or flashes when turning your head away from the rover. The starting platform, where the small fabricator gets dropped does the same thing.
  13. UtopianFlat

    Rover Improvement Thoughts

    My idea on how to further the rovers is simple. The graphics are gorgeous, the design is flawless but the handling and terrain navigation is not what I would expect to see out of such an enormous vehicle, even for the little guy. My "solution" or "improvement" that I would like to see is to make the rovers, especially the large rover, move slower. In addition the controls (forwards, reverse, turn) would be fixed to the vehicle cardinal direction and not the cameras. The same issue I found with Call of Duty WWII campaign, when you assume control of the tank. It does not handle as expected, rather you have to perform witchcraft to maneuver the vehicle to go in the direction you desire. The next one would be with the grip of the vehicles. With the vehicles weight and the fancy sand tires, I fully expected to be able to pull the vehicle along the alien surface with ease and to be able to climb hills easily. It is not so easy. You also don't drive the vehicle. It feels like your'e ice-skating around the map with no sense of control or direction. TL;DR - Make the rovers feel heavier, give them better grip/stability, and make it feel more like a vehicle than ice skating. Sincerely, Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
  14. Ian Molnar

    New Update Bugs Xbox One

    I'm experiencing a few bugs. 1) Research will not connect to research chamber. 2) The targeting system for choosing what to pick up is not working correctly. I cannot take items from my backpack either.
  15. So I started off a world on my laptop, and brought it to my Xbox one. Everything was working perfectly fine, but then maybe 2 days later, no platforms were accepting energy and my base wasn't making energy anymore. I tried to make something on the printer but the option to "use" was gone. I even had 2 small solar panels attached to it and a small wind turbine, but they wouldn't do anything to the printer. Not even putting a small generator did anything when I activated it and put it on the platform. My world is useless now because it can't do anything, someone please help me.
  16. I am opted into the beta on the game options, yet steam wont update to the newest update. I'm stuck on 0.5.1. It appeared to download something new and it added the "[experimental]" but does not update.
  17. PHUZZYthecat

    Game Modes in Future?

    I realize that at this point in development, the main focus is bug squashing and new content. However, in the future it could be cool to add game modes (eg. creative, survival) such as in Minecraft or Subnautica. This would be cool as some people may be interested in creating the greatest base ever, without having to spent hours of resource farming. there could be another gamemode where you must gather resources like normal, but power and oxygen would not be a concern, or difficulty levels, where power/O2 would last shorter or longer accordingly.
  18. Ok, don't get me wrong. I absolutely love Astroneer, and the new update is amazing (just wish I could go into the new habitat :P). But as soon as I started doing things in my new world, I immediately noticed that there were a few things that were majorly different about the game's graphics. Firstly, the text looks much rougher, and I'm not sure if it's my graphics card (aka trash) that's causing this but it was far smoother before the update. There's also a far larger black outline around the text than there was previously, or maybe just the white part is smaller. Next, the interaction text and circle looks rough as well, and it is a little too small in my opinion. Finally, the change that bothers me most, the holograms. Before the update, the holograms were very identifiable for what they were, but now, it is much more difficult to actually see what the object is. So basically what I'm asking is, why this change, and is System Era working on fixing it? Regardless of if they are or not, I still think something should be done to at least the holograms because they are barely recognizable other than a mess of blue lines. Screenshots for comparison:
  19. Lory1908

    New update's problems

    Hi. It's my first post. I've downloaded the last update of astroneer ( and I've some problems The save is created in this version. The biggest problem is with veichles, often I can't overturn rovers and two of my rovers, a small and a big rover, have infinte power. Before reporting the bug I want to ask you: Do you have the same problem? Or a solution?
  20. sammida

    Material scanner

    Hello, I've been with Astroneer since it was released early access, then I had an idea; adding in a useful tool that could be attached to a backpack or rover and will scan underground for minerals in the player's viscinity. Just a thought though...
  21. Hi it's been a while since i played astroneer. I checked my twitter and then... THERE IS A NEW .. UPDATE!! So yeah i'm now playing the game now, and wondering some questions, and ideas. My question is: What do this generator work? That generator on the base, iknow it's just a fun question. But it works at night so its not the solar panels on the roof. What kind of generator is it?
  22. Summary: - Steam - Research icons do not exist in catalog Description: In the catalog, the research icons do not appear. The text and everything works, but there are no pictures or icons in the catalog. Screenshot: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel i7-4558U @ 2.80 GHz (Quad-core) GPU: Intel Iris Graphics 5100 RAM: 16GB DDR3 Drive: Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500GB
  23. The new update is great, except it is no longer possible to open the control panels of modules by simply clicking on them anymore! You now have to hover over the module and hold down Q. While it is not game breaking, it is a pain in the butt, so system era please fix this!
  24. PHUZZYthecat

    Optional Updates for Saves?

    I understand that a game in its alpha stage will have many updates that will change game mechanics drastically, but it can be really annoying when you've spent upwards of 10 hours on one save, and find that your huge base is a pile of confused boxes. I get that nothing was actually lost, but it confused me so much I gave up and deleted the world. For that reason, I think there should be an option to keep individual saves on older snapshots so as to avoid loosing huge amounts of progress.
  25. I have Astroneer on Steam, when I launch the game it launches into the game without updating and so I have no clue on how to get it to update to 6.0.0. I did get the game as a gift from a friend but I don't think that should matter.