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Found 2 results

  1. vizthex

    Tutorial Feedback

    So I just played through the new tutorial world, and I think it's pretty good. So; my feedback: 1) For the shuttle, you should have to build an Enclosed 1-Seat, as an open seat would expose you to space and make you die (Also preventing people form using the shuttle with an open seat on it) 2) The building the shuttle is on is really cool, and it'd be nice if we could get something like it in the game. I'd love to be able to build a dedicated shuttle platform; and also the landing bubble could be a different colour to indicate it's a platform like that. (And any landing bubbles around your base already would be disabled if you had the platform) 3) The data bank box you find to get the blueprint for the seat. Is this actually in the game? It'd be cool if you could find those, but be able to transport them back to your base. (And they'd have special blueprints, or perhaps ones for progression; whichever) 4) The organic tap. I really loved that, it should be something you can craft (Plus, it would make trees useful.) That's all I've got so far, overall I like this new tutorial. PS: The new icons and tooltips for resources are really cool! I love that new system. I think every T1 item should have a tooltip like that, explaining its purpose.
  2. So I made a new world when the new update got released, but I noticed I can't flatten the land near the starting area like I used to be able too. I'm not one to care a lot about aesthetics, but this is one of the few things I would do as soon as starting a new world. I know the terrain is supposed to be uneditable, which is nice; but you used to be able to just flatten terrain around it since you almost never land in a flat area. Screenshot of how it works whenever I try to flatten: