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Found 11 results

  1. While it's a huge benefit to a solo player to learn this trick, it seems unintended. Quite simply, if you're trying to pick up an unknown research object that's out of range, then equip the deform tool, your "grab" range is extended to that of the deform tool. This effect only exists when the deform tool is equipped.
  2. [] Research items distort during storms This might not actually be a bug, but my artifacts started dancing during the storm. I've included a storm screenshot and a regular one. There's a green artifact that is clearly distorted in the storm one.
  3. Summary: 0.4.101215.0 - Steam - Can't respawn after glitching into space. Description: While playing Multiplayer my character fell into a hole with an unknown research ball, and it completely freaked out, killing me or throwing me into space (can't tell) and after I respawned, I couldn't leave the ship when I pressed the (use) key I tried rebinding it, but it didn't fix it. I don't know if rejoining the server would fix it, because it was the world from today's dev stream and someone else took my slot. Here is a video of what happened exactly. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.4.101215.0 Specifications: OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (build 15063), 64-bit CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti RAM: 16gb Drive: -
  4. Summary: 201 - XB1 - Unknown not mounting where I want it Description: This unknown REFUSED to go in the obvious OPEN slot CLOSEST to the player but happily wanted to go to the FARTHEST one which I did NOT want it in as its where I put the seat. I had to go grab the seat to fill that slot before it would attach to the one I wanted it in. See Video. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 201
  5. Im pretty sure i have seen every unknown accept for this one! Is it new, rare, or i just missed this one?
  6. Another suggestion is to change how the player and camera acts when carrying an unknown/research item. I saw a video and it works ok for PC players, but it is a big pain for Xbox One players. We just can't control the camera as well on XO. My suggestion is to have the player carry the item in his hands so we can't use our tool or anything else. But make the camera and movement the same as it is while not carrying. So the camera is still focused on the player instead of the unknown item. Keep up the good work, enjoying the game.
  7. Research is currently a pretty simple task: 1. collect "unknown" objects 2. plug into research station 3. hit the button and voila! stuff! The "unknown" objects themselves seem pretty cool at first but I quickly realized that there are just a few versions of them and despite being organic, mechanical or mineral-esque they all do the same thing. The repetition of the simple steps above becomes a little dry, especially after a few play-throughs when you know what's coming. To make the task of researching things a little more engaging and rewarding I had the ideaz of (1) randomizing separate parts of the "unknown's" geometry and of (2) having each unknown/research object unlock a slightly different puzzle or mini-game. A random stack or collection of a few different template geometries (or ideally a whole procedurally generated system for the geometry) could make sure that each unknown looks and feels unique. As for making it interactive: we've seen that finding a specific satellite unlocks a mini-game at your home base and I think it would be fun if each unknown/research object had it's own challenge to solve. This could make it feel like you were conducting the research yourself (could also potentially tie-in with what the result of the research will be, i.e. a spinning puzzle unlocks the drill). Thoughts?
  8. When I attatched an unknown object (one I'd found under a big plant) onto one of the spaces on the storage unit (all others on storage were empty), it first pushed the truck sideways the opposite direction it was placed on the truck, started to fly all over the place and is now just holding the truck floating around 50ft in the air. Windows 10 64 bit sorry for lack of photo, working on getting a good angle;)
  9. I play it on Steam. I use mouse and keyboard. I was driving in my truck (3 truck connected in total) and when I stop (break) the store of the second truck goes in the first truck his store, even with the third in the second (too with the stores). So far no problem. But if I then put some Unknown on it so that the Unknown is in the other Unknown, then the truck start shaking, move back and forth and so. So maybe fix that stuf on vehicles not going into each the other (of an other vehicle). Pictures of my truck can you find.
  10. I found this green cube on radioctive planet,i rest. game many times,i think it is not bag but naturale Organic Resurce. Help me to understand what I can understand from this thing
  11. I built a truck with a single seat, a wind turbine and the triangular storage unit so I could transport all the large plant organics I had collected. I added a red one and all seemed fine but after adding a bumpy dark green on the truck shuddered then started rolling and flying away. I had the chase it on foot and remove the cargo for it to settle. I tried adding different combos of cargo but all had a similar effect, eventually I just took it all off and drove back to base. Previously I had been transporting organics fine on the back of my one-seater buggy.