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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, on my game i activate all the core in all planet center (7cores) , and activate all the gates at the surface (all 34 gates). The succes not validate on steam, why ? I travel on each of this 34 gates and 7 cores for "validate" it. Any issues ? Thank u
  2. Hello, forum and System era! I've bought the game today and I loved the game so much, but I don't understand if exist infinite planets or a few planets. Nice work guys, I hope that you continue a good job because you have a huge potential to be the best game indie in the world! Anything you need I'm here to help you!
  3. I truly believe this game will thrive with more than the current planets we have. It would be amazing to see new planets/systems you could travel to. This would obviously require a top-tier rocket but I believe that it will improve the core gameplay and bring in more players.
  4. Hello people of ASTRONEER, as I am sure the more obsessive scientist and astronomer in you would all know.... WE WANT MULTI-STAR SYSTEMS! In real life, Multi-star systems are quite common, including not only two, but up to three stars each orbiting each other. While us humans live in a uni-star system, systems like Sirius, Procyon and Cygnus X-1 exist, the last of which probably consists of a star and a black hole!!!! Does this not sound AWESOME!?!?!? This could allow for multiple suns like in Star Wars on the planet Tatooine! Also, adding things like black holes could
  5. I think y'all should add universe filled with galaxys. I know you would have to make a bigger ship but maybe you could build a space station and use that to go to other galaxys or even other universes. Everyone please reply and view this comment so SES sees it. Also for the space station part, you would have to use a truck with a crane to carry the huge crashed satellite and ship pieces and then put them together. That is how you would make the station. And then you could have multiple habitats or ships to launch off the thing. But you would need huge storages of fuel or batteries in order to