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  1. Hi, apologies if this has been posted elsewhere (I did search, honest), or not a bug,but on Atrox it appears the Paver is not working once you get down to the "Rock" levels (see picture). I've tried restarting the game several times, and tried it in several locations including some newly dug tunnels, but it seems that once you get past the soil type substrata the paver just won't work (or might work very intermittently). This includes it stopping abruptly laying road as you reach that depth, as well as it not starting laying a surface if you are already at depth.. I have found a few areas where it seems to work, sort of, but stops again almost immediately (rather than paving it's just creating speed bumps). I've tried different areas on Atrox, different vehicles (medium rover with the soil canister on the same chasis, and tractor with the soil canister on a trailer). I've not tried it on other planets yet. This is on the current PC/Steam version under Windows 10 (I7 4770k, 32gb ram, GTX 1070 8gb). As I say, I'm not sure if this is a bug, or working as intended as I can't find much about the paver other than the basics online. I do love the paver and the drill UI improvement, as it's made life much simpler and if it works underground it will save me a great deal of time next time I fall into a cavern whilst drilling, or simply as I dig down (no getting out with my shovel and billy can to lay the road by hand).. .
  2. Just got the game in Game Preview about three days ago via the Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10 and got one lovely bug with my friend today. A slew of items that either i've interacted with, or built were mass spawned in a cave underground by our base that we dug into to try and get to the center of Sylva. Prior to the glitch we were just returning from the center. Items like Medium Generators, Research Sites, Research Items, and (majorly) Debris are all there and interactable with. Some you see were pulled out in my utter confusion as to why. Not sure how it appeared, but I assume it had to deal with some existing debris and code just going sure lets spawn EVERYTHING here. I'll post two pictures of the clump and whatever else I can add afterwards to help I definitely can. Specs Of PC: Windows 10 Home x64, Version 1903, Build 18362.295 Intel i7-6700k CPU 4GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 8GB RAM DDR3 Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB Drive ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING Motherboard Specs Of Game: Version Windows 10 through Game Pass Ultimate + Microsoft Store Keyboard and Mouse controls (If it helps, I was playing with the aforementioned friend that was on an Xbox One at the time)
  3. Hello Astroneer Comunity, I have a bug if i save under the ground or in a cave i bug up untill i arrive the top. Yes i know it is short but the bug or glitch is so! Your Astroneer-Fan Rook PS. If somebody want to play just add me (I come from germany but i can speak english relativ good) Name: Serious??
  4. Please add a function that will reduce the volume level of a storm based on how far under ground the player is. That is, when I'm in a cave two layers down with no exits to the surface anywhere near the player the sound can become DEAFENING when a storm passes directly overhead. As the player is insulated by a thick layer of ground, dirt, rock, whatever the sound from said storm should be substantially muted and or/ non existent. I know this is a game but ... you might want to consider that, it there isn't any air (e.g. we are in a vaccum) or the atmosphere is of some other makeup (e.g. Helium) then the transfer of sounds an they way they would be heard would either be impossible or dramatically different (e.g. Helium) as the sound waves travel at different rated in different mediums which could be accomplished by adjusting the pitch based on planet type and altitude. Would be a nice technical touch to the game sounds IMHO ThanX - DJ
  5. I found My brand spanking new base had been teleported underground after i updated my game on steam. I had just finished and was ready to explore the resource-rich radiated planet but could not because i need the modules that are now trapped underground. I flew back to terran only to discover the base there had been buried as well.
  6. I think I ran over a rock but the rover tilted down and went straight into the earth then it stopped in the middle after a while and I jumped out and floated to the surface where I got shot into the sky and died. i ended up deleting that world bc i had everything on those rovers
  7. I want to know if there is a way to free a vehicle that glitched (fell through) the ground and landed in a cave thousands of metres deep, i fell through the floor/map and didn't stop i then died and lost my car and my stuff is there any way to free it or get it back.
  8. Before the 0.7 I was already thinking there was too many research items underground. I even think there are more now. Items are even not buried. Here a video to show you part of it but I can assure you it was only a small part of what was in there. ASTRONEER-0.7-research-items.mp4
  9. So when I save and quit and load back in a either man made, or deep cave I'll just float straight up through walls until I hit another cave or the surface. I think this is just a early access bug but if there is a way to fix it let me know.
  10. I have a giant cavern under my base that I get soil from. It is extremely large at this point and is verdy dark other than my tethers. I brought a large platform covered in work lights down there and it was basically useless after being powered. I was thinking maybe have a flora spawn on the walls and such that glows or have a torch system.
  11. Will it ever be addressed how and why there are so many, and so intact wrecks of orbital satelites scattered on the surface and especially throughout the underground? It's always bothered me. There are no creatures capable of carrying them or pulling them. Did the plants move them there, or did random storms blow them into the cave systems and bury them half a kilometer under the surface? I feel this needs explaining at some point. In my opinion it would make more sense to have the underground wrecks be not satelites or telescopes, but rather broken digging probes designed to chart the planet and its composition prior to the arrival of the astroneers, but this is trailing too close to the borders to the suggestion forum.
  12. On Xbox One I was in a cave, my rover was flipped. (Two trucks with 3 rovers attached) I flipped it and then got in. As soon as I entered it launched into the atmosphere and fell apart. For several minutes it went from surface to space to underground and back again. Sometimes multiple segments were there, sometimes only the front part was, sometimes chuncks of the front were there, it was all over the place. Eventually it settled down and I ended up with just the front rover inside of a large, dark, green, perfect cube with some stuff that looked like compound but was glowing purple. The rover maintained some kind of connection to the other rovers because even though I could not see any evidence of them I could review my engine and watch my power return to full (one of my rovers farther back had a solar panel) After several minutes of floating there I exited the rover. I immediately started flying upwards and passed through several more cubes with the purple compound untill I was deposited in a cave. I mined to the surface, could not find my base, and died from asphyxiation.
  13. Scenario: I have a surface station well powered with wind and solar panels. I also have a sub-terranian station on the same planet (same sector) not far from the surface station, but far enough that running or roving back and forth takes too much time. The subterranean base is underpowered, despite coal generators (which require constant attention to refuel) and batteries. I would really like to see some kind of power cable that I can run between my surface wind/solar station, which pretty much has constant self-renewing energy, and my subterranean station. There are countless applications for this kind of power would be a super cool feature!!
  14. Noticed this while playing with my friend on PC (he was hosting), first planet, I was underground when a sandstorm hit and one of the big, white plants that grows underground started freaking out. It seems like the little bits attached to it started flying around as if being caught in the wind, but they were completely detached. Not much else to it but I'm happy to provide any other details to help!
  15. I fell through the surface of the world into one of those subterranean holes people have mentioned as being a glitch, and my rover fell down there with me. It's stuck there, I've lost it.
  16. Hi there, A friend and I recently covered Astroneer in our First Look series and we encountered a variety of bugs which were all caught on camera and can be found here: The bugs can be found at the following times: 2:25 16:00 16:45 More bugs to come in the 2nd part which I'll post on release next week. Thanks, Falco77
  17. I loved astroneer from the begining until I got underground doing some mining, then I realized how hellish this game can get. Its a real frustrating experience to do mining to get resources just to find out that making holes using the mining tool can be very harsh and little intuitive. The camera angles are way too difficult to control and the terrain gets all messed up. I got stuck in many of this holes and rifts and after that the game crashed;it sent me a lot deeper just as if i was dead and underwater, after that it respawned me again underground, floating again and then I fell and died. I had not control at all and then I respawned at the base. It happened many times, always crashing the same way. I just got real mad because I could not retrieve my items, they had disapeared!. I had to do mining again and again, and the resources did not appear again at the same place, because I ve already mined them, so I had to go deeper into the caves. I think the game is great but the resources are way too deep and controling the camera and the mining tool inside its so difficult and uncomfortable. Hope you can fix this problem and think a better way to extract resources underground. I dont know if somebody thinks the same way or its experiencing the same problem.
  18. In an attempt to pick up 4 research pods at once, I drove my truck into a large, flat cavern with a clear and open ramp up to the surface just "feet" away, as well as PLENTY of power... but the instant it went underground (where there was some "surface" above the truck) , it refused to move even the slightest, the ONLY feedback I get is the power depleting as I try to move it, as well as a CONSTANT skidding sound (as if it's sliding down a hill, whether or not I'm in it) even though it's not moving at all. I've already tried digging out ALL the wheels (so that it went airborn and fell each time) , I tried refreshing the game (quit to desktop, reboot, and try again) , I've even tried to "push" the truck out enough for it to start working again with the "raise mode" of the deformer tool (but that was a nightmare to try with horrible fps and a glitchy camera to work with) but nothing worked. Heck, I've even taken off all the resource things and dug out all the "ground" above it, and yet it still won't budge (and still makes that sound) and on a side note, it seems that the frame-rate has also suffered since it "got stuck"... but then again, it's always been terrible on my computer, so it's hard to say exactly
  19. I was underground looking for researchers when i stumbled across a sandstorm underground, which is clearly bugged, because i was far underground
  20. so i just get out of my rover full of 'compound' and get ready to build my shuttle. when the shuttle has a seat and enough recources to get me through a new place, i leave (i stay on the same planet, but just go to a different location) eventually, when i get back i notice that i can only spot half of my rover, and with further investigation i find that the front half of my rover is completely underground and wiggling around, when i try to dig down it just goes further underground, so after about an hour of figgitting, i manage to raise it up and dig it out so i get back in my shuttle to test if this was a one time bug or not, but when i got back from my trip: the rover was completely gone, and there were sounds of it bumping around constantly underground. i didn't even bother to get it out, just started a new world a fix to this bug would be grandly appreciated. Thanks, Tobin.C (P.S. i couldn't find a delete world option, i dont know if that is intentional, but i would like to clear some unused worlds from my mane menu)
  21. Almost every time I begin a new game or spawn after dying, I begin underground or inside the planet. Just trying to report this issue. Sometimes it corrects and I slowly ascend to the surface. Other times I die inside a cave where I am. If I hold jump I can get to the surface faster. Thank you.
  22. so as most of you guys already know, when you are too far away from your truck or rover and come back to your vehicle, it will have disappeared. this is due to a rendering issue. it will check for the trucks and rovers fist and then render in the ground causing the rover to disappear underneath the ground. some people have been able to recover their rovers and trucks since they have fallen underneath the ground and into a cave where they will land. so all you have to do is give the ground more time to render in by delaying the rover somehow here is how you can do that. you will either need to make a hollow space underneath the rover or a platform above the ground. the rover will fall through the ground or platform and fall on the ground underneath it. by this time the ground will have rendered in and your rover is safe and sound. now you won't ever have to worry about your rovers and trucks again just make sure you park the rover on the platform every time you leave.
  23. 1. Type of controller: Xbox One Controller 2. System: Xbox One 3. What led up to it: Loaded a prior saved game. 4. Reproduce Bug: Go underground with a truck, into a cave housing flora with research attached. Save & quit the game. Upon loading the game some of the flora will not have regenerated within the cave system. However, all research items will spawn. Some research items will fall down, if previously attached to branches. I believe it spawns some research that was previously underground within the root system of the flora, and places it on the nearest surface.
  24. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? - Xbox One Controller Steam? Xbox? - Xbox One What were you doing leading up to this bug? - I Have separate bays for trucks and shuttle (no conflict between trucks and shuttle). Left truck at base, took a ride in shuttle to other landing site. Explored site, returned to home base. Upon arrival truck was missing. I also noted there were seams in between the surface polygons where I could see narrow slits of the cave system below, where it seems the ground had been regenerated. I saw the marker for the truck within the cave system. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. - See above
  25. When constructed this would form a mineshaft directly in front of the platform. The shaft would be vertical, of a set length, say 100 meters down. It would be suitably lined, perhaps some sort of scaffolding and would have an umbilical to the bottom. At the bottom it would form a square "working" area a bit larger than the mineshaft, you would then use the terraformer yourself to dig tunnels out from it. With the umbilical you could extend your base underground. the mineshaft would have an elevator big enough to fit a rover into. Mining Shaft + mining machines, i.e. tunnel borers or mining lasers = Profit and lava, tunnel collapses and gas explosions???