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Found 10 results

  1. First of all love the game and have been enjoying at normal resolutions. I've just moved to an ultra-wide monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio and while the game scales horizontally it doesn't seem to adjust FOV correctly in the vertical plane. I've tried looking for some quick fixes by editing a config file here and there with no success. Find attached pictures of the issues of running at these aspect ratios as you can see parts of the equipment are cut off from view. I know this sort of thing will be quite low on your priority list right now but with ultra-wide monitors becoming more and more popular especially 21:9 ratio's could we see some sort of support or fix for this? Thanks Jason
  2. Kylian

    game unplayeble

    Hello i have a problem with the game that it is unplayeble on my resolution 5120x1440 thats fine by me but it wont even let me select a working resoltion other then 5120x1440 or 3840x1080 what has the same problem. using winowd mode and resizing the game wont work becousue it resizes it diogonal. using steam launch options with "-popupwindow -screen-width 2560 -screen-height 1440" also does not work (i know 2560x1440 shut work becouse my cousin is using that resolution)
  3. I'll link the guides that I made on Steam and reddit to let people know and spread it around, the 21:9 community is small but there are people making a huge effort to make some games work with it, either way, I hope we get native support soon Reddit: Steam: Attached Pictures Below
  4. So I play on an ultrawide monitor and unfortunately Astroneer doesn't officially support 21:9 aspect ratio. But after a few minutes of diggin through the config files I figured out how to get Astroneer to play in ultrawide resolution. Basically what you want to do is: 1. Go to your windows search bar and type %appdata% 2. This will take you to the "Roaming" folder 3. At the top click on "AppData" then go into Local 4. From there you'll want to head into Astro/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/GamerUserSettings.ini 5. In there you'll want to edit a few things, namely: "ResolutionSizeX" & "ResolutionSizeY" to your monitor resolution "LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX" & "LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY" to your monitor resolution "bUseDesktopResolutionForFullscreen" to true and "DesiredScreenWidth" & "DesiredScreenHeight" to your monitor resolution And that's it! Save the file and Astroneer should launch at your desired resolution.
  5. When I launch the game and I have to choose which save game to launch, the text does not fit on the screen and I have no clue what it says underneath. I assume one of them says tutorial and one says online? I am unable to switch to a different aspect ratio, it is greyed out and can't be changed, so I don't know if that would fix the issue. Aside from this, I have not yet found any issues because of my ultrawide monitor in the rest of the game, so that's very good :)
  6. ReapsZ

    4k? Ultrawide?

    i can max get 1920x1200 (why not 1920x1080!?!??!) i would relly want to get 3440x1440, is that possible?
  7. Can this game support ultrawide, thanks. I have a 21:9 aspect ratio and the UI goes off my screen. Be sweet if it didn't.
  8. First off I want to thank the dev's for their hard work thus far. Astroneer has been an AWESOME early access game. Played it for the first time last night. 6.5 hours melted away and it never crashed. I wanted to leave some thoughts and feedback that I hope will be helpful. Performance: I know a lot of people are talking about this and I'm sure it will get better as you continue to develop the game. I didn't use tethers at all and was down in the high teens FPS by the end of my playthrough last night. Ultrawide: It would be nice to see some proper Ultrawide support. In the home menu, the dates for save games is only partially visible. That said the game seems to work fine once I launch and get down to the surface. Multiple resolutions: Currently the game only lets me select the native res of my monitor. I think this is more an early access thing. Again just some feedback. Storm Warnings: Some kind of storm warning would be amazing. Even if it was a red light on the backpack (with an alarm) or something. If you have seen Wall-E the way he does a storm warning would be great. But I also like how there is no HUD in the game. The backpack is effectively the hud. Ability to break down a base platform: I built myself into a corner last night on my first playthrough. Not realizing that I should have made a "hub" at some point and I could no longer expand my base. Maybe there is a way to do it that I didn't see. Malformed mini-solar panel: Attaching a 1 slot mini panel to a 3D printer I had attached to a shuttle would mangle it. Even if I moved it to my backpack. It still worked, but would be a little mushed. Eventually it would reset, not sure when as it happened when I didn't notice. I'm so excited to see Astroneers grow. I can't see inside the sausage factory but this game seems like a passion project to the devs. Even at this early stage, the game flows well, fun, cute and charming. My housemate plays a lot of Starbound and imagined Astroneers eventually getting as insanely deep as that game. What ever your vision for this game I personally love it so far. Please keep up the great work and ignore the trolls. // J System: CPU: AMD FX 8350 GPU: AMD R9-380 8GB Memory: 16GB Monitor 34" Dell Ultrawide 3440x1440 res
  9. My resolution is set at 5760x1080, but the game just zooms in really far. I would love to experience this game at ultrawide resolutions.
  10. Shadowscale

    Ultrawide Resolutions

    My resolution is set at 5760x1080, but the game just zooms in really far. I would love to experience this game at ultrawide resolutions.