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Found 20 results

  1. There is a bug where the first thruster you print during the tutorial does not have the function available to open it. This means there's no "hold F to open" option on the box. While this issue is solved by just crafting another thruster, it still needs to be fixed. I, for one, speedrun this area of the game, Tutorial%. I would love to see this get fixed! Also, if this is fixable, please let me know!
  2. Whilst doing the tutorial i happen to come across a bug which gave me difficulty when opening up the thrusters when i highlight it. And same goes with the small printer, i count open us the user interface to craft the thrusters at first. i tried putting the items on first and when i had the item in my backpack, both failed to give me any indication to open. And the full backpack thing is annoying when you are trying to pick up items on the floor
  3. The limitations of the tutorial are very buggy. I first I would build a small fabricator then it will tell me to build another small fabricator. the next thing you know it's telling me I need to make aluminum, so I make still thinks I haven't made any. At this point, I've been goofing around waiting for the base power of the shelter to forge aluminum. I discover that I can still make a small generator, so I make one that's powered by organic material then build the rocket I'm supposed to make from the small fabricator... It still thinks I haven't made aluminum. now I can't disassemble the box containing the rocket let alone turn the power on the small generator to power the forge faster.
  4. Hi! yesterday i completed the game by activating all cores etc. Today i did the tutorial to get the achievement (scince i did not do that before starting my world). when i went to my ordinary world to go achievementhunting, i spawned as the "exo suit". When i looked, all my cosmetics were gone, including my retro suit.
  5. Summary: - Steam - Tutorial not advancing Description: The tutorial won't advance to the next step properly. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | 10.0 , Build 17134 CPU: Intel i7-3930K @ 3.5GHz GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw 4x8GB 1333MHz Drive: Seagate 1TB
  6. Kiwipels

    Tutorial Save

    I bought the game today and it is the first time I play it. I started out playing the tutorial, but it takes a long time to finish so if I could save the game and continue later it would be fine. The problem is that the game won't save when you play the tutorial. I don't know if this is a bug, or if it's suppose to be this way. I hope you will fix it.
  7. There aren't enough resources to research the thruster in the tutorial in 1.0.
  8. Hello all, Logged in and was going through the tutorial to see what was new. The following happened: 1. Full backpack note won't go away At one point early during the tutorial I must have filled up by backpack and the "your backpack is full" text box appeared by it. The problem is, it doesn't go away even if you empty your backpack fully. It just stays there. Forever. It haunted me. 2. First small printer can't be "examined" I printed and deployed the small printer, connected it to a power source, but when hovering over it, it doesn't give me the option to "examine" it and print the item. I can load materials from my backpack directly into the printer by clicking on the holograms, but there's no way to actually make the printer work. 3. Tutorial step can't be completed To get around the above issue, I printed a second printer from my backpack, which worked normally, and printer the solid-fuel thruster to complete the tutorial objective. The thing is, it doesn't complete the objective step, probably because I'm not using the first printer. I even walked with the printed thruster all the way back to the shuttle and attached it to the shuttle and still nothing. I can't do anything to get around this so I'm going to have to restart the tutorial. See the attached pic for reference. Thanks! Van :leek:
  9. Hi, I've just bought the game, watched a few video's beforehand and it looks fantastic. I'm an absolute noob so much of an idea on how to play, even though I've watched a few video's! 'Seeing' and 'Doing' are 2 different things So anyway I dived into the tutorial to give me an idea but it seems very unintuitive especially for a noob like me! Why is everything broken in the tutorial? e.g. The Rover is broken and crashed into a tree, the Habitat next to the crashed rover is broken. The researcher thingy has a broken button so you cant research anything, can only finish off researching what was in there when you found it. Am I supposed to be fixing these broken things somehow? I'm not sure what I'm looking at either, different platforms have different things on them but if I look at them or try to interact with them the item name doesn't appear to tell me what that bit of equipment is. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Is there a 'turn equipment name tooltips on' option somewhere? Also there are some tethers that lead to a cave where there are some generators and a schematic thingy, took me a while to work out what everything there was and that I had to turn the generators on. No message saying that that is what you have to do, unless I missed it? Seems the tutorial is more like a puzzle than a tutorial? Also my backpack tool-tip thingy keeps telling me to print canisters? I've printed 3 now and it's still telling me to print canisters? Do I still need to print more or is it just telling me I CAN print canisters with the resources I have? There doesn't seem to be a step by step flow to the tutorial? I was expecting on screen messages saying "connect the tethers", "Make your way to the Habitat" etc. So really what I'm saying is... This is a complex game, I'm presuming most beginners like me will go straight to the tutorial only to be more confused while in there. Take it from an absolute beginner that the tutorial needs a vast improvement to be a bit more beginner friendly and more like a step by step tutorial that a puzzle. This needs to be taken out of the 'NON-ESSENTIAL FEATURE' bit and placed in the 'HIGH PRIORITY' bit as this is the first interaction a majority of beginners get with the game and if it's unintuitive and confusing then a few might be put off and I know by that stage they've already bought the game and money has been made but I'm guessing you'd rather keep them playing and get positive feedback than lose them and get negative feedback? Hopefully you'll take on board some of my comments, If it's just me then my bad, I will definitely still keep on playing and learning, thanks for reading, Frag
  10. Whilst loading up the game for the first time in a long while, I decided that it'd be best to play the tutorial and learn the new features. All seemed to be going well until I got to the canisters section where the game then decided to not register any of the items I printed. No matter if I had made one or 10 (yes, I printed that many) canisters, the tooltip for PRINT A CANISTER FROM YOUR BACKPACK persisted, thus locking out some of the other tips from being completed. I decided to just start up a new game and skip the tutorial, but I wish I could complete the learning process before diving headlong into a fresh game. Has anyone else encountered this?
  11. Version: 0.10.2 The help screens and tutorial planet that are in the game currently get you off to a good start, but there are several things that aren't covered. Resources, specifically, what resources can you expect to find on your starting planet, and which ones you have to go elsewhere to find. I spent several hours looking through the caves on Terran expecting to find hematite (iron) and not finding any before finally looking it up on the wiki and finding out that it isn't found on Terran. As a side note, this is pretty silly considering the two most obvious examples of Terran planets in our own solar system (Earth and Mars) are covered in iron. It would be nice if the game provided the player with an idea of what resources they can expect to find. This might be something in the original help pages, or it could be something that is unlockable in the research panel. There is no help for the player on deciding what should be taken on their first trip off-planet, or which planet might be a good first trip. This feels like a big step that could be lethal quickly unless you make the right choices. The game could either provide this in the help pages once you build the vehicle bay, or it could be unlockable in the research panel.
  12. In general I like the semi hand holding tutorial that also requires you to free roam and to look at all the ui highlights in order to present you with different aspects of the game. It all comes together prety well but i've go a few remarks in the "learning game mechanics" department: - how does our astroneer suddenly get the recipe for the "can" ? It magicly appears when you have enough resin after you managed to get the research power restored. But there's no iterative process involved as to what causes you to unlock the can. By auto unlocking a can when you dig up resin, players are going to think they're unlocking catalog items by collecting resources, which is kind of a confusing lesson. Then you have the data vault which contains the chair unlock So maybe we should be able to find the can and the chair in the same vault to avoide giving players the wrong impressions about the mechanics ? So that it's lcear that you unlock the can from vaults instead of it magicly unlocking from resin collection.It's also maybe helpful to telegraph the launchpad embedded large platform as "being able to receive small generators". When you are required to build the chair, this will drive that point home for new users. Afterthoughts about the continuum of the tutorial: What I Do find cool is how you have to use your thought processes to overcome the red (undiggable) terrain in the cave to get to the vault. This requires you to explore and that is the main core of the game. But because the tuorial is semi handholding in that you have to do some successive actions, it's not clear before you have done the extracting resin/create can tutorial bit. How does the tutorial fit into the continuum ? You crashland on barren, and it seems to be something that is outside our main starting astroneer universe. Yet when you start a real save, you'll also be lanched in the same pod but for whatever reason you DON't crash. And then you're having the things from the tutorial unlocked. So will the tutorial fit more into the universe ? Will you, - when you return to barren later - see the tutorial environment again ? Because that would mean that barren has to be a "fixed moon" with no random terrain generation. I'm just theory crafting here. Or will there be a dedicated introductionary planet ?
  13. Hi! I started going through the tutorial and came to the part where I am supposed to build my first seat on the space shuttle. I am unable to build the seat because the first time I walked up on to the launchpad, the shuttle itself went flying off and landed near my base. I cannot move the shuttle so it seems I am permanently stuck in this part of the tutorial. I've provided some screenshots of where the shuttle landed and what is shown when examining the printer machine-thing.
  14. I've seen the new tutorial and wanted to try it so I tried it and it crashed after 10 minutes. And it didn't save.
  15. When you build any module like mineral extractor, printer, vehicle bay etc there should be a little tutorial, like the old one a few images with arrows explaining how to use them, how you select the item you want to print etc, many are self explanatory but who knows someone may need a hand.
  16. Hello! Very much enjoying the main game and stumbling my way through the learning process pre-tutorial. Overall from the other feedback's i have read it mostly comes down to taste, do they want hand holding or not, lots of it or just a little, more story or less. I will just give my single opinion. I liked the Tutorial, it was fun, seemed to have a story, I totally crash landed, all my stuff is broke, and now i have to scrap something together off this old abandoned base. very neat. Tree tap, totally want that in game, I never use organic for anything previous to this, if i had some trees nearby and that tree tap, i would use ALOT more organic and the generators. Shuttle Raised Platform, Yes please! that thing looks great and would really set how important getting off planet is and make it a bit more of a big deal with such a impressive building to spring off into the greater star system. Also making a separate landing spot not attached to the normal vehicle bay is good. [In general being able to make larger more permanent things would be cool.] Old abandoned bases, and equipment to salvage from, i would like to see that on planets as well. adds a bit more interest to the surface world. Great job guys, I know it wont please everyone but at least the tutorial is optional for those that don't want any hand holding. -Bandit
  17. If I were to grade the tutorial in general it would be: Ambient: 12/10 Tutorial: 3/10 The ambient, the feeling of dread and loneliness is superb. First time I felt that strongly in Astroneer and I'd like to feel like that from the start of any new game. There are not enough words to tell how brilliant the ambient was designed. I'd gladly say that I got the chills like when I first played Super Metroid in the Snes so many years ago. Now, the tutorial. It was bad. Bad in several ways. Keep in mind that I'm looking the tutorial like a complete newbie that does not know what is even a tether. 1) Show, don't tell (as much as possible). And the first thing I encounter is that I don't even know what and why should I care about tethers, much less how they work. They are just laying around without any indication of what they do. You didn't show. The idea of starting without the oxygen tank is great. And the sense of "Ohhh, I'm dying from lack of oxygen" is even better. But that was a wasted opportunity to showcase the tethers. For example, instead of trying to reach the vehicle, it'd be way better to try to reach a tether. This would show the player "Hey, look, these things give you oxygen, they are important". Now put three or four tethers until you reach the broken rover (show that the form a path); "and they are tied to important objects". This would give the player a feeling on the tethers, how they work and why they matter. 2) Ensure that the players have what they need to have and to know to continue. When you reach the base, it suddenly became open, too open, without any clear direction to what is the next step. This is a tutorial, it does not matter to be a bit more linear and less convoluted. The idea is to teach the player of the functions, thus, focus on a linear path that teach them. For example, now that they know about the tethers (still not in base), it is a great moment to teach the player how to get more tethers and to introduce the gathering and buy research of Astroneer. Have a dead Astroneer at the end of the tether line with the terrain tool functional and with the research capsule to research tethers (but not with the oxygen tank fixed). Once he knows how to make more tethers it is time to show him -the base-. 3) Even in the base try to focus on a linear path. What it is the next step on any new Astroneer game? Energy and Research. Focus on the need of energy and research by having it power it up the research chamber. Make it that that the research pod is not enough to complete all the research available in the tutorial. This could come in handy later to show the exploration part of Astroneer. Now that they have unlocked the small generator and the research pod disappears, "open the field" by pointing out the cave. Use the curiosity that the player have to push to explore the cave. 4) Ensure that there is not alternative and unintentional paths that deviate the player from the tutorial. In my first try on the tutorial I ended inside the cave looking on how to reach the "Special Area" inside the cave. I didn't had the terrain tool. What happened was that I was so distracted with the base and to see what was in there that I complete ignored the research capsule I got from the dead Astroneer. I managed to get into that special part of the cave without the terrain tool and I could not make the thing that give you the 1-sit blue print to work. In a sense, this getting lost and trying to find your path is what makes Astroneer, well, Astroneer. But this is a tutorial. If you are going to play Astroneer with its usual quirks, why bother with the tutorial? I mean it in a good way. Thus, it is imperative that the player have the knowledge and tools to follow up as easy as possible. 5) The puzzle idea that challenged the player inside the cave was the best part of the tutorial. This, this was great. This should be the puzzle that tell the player "now that you have all the tools and know-how, try to get that". Thus, this also exemplify why the tutorial was bad; I got there without the proper tools, it was totally lost on me. As you can tell, the tutorial should be divided into two parts. The 'get your tools and knowledge', and the' puzzle that let you taste what Astroneer is about... solving problems and exploring' parts. I know that I'm repeating myself, but try to keep it as linear as possible until the end. Now, I'm not going to say that I know how to do a good tutorial, but I can tell when I find one. There were good things here, but the implementation was lacking.
  18. So I just played through the new tutorial world, and I think it's pretty good. So; my feedback: 1) For the shuttle, you should have to build an Enclosed 1-Seat, as an open seat would expose you to space and make you die (Also preventing people form using the shuttle with an open seat on it) 2) The building the shuttle is on is really cool, and it'd be nice if we could get something like it in the game. I'd love to be able to build a dedicated shuttle platform; and also the landing bubble could be a different colour to indicate it's a platform like that. (And any landing bubbles around your base already would be disabled if you had the platform) 3) The data bank box you find to get the blueprint for the seat. Is this actually in the game? It'd be cool if you could find those, but be able to transport them back to your base. (And they'd have special blueprints, or perhaps ones for progression; whichever) 4) The organic tap. I really loved that, it should be something you can craft (Plus, it would make trees useful.) That's all I've got so far, overall I like this new tutorial. PS: The new icons and tooltips for resources are really cool! I love that new system. I think every T1 item should have a tooltip like that, explaining its purpose.
  19. The actual tutorial in Astroneer is pretty... meh. it just showns the generator, tethers, the research catalog and the container, nothing more (it does not even showns the container utility...). So, this is how it should be, in my opinion. First off, the camera movement should just be showed AFTER you landed, and the rest of the controls tutorial should be the same as always. BUT in the xbox version, it would appear a tutorial to use the cursor, because a lot of players don't know how to grab things (because really RT? everyone thinks is using A). After the player finished the controls tutorial, a pop-up will appear in the up-right corner, explaining to the players to get 2 to 5 Resin and Compoud (the quantity is lead to you, game designers) using the terrain tool (that the players already know how to use). After they grab it, this pop-up will be completed and it will be switched by another one, saying to research a small generator, tethers and a container(other schematics would have the button locked), but NOW, every schematics will come with a description of what they do, this will happen in the fabricator and in the printers too. This will stop the feeling of something that you researched to discover what they do but now you get that it's useless. Next, the up-right corner pop-up will be cleared (i will start calling them "missions") and this would be the starting tutorial after the start tutorial, there would be a mini-tutorial with a mission with most of the things you print ("most" because some things, like a seat or an habitat, would be VERY self-explanatory just with the description) this will work with the schematics that you are required to make, like the tethers and the container. their porpuse would be to show to the player it's utility. if you have two missions, the newer ones wil be down of the new one, and the player would be free to finish the missions. And the last thing: players would have the option to deactivate these missions or activate it in the options settings thanks for reading, whoever you are. Arthur
  20. Hey, everyone. This here is directed towards the devs but I've experienced an issue that I'd love to accept any help with. So during my first play through of update 6.5, I encountered a bug. A tutorial sign that says BACKPACK (Q) (Left mouse button) stays on no matter what. I've exitted the game, restarted, done all possible but to no avail.